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I have lingered in time in and around this physical world of ours long enough to have experienced and observed a lion’s share of  pleasures and pains, lots of joys and sorrows and I’ve seen a lot of suffering too in many forms. Stick around being human long enough and it eventually comes clear that, while we may want to look to the world ‘out there,’ to other people, places and situations as the cause of our problems, it always circles back to our own limiting and often harmful thoughts and beliefs that sit at the root of all our suffering. It’s from our thoughts and beliefs that all our responses to life are formed. And it’s those responses that result in either lasting peace & happiness, or a sense of lack and perpetual discontent in our experience of life.

My interests today lie in sharing Vision, helping people detox the mind, because it is in the mind that all true cause rests; thus it is only there that true change can occur. Cause lies in what we each think of as “my thoughts” – it’s from these thoughts that our ideas and beliefs are formed, and from our ideas and beliefs that everything we perceive follows; everything we do, everything we feel and everything we project or “manifest” in our waking lives.

Nearly all the world’s healers and healing methodologies deal only with treating symptoms – symptom after symptom – in order to make life more bearable. True healing, however, complete, lasting and whole, must occur at the level of cause; at the level of the mind.

“True education is to learn how to think, not what to think.”

~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

My work and education background is in hi-tech, computing and microprocessors. I am retired now after having led online digital communications in the media relations group for the tech giant, Intel Corporation. In parallel, I spent decades researching and exploring the human mind, human potential and practical spirituality, as well as the psychology and spirituality of addiction and recovery. I’m also a long-time student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Today I write and serve as a freelance mentor/coach. I post thoughts, meditations and other inspired topics on social networks like Twitter, sharing whatever comes.

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