Giving Attention – The Universal Currency of True Prosperity


Attention – Love – is the Force Binding All Things Together

Audience Paying AttentionIn this busy-busy, break-neck paced world of ours, one of the rarest and most priceless assets, yet least recognized as such, likely in part because it costs us nothing, is our attention. Attention is so underappreciated and yet it literally is the energy holding everything together, both in the mental plane and in its reflective counterpart, the physical plane.

Contrary to what we might imagine, thoughts are not born in the mind; nor do they die there. As Mark Twain once noted, “There is no such thing as a new idea.” Like waves, thoughts rise and fall in our awareness, ebbing and flowing in an ocean of undifferentiated thought energy – as consciousness in the mind. Thoughts remain in the mind, appearing and fading, yet never leaving¬†their source. Thoughts are the mind’s natural form of expression and extension.

Limitless imagination = limitless extension = limitless potential.

Thoughts, like the power of imagination in the mind they flow through, have limitless potential. They are the fundamental elements, like seeds, of creation. In the spiritual plane they result in creating the eternal. We could say that you, as a spiritual being, are a beloved, cherished Thought in the Mind of God. All of creation is a cherished Thought in the Mind of God. It is important to just note here that there are distinctions between creation on the spiritual level and manifestation on the physical plane. This post deals primarily with the latter.

Manifesting Occurs Naturally РConsciously Directed or Not

A thought rises, and with our¬†power of intent (the¬†will¬†), we choose (or not) to mentally ‘pick it up,’ hold it, ponder it and play with it, shaping it into a thought form, an idea, an image held in the mind. If we come to value it, we¬†feed, water,¬†nurture and give it life¬†with the power of attention. If we choose to further pursue it into a desired thing, we invest in it with the¬†power of belief. It’s likely then that we will go on to manifest it from thought form into some form of physical form. To manifest a mental image¬†is to form an ‘atomic’ equivalent – a¬†reflection¬†on the 3-D quantum screen of the physical universe. In this way, every single thing that our eyes see, all that is perceivable by our five human senses, came into being in physical form. This creative process all occurs entirely¬†outside of linear time, so it can seem to take seconds or centuries, but it all happens now.

Everything¬†in physical form began as a thought in the mind, nurtured throughout its physical existence by the power of attention. Attention is the mind’s pure and natural expression of love. Symbolically we could say: love (spiritual) = attention (mental) = electromagnetism (physical). Our attention is the electromagnetic force that binds and holds together the atoms that form and make matter¬†matter.

The physical plane is quite unlike the mental or spiritual planes, in part because it is itself a manifestation of Mind. Everything manifest in the universe of physical form is¬†temporary, bound to time and thus to the certainty of decay; bound to a state of entropy; bound to return¬†on the physical level to formlessness, ‘undifferentiated’ or quantum energy, and finally on the mental level, return to undifferentiated thought energy. As earlier stated, thoughts (as¬†cause¬†) rise and fall and ebb and flow. So, too, must their physical counterparts (effects¬†), being reflections.

Holding It All Together

“Our attention is the electromagnetic force that binds and holds together the atoms that form and make matter¬†matter.”

While in the world of physical form, that which is manifest must continue to receive energy,¬†sustenance, fuel to continue to ‘exist’ here; to remain ‘solid’ and integrated. That fuel – or¬†currency, being much like electrical current powering any electronic device – is the power of attention. We could say our bodies don’t fall apart from age, but from our decreasing attention to it¬†as we age.¬†What we focus our attention on here, or conversely what we ignore, be it perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ either expands or dissolves.

When we are younger, for example, a great deal of our attention in relation to the idea of¬† ‘self’ is focused on our bodies – how they look, sex appeal, etc. As we age and mature and focus attention more on success, happiness or peace of mind, we generally grow less and less concerned with the body, except when it begins to misbehave, and then our attention shift to its lack of health, further exacerbating its weakening state. Nowadays many older people are staying focused longer on the body, so we see a lot of fit people doing yoga and such even in their 80’s – yoga is a chosen form of attention.

We may believe it’s the physical activity that is causing the body (effect) to be fit, but actuality it’s the attention (cause) the body is receiving. One can remain just as fit doing no exercise at all, choosing another non-physical form of attention, meditation for example, provided they consent to a belief that it can sustain the body and maintain attention on it as well.

Coming to know the powers of the mind and how it serves us (listed in this post are just a few of them Рimagination, will, attention & belief ), we can see how all cause is at the level of mind, and that everything in the physical plane is effect. Again, this comes clear when we recognize that the physical plane itself is a manifestation of Mind.

We’ve All Experienced It – “There Are Two Kinds of People”

Takers: Many people, having perceived ‘life’ as temporary, limited only to¬†the world of form, spend life looking for sources of attention in order to get¬†more attention. This¬†getting¬†mindset is grounded in a sense of lack, a winner-loser, competition-based belief system that underpins all forms of greed in this world; the pursuit of fame, popularity, prestige, power and wealth-hording, being ego-centered manifestations of the power of attention, produce both a sense of lack and the false promise of a solution to lack. It’s a cyclical trap that most often manifests into some form of addiction, even in many spiritual-minded people. It’s important to note that ‘takers’ are not guilty of anything – they’ve just forgotten who they are in Truth.

Givers: Then there are others, those who generally come to understand Life as far more than this limited physical world of time, space and form, who are seemingly compelled¬†naturally¬†to be sources of attention, giving it where they can. Certainly they appreciate receiving attention too, but they are not focused or concerned with¬†getting,¬†in part because their amount of time here¬†is of little concern. These ones have a keen awareness of the eternal nature of Life, so their perspective is often much broader than takers. It’s also because these people, generally speaking, are naturally more open minded, having intuitively¬†become aware that Love naturally generates the power of attention¬†without limit and gives it¬†unconditionally. They discover a fundamental truth – that the more you give the more you receive.

“Attention is the mind’s pure and natural expression of¬†love.”

To give abundantly teaches,¬†one could say ‘programs,’ the mind that you have abundance to give. This thought alone – given your attention, upheld, cherished, believed – will manifest all the abundance you could ever wish for, when you’re willing to give ceaselessly.

I See You, I Hear You, I Love You

Everything in nature values, appreciates and quite literally exists by, for and because of our attention. To some this may sound arrogant, but it isn’t – it’s a statement of Awareness; a recognition and acknowledgment of our true Identity as eternal spiritual beings and extensions of Divine Love. To simply be fully present and attentive, to observe and acknowledge a bird, hear its song, watch a dancing leaf, touch a snail, smell a flower, taste a drop of lemon juice, look with wonder at a grain of sand on a fingertip… all of this becomes a form of giving love.

It is this for reason that the observer, in quantum mechanics, has a direct impact on the observed Рenergy is energized by our focused power of attention. This is why the greatest gift we can give the world and each other is our full, focused attention, from a state of full and present Awareness; to genuinely listen to people rather than permitting distractions; without pretending to be paying attention while running an inner dialog, or planning a response, for example.

It’s no doubt this world, with all its screens and hi-tech forms of distraction and diversion, can be challenging to navigate. The massive array of distractions set against us – a direct result of haphazard, unconscious, whim-based, me-centered manifesting – will only continue to further dilute our attention if we allow it. The increasing level of distraction over the last century has all but rendered the majority of the population impotent in our natural ability¬†to create¬†something real and love-based from a single thought, producing a society where most of us simply choose to be takers focused on manifesting ‘my dream life.’ Chronic mental health issues, stress, fatigue, depression, addiction, disorders from autism, ADD and ADHD (attention deficit) to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, are all symptoms¬†of our disjointed, fragmented and weakening attention spans. When attention can no longer be sustained, neither can those things it holds together.

“When attention can no longer be sustained, neither can those things it holds together.”

There’s no secret to being perfectly content even here¬†in Distractionville. The simple key to authentic, lasting and unshakable peace and happiness is to endeavor to give. Give freely and fully of your attention, without concern over receiving it back; giving it¬†without judgment yet¬†with discernment – seeing distraction as distraction to gain full control over whether or not to engage in it, most often choosing not to. It is in freely giving of our attention – love – to whatever is in our present awareness, without exception and without reserve, that our hearts overflow with yet more and still more to give. It’s through our constant desire to give¬†our attention – love – that we tap into an endless, abundant Source of¬†currency that sustains all that we love and care for here.

May this serve you in wonderful ways.



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