Awareness & Ego


Awareness and ego are incompatible and irreconcilable, with no meeting place. Exactly as it is with light and darkness – they cannot both occupy the mind at the same time. Not dualistic “opposites” in Reality (because only one is real), one is the absence of the other, much like illusion is the absence of truth. Thus Awareness – being spiritual or Self-Awareness – is the antidote for all problems originating from ego.

Ego is like a piece of mind that’s been split, walled off and made to believe it is separate from the rest of Mind. In the very same way, the body is a fence made to separate some of our Self from the whole of our limitless Self.

How, then, could we NOT feel uncomfortable ‘in’ our own skin as children, slowly seduced by a conditioned world into eventually believing our skin and our body separates us from everything else that, in spirit, in truth, remains one with us?

As a perceived ‘piece’ of mind, ego has access to all the same creative faculties as Spirit, or Love, does. However, being self- and not love-centered, it is loveless and insists on autonomy. Unguided, deaf to inspiration, ego cannot co-create. It can only make-believe, or “manifest.”

All true creation is co-creation, the extension of Love by Love, with Love (Spirit), and only adds to an already limitless abundance. Ego-mind divides and takes away. The effect of a misguided thought of separation from Spirit, ego’s effect is a state of perpetual lack.

The body is the primary physical manifestation of the ego’s idea of “self” – its ‘self-center.’ Around it, ego manifests its preferred version of a world using the mind ‘privately,’ unguided, uninspired. Being loveless, it desires first and foremost to serve only itself.

Just as darkness cannot stand in the light – being not ‘opposite’ but an absence of light – ego too is dissolved by the “light” of our Awareness. Ego cannot occupy the mind when Awareness is present. One who is Self-Aware is free then to co-create, which simply is  to share in the expression and extension of love.

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