Correcting a Fundamental Error

“I Am Not a Body, I Am Free”

Correcting the Error - 'I Am Not a Body'

At the deepest, most fundamental level – the bottom of the rabbit hole – that you believe you are a body is a mistaken thought, an error – one that calls only for correction, nothing more. What the mistake conceals though, when brought to the light of your Awareness, will finally, fully heal your mind. You believe you are a body, and so you perceive you are a body. The error is one of perception, healed through spiritual Vision.

You may not be consciously aware of it, but you can surely feel it at times… your mind is split – split in its allegiance between two completely contradictory forces, incidentally only one of which is real. This split is the root cause underlying all the dysfunction people suffer – all stress, sickness, dysphoria, sadness, misguided decisions and seemingly much more. The forces? One is your self-image, your ego, ‘you as you’ve made you,’ and the other is your authentic, true Self, or You as the Divine created You.

Who Are We Really?

You can choose to believe this human experience is given you by God to play out for a time in a body, perhaps to “evolve your consciousness” in the ‘school of life,’ or that you are here to let your imagination run wild as a god of your own, manifesting away to your heart’s content… but you would be mistaken. The ego, reflected as the persona it has conjured up for you ‘on your behalf,’ uses the mind to imagine and manifest (project) the body, a world and a deep, expansive, immersive story line – a script. Everything the ego does, whether perceived as pleasurable or painful, is done to make you believe it is you and you are it, such that it can seem to ‘exist’ for a time, ‘hijacking’ and using the mind to do its bidding.

This ego is nothing more than a manifestation of imagination itself. It’s sort of like being imprisoned in a daydream – the effect of a misguided wish to be separate from our Source, something ‘other’ than spirit; something other than what we are as God created us (i.e. perceiving ourselves as physical rather than spiritual). We could say the ego is the original artificial intelligence (and — *Danger, Will Robinson* — it’s also the primary origin and maker of the rapidly advancing AI in the world today). We could also say the ego is an imagined altered state of consciousness from true Consciousness, or what’s been called God- or Christ-Consciousness. The ego can never actually exist in Reality, so instead it uses the creative faculties of Mind to manifest a grand illusion or grand delusion – a dream state – what ancient Vedic texts referred to as “Maya.”

This idea will tickle something in the back of your mind because if you’re like most of us, you’ve sensed some abstract parallels between your ‘waking life’ and your nighttime dreams. They’re much less different than we’d like to think – to the subconscious mind there is no difference. Until you overcome the ego belief system and its resulting dream world – that is, until you “overcome the world” – which is to no longer be deceived by the ego’s imaginings, ingenuity and stealth, you will remain in a dream-prison ultimately of your own making, unaware that you are imprisoned. Only spiritual help will free you, because your Reality and your origin is only spiritual.

Restoring Self-Awareness

There’s a reason why we all resonated so deeply with the film, The Matrix, and felt like it was more documentary than sci-fi fantasy. Movies like this tickle that same part of the mind where the memory of your true Identity abides and is kept safe for you – a memory the ego does not want you to recall, doing its damnedest to keep it far away from your Awareness and distracting you whenever it starts to surface even remotely.

Surely you have wondered at some point , “What God of Love would ever create for us, being God’s beloved, a world of pain, suffering, loss and death?”

That’s right! Exactly! No loving Creator would do this. So you can stop blaming God. And atheists and agnostics can stop resisting the Thought of God because they, like all the rest of us, were misled by the ego. God creates spirit – Love – and all that is spiritual and eternal. The rest – everything limited to time, form, physicality, entropy and decay – is what we have conjured up, or rather the ego has ‘on our behalf,’ with the creative faculties given us in our creation. That is a testament to the power of divine Mind – we all would be wise to become aware of the power of Mind.

Once you get this, and I mean really get this – that you are not a body, that Mind is causal, being used to project both the body and the universe of form – you see how all the related beliefs people tend to hold so tightly to about the human condition all begin to fall away also. Things like the importance of what ‘forms’ of food you put into the body – being a vegan, eating meat, not eating meat, being fearful of all the chemical ‘dangers’ of food – it’s all entirely belief-based. It is only our thoughts and our beliefs – all of which we have consented to adopt as “my” thoughts, “my” beliefs – that hurt us and cause all perceived harm. It is not form that harms us, but our thoughts about form; the meanings we assign ‘things.’ You begin to see how literally everything that effects the body does so only because of our belief systems, which we ultimately all consent to, about the body.

It comes clear that we really have not changed much at all from our magic-believing ancestors… only the magic seemingly around us has gotten much more advanced and hi-tech. Today in place of the label “magic” we just use words like “marketing,” “programming,” “advertising” and propaganda – all are just forms of magic… manipulating beliefs.

Allowing the Correction

We are responsible now, not for the error, but for openly, willingly accepting the correction.

We certainly need not loathe the body nor ignore it, but to love it, to cherish it, promote and obsess over it, to worship it as many seem to do, is to idolize no-thing – an array of atoms or a “quantum print.” To elevate the body and make it ‘special’ is to strengthen our belief in a false self-identity. The physical body is a mental projection, no different from any other physical, manifest form. Making some forms greater in value than others, ‘owning’ some but not others, serves only to reinforce and deceive and deepen the delusion in the mind. Quantum energy is quantum energy – the field ‘here’ is the very same as the field ‘there.’ Mind, however, is created by, and an effect of, Spirit. It can help to think of the mind, at least in relation to this world, as something like a  3-D quantum printer, only it ‘prints’ form – that which our five senses perceive – at the speed of thought, faster even than light.

Now, all this can be a difficult idea to be shared on a blog post in a gentle, loving way through words on a screen, but it is wholly a message of Love, forgiveness, healing and ultimately transcendence and ascension. Fortunately we all have a Comforter and Guide within us, ever waiting “in the wings” to aide and direct us to the restoration of our true spiritual Self to Awareness. Jesus called this One the Holy Spirit. Call It whatever you like, as long as you call on It. It is the Voice of Love within you, there to help you silence the noise, calm the chaos and avoid the ego’s incessant delays and distractions to unwind your mind from its belief system, restoring it back to your Self.

If you are interested in exploring more or as I refer to it, ‘illuminating the “bottom of the rabbit hole”,’ I suggest immersing yourself in a self-study course from the organization Foundation for Inner Peace called A Course in Miracles (available through Amazon and also available online). And as always, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter at or leave a comment and/or feedback here.

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May this serve you well!

10 thoughts on “Correcting a Fundamental Error

  1. Lee and Steven Hager

    Wow! Love this article Patrick. A condensed version of ACIM, but still packed with meaning. As longtime students of the Course, we would suggest that those not yet familiar with it (and even those who are) print out this blog and take the time to meditate on each idea rather than reading through and going on to something else. It’s the opening of the heart through meditation that moves us forward, that wakes us up, and there is so much here worthy of deep and heart-felt consideration.

  2. Margot Dragon

    Being in medicine, I have a little different perspective. Religion teaches us that we are created in the image of god. We are the trinity father, son and Holy Ghost are also mind, body and spirit. The son is the hurt inner child within all of us, those patterns of behaviors that keep us trapped in a negative response and child like behaviors. The father is the adult rational self. The Holy Spirit which is our light being which is of light and love (source or god). We are light beings having a human experience in a earthly body which is connected to the 5 elements. Those 5 elements are attached to 5 tastes, 5 emotions, 5 tones, and 14 organs and body tissues. As we eat healthy, meditate or prayer, chant or sing it raises our vibrational frequency towards the 11 demension bring us back to joy, love and gratitude. As we become sick our vibrational frequency drops and we revert back to the hurt inner child and are unable to see our faith that we are connected to a greater source. People transition because the hurt inner child is in so much pain it feels the need to transition out of the body. I’ve watched cancer patients not die from cancer, but from the unresolved childhood traumas.

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Thank you for reading the post and sharing your thoughts. Nice use of metaphors and supporting rationale. And if ‘Dragon” is your name, wow, how neat is that?!? You can post here anytime. 😉

      I would certainly support the idea that nobody dies from cancer, because the source of cancer, as it is with all forms of suffering, is unresolved, suppressed guilt in a perceived personal past.

  3. jim

    patrick i follow you on twitter.i disagree ,that you said “because the source of cancer, as it is with all forms of suffering, is unresolved, suppressed guilt in a perceived personal past.” if thats that case i see lot of saints and sages from all around the world ,i see some died from cancer,including Ramana Maharshi ,and Nisargadatta Maharaj,so what you said about cause of cancer ,it puzzles me.

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Thank you brother for your thoughts, and for sharing them here. I would clarify then. Saints and sages physically depart this physical world, or ‘die’ as people choose to perceive it, not because of manifest forms like cancer, but because they are ready to lay down the illusion of the body. An authentic saint or sage (Nisargadatta & Ramana Maharshi are excellent examples) will have come to terms with all “past childhood traumas” and yet still, cancer may seem to remain and may even still seem to others to be the cause that ‘takes them out,’ but that too is merely a symbolic story those seemingly left behind tell themselves. Much more to the truth, the saint or sage her/himself will have fully let go of the illusion by then that they no longer need or desire a body, be it seemingly healthy or not, to serve Love. Cancer is a “cause” of death only to those who harbor a hidden, false belief that the body has power to dictate when a “Son/Daughter of God’s” time here is up, and in no Reality will that ever be the case, that either physical or time has dominion over mental and certainly not over spiritual.

      However, I could also better clarify what I said, that cancer does not always have to be caused by, or be the manifestation of, unresolved unconscious guilt. In more rare cases it could be caused by some other mental distortion or malignancy or chronic untreated stress (most often rooted in unresolved unconscious guilt), or I suppose by the mind of one who’s just looking for a way to let go of the body and somehow, in the thoughts of that individual, cancer best serves them.

  4. jim

    thanks for your time to reply, Patrick-when i read your replies and tweets i feel something triggers in me i can feel it like there is a possibility out of this circle of suffering.
    i read your reply to that at least 5 times.every time i felt the power of your words deep inside me.each and every statement of reply i am using as meditation.
    “suppressed guilt in a perceived personal past.”so somehow if i don’t perceive or correct my perception of my guilt and past. or change my perception of time or perception about myself ,my suffering will be gone?
    as you can probably see i feel confused-my bottom line is how to get rid of my suffering quickly-method does not matter.i feel like you are saying in your articles its belief?if i change my belief i can get rid of all my suffering?what is the one thing you suggest that what kind of belief i focus and meditate on ,so i can have quick healing instead of asking random questions.

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      These are all such great questions. By your own desire, suffering – or, the idea of suffering as being possible – will fall away. I can hear the desire in your words, and it is very powerful… the call of the heart for healing. All that you are doing will help increase your faith that what you are looking for is indeed yours.

      To answer directly:
      “so somehow if i don’t perceive or correct my perception of my guilt and past. or change my perception of time or perception about myself ,my suffering will be gone?” and “how to get rid of my suffering quickly-method does not matter.i feel like you are saying in your articles its belief?if i change my belief i can get rid of all my suffering?”

      Perception is a problem, but not the root problem, nor, perceiving ourselves in a body, may we necessarily be able to sustain ‘not perceiving’ for long. Perception is more a symptom, an effect. Beliefs are very powerful too, especially combined with desire, but generally best to let go of beliefs entirely rather than holding onto specifics. Trust and reliance in God, Spirit, Love (whatever that you connect with) is greater than any beliefs made and held. They tend to become obstacles or delays. Rather than trying to do anything with perception or beliefs, come to see there is something greater than both that you want to see your life and the world with: Vision. Vision is an expression of Awareness. It is “aware” of all that the body perceives, but also it is aware perception, itself, is part of the overall illusion we are projecting. Perception is like the mind sending out the senses to filter everything “else” out from unity, from oneness, to find and bring back what the mind expects/desires to see/hear/taste, etc. Unaware, or without Vision, perception really amounts to being more like a confirmation bias loop, using past experience as a baseline of what to expect from whatever perception finds and reports back.

      Vision looks on everything with fresh eyes, no preconceived ideas about what is being seen or experienced. Every encounter and situation has a purpose and that purpose is to help us awaken (from suffering, ultimately… to heal us). So, for example, someone you have seen and known in the past can be looked on with fresh, new, open, non-judging eyes… child-like eyes if you will. Each time you see this person, see them as new. Same goes for situations as they arise. Vision is a spiritual way of “seeing” that doesn’t use the past (and so it has no filter of judgment/comparison/guilt/fear, etc). It actually is a form of forgiveness; nothing is held to its past. Ultimately, practicing this, you will begin to look at yourself in the exact same way, free of the past story or narrative you’ve been telling yourself about yourself since your earliest memories. ALL of it is a story that can be gently released and laid down, and with it, the story of suffering falls away as well. I know you’re looking for quick results. The ‘speed’ at which all this happens is all up to your openness and willingness to seeing things new (and not beating up on yourself if/when you do fall back to perception, just try again to use Vision). In this new ‘space,’ time has no meaning, so it cannot but happen “now.”

      Read this one when time permits and it will help clarify Vision:

      Again too, the next blog post coming should prove very helpful I think… right along the lines of what you’re asking about here. Really great stuff Jim!! I’m 100% with you.

  5. jim

    if i suppress my feelings and bubbling questions in me it will hinder my healing and hold me down to that question so i have to let it out-sometimes i see they show small children suffering from cancer on tv and it always made me wonder they are too little to have unresolved, suppressed guilt in a perceived personal past? its just puzzling to me.

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      I hear you. We’re quick to think of kids, young, innocent, inexperienced, but really from the moments of being birthed onward we are intensely stressed, anxious, fearful, certainly traumatized (in most birth cases). And just because we don’t have words to express those feeling at the time, we are having them, and from that time (if not before birth, in the womb) onward, we are learning from the world to control and/or suppress our responses to the world. Even to get along in a family atmosphere as toddlers, we’re learning to manipulate our environment, how to get out of trouble, lie a bit here, be mean a bit there (especially to other children), suppressing all along the way primarily not having way to communicate our stresses or what’s going on inside of us. Screaming tantrums are good examples. These are intense stress event that we don’t know how to manage; vast amount of energy we have no way to control. These events all have lasting imprints on us that pop up in all sorts of ways later on. There’s not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ involved, but we process and perceive it oftentimes with guilt, with shame, anger, deep sadness, fear, etc. Our personality development, in part, is made and developed from very early on as a defense against a perceived harsh world, and that is in cases of happy, secure homes.

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