Who Could Use a Good Miracle Right about Now?

Redefine What a Miracle Is & Discover an Endless Supply

Healing HandsMiracles and beliefs have a dynamic cause-effect relationship. I often write and post on Twitter¬†about the¬†power of belief, primarily because beliefs have a tremendous impact in shaping our world – our perception and experience of it. It’s short-sighted to believe or limit¬†miracles to just being some grand, rare and supernatural display of magic that everyday people can’t perform.

Walking on water or raising the dead may get a lot of attention, but the real power in miracles lies in their ability to change the mind. Acts of magic and defying laws of nature don’t heal people. Miracles heal people. Miracles heal people by changing the way they think and perceive¬†in the present moment. And unlike most man-made treatments, miracles stick.

I invite you Рeveryone, everywhere Рto use your powers of will and belief today to expand your idea of what miracles are. Allow them to be something much more accessible to you and closer to your heart Рa pure, 100% natural remedy that you have access to any day or night, anytime you need or desire, 24x7x365, to help restore peace to your mind now.

We’re not interested in what may help, or may come later, like taking a pill to hopefully relieve a headache or some other symptom. We’re not stopping at the physical level of symptoms. Symptoms are effects, and the world is saturated with symptom relievers, most of which come at a cost and have undesirable side effects. Miracles are free, and their side effects are always joyful. Miracles treat the cause, and cause is always in the mind. Miracles lead to the cure.

“Miracles heal people by changing the way they think in the present moment.”

Miracles shift our perception. Anytime we accept a miracle, our present state of mind is transformed¬†from one of fear (all its forms – anger, pain, suffering, anxiety, etc.) to a state of love (peace, joy, ease, fulfilled, etc.). Miracles heal by restoring our minds in the moment to their natural peaceful, serene state. They are the Divine answer to our call for Love to replace thoughts of guilt, ‘sin,’ judgment and condemnation with thoughts of peace, comfort, innocence and grace.

Miracles are available in limitless abundance, ours but for the asking. All we need do is go within and ask. Regardless of the form of our present pain or grievance takes, it’s always accompanied by an inner¬†abstract sense of disconnectedness and lack. This sense that something is missing, something is amiss accompanied by the feeling of separation – this is what the miracle ‘heals on contact.’ Asking within, through prayer or meditation, or even just a momentary conscious contact with our spiritual Source, we simply allow the stillness and peace of the miracle –¬†Love’s response to our call – to wash over and through us. Pain, suffering, worry, anxiety and fear are replaced with a calm, serene state of well-being. We are restored to sanity.

Restored to sanity? Wait… that implies we are not sane!” It may sound extreme, but is it not true? Whenever we are not at peace, feeling perfectly content, there is a choice¬†being made on some level to¬†not¬†be at peace – the power of decision is being used, somewhere¬†outside our awareness deep in the mind. This itself is part of the problem – our lack of awareness – and thus our inability to control the mind in decision-making. Is a choice to be discontent and out of control not a form of temporary insanity? No matter the situation going on around us, who in their right mind would choose instability, irritability, anger, potentially rage and discomfort over being in a state of peace, calm, control and contentedness? Who in their “right” mind indeed.

“Miracles heal by¬†restoring¬†our minds to their¬†natural¬†peaceful, serene state.”

Miracles are the great restorer. They heal by helping return us to our right mind; to re-center, re-balance and fall back into a natural harmony with the flow of Life – not later, but right¬†now, when we need it; when we’re in it. Miracles offer a bridge from any form of conflict to a peaceful state of mind. On the deepest level and most importantly – why they do what they do, why they cure – is because miracles restore to our awareness not only our connection to our Source, but also to our own true Identity as created by that Source.

The miracle reminds us that the fearful, guilty, sinful ‘version’ of us that we made-up and believed ‘real,’ which led to our sense of lack and separation, is wholly untrue. And so Truth is restored to our mind. It is Truth that heals the mind and restores peace. From this state, we’re mentally & spiritually equipped to deal with absolutely any situation the physical world presents us with – even death itself cannot hurt us from here.

There is a book I highly recommend everyone read at least once, regardless of one’s formal religious upbringing (or not).¬†The book is from the organization¬†Foundation for Inner Peace¬†and is called A Course in Miracles (available through¬†Amazon¬†& also available online). It is a self-study course, one I consider ‘practical’ spirituality. If you let it, this book will deeply expand both your mind and your experience of life, dramatically. Read the text at least one time through and do its year-long daily lessons at least once all the way through as instructed. It’s not religious in nature but communicates its teaching through Christian terminology and thus has a masculine slant (God & Son, “He/Him” references), however it’s a gender-less teaching; its verbiage is used for communication purposes only to get the ideas across.¬†If you’re sensitive to the language, you can¬†use that tension as you do the lessons.¬†It can be a tough read the first time and there are study groups in many places. Feel free to contact me here, too, if you get into it and have questions. I’m always happy to connect and talk about authentic healing.

Miracles are the one thing I’ve found abundantly available here in Distractionville (my friend David’s word for the world) that will restore You, restore Mind and restore Divine Order to what is insane, depressing and completely chaotic without them. I, for one, am down with that.



8 thoughts on “Who Could Use a Good Miracle Right about Now?

  1. Eunice

    Awesome! “Miracles are the great restorer.” “Miracles heal people.”
    “A Course in Miracles” has changed my life being strong catholic “Inner Peace” am learning from this miraculous book.
    Grateful for you beyond words!

    Eunice Lozano

  2. Lee and Steven Hager

    When Jesus told his followers they would do greater works than he had done, many question what could be greater than raising the dead? How about waking the True Self, releasing it from the prison of the mad thoughts of the little, false self. Fixing the body is temporary, remembering the Self is everlasting. Another great article Patrick!

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Thank you both again! Always wise input. Yes exactly. He would be the first to tell us that changing our minds is the miracle – that is making the blind see. Letting go of fear thoughts and replacing them with loving thoughts – that is miraculous. The miracle is not about healing the body, but in re-minding the mind that it need not perceive the body as capable of being ill, when mind and body are in service to Spirit (not that the body won’t ever be sick, but that it need not be). Jesus performed numerous body-healing miracles on people not to elevate any importance of the body, but in order to change, open and enlighten people’s minds.

  3. Marci Wise

    Hello, I just discovered your blog and I’m so impressed with your eloquent ability to express complex and multifaceted things, such as miracles. I love that word and use it often but many times people stop in their tracks when they hear that word as if it’s almost a little too big for them to wrap their minds around. I think the clarity with which you speak shows that you have tapped in to something bigger than yourself, a feeling I know but can only seize sporadically, – and so I will be following your blog to hear what you have to share in the future. Thank you for taking time to share the wisdom!

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Thank you Marci, for taking the time to read and then share your kindness – what a gift. That you can see enough in order to share what you have here is so rewarding in itself, knowing the content is getting through. My part is to let it pour through – as clear and simple as possible – and due to the subject matter I am not always aware it’s getting through clearly, so I am always so grateful to have responses like this. Please come by anytime… you’re always welcome here.

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