Deprogramming the Matrix

Salvation is Now or It Is Put off Indefinitely

Part I: Introduction, Background & Basics

definition of salvation

Welcome Friend, to part one of an intensive four-part series focusing on the topic of salvation, humanity’s salvation; authentic, rational, practical salvation – our natural, permanent and inevitable restoration to a profound peace and love, to a joy and a freedom that does not come only to stay for a spell only to leave again, or come to brighten our day only to soon fade, yet again. But instead, a state of mind and being that is persistently peaceful and divinely ordered, virtually unshakable and not limited by the constraints and drama or chaos of an external world; timeless and yes, deeply spiritual, yet free entirely of religious ritual or dogma. Our salvation is eternal – that much, our religions have gotten right. However, it also is wholly available, and available to everyone, in the present. After all, what loving Creator would deny us persistent access to present peace, or create us out of Love only to make us have to wait lifetimes or countless generations to know true, unending, limitless Peace, Love and Joy, or to first have to achieve, earn or become worthy of these; worthy of grace?

The belief system, or we could say, the operating system that humanity has adopted and shared from our earliest beginnings has the vast majority of us imagining and believing our ‘salvation’ (should we think of it at all) as some abstract, religion-based, distant future event rather than simply as authentic Life Itself, ever-present and freely given us in the ‘here and now’ by our Loving Creator; Life’s Creator. This series aims to undo the distorted, convoluted, ludicrously complex and self-sabotaging belief system(s) that nearly all of us are indoctrinated into to some degree, adopting, sharing and propagating it onward throughout our shared lineage as if by some unwritten, involuntary rule; a thought system that keeps people literally programmed to misperceive and thus miss out on the eternal, divine nature of Life, Itself. In place of a limiting and potentially harmful default belief system, this series aims to evoke and nurture an authentic spiritual awareness – or Self-Awareness. In place of “original sin” it restores the precious memory of original innocence, restoring clarity and wisdom, re-minding us of some big nuggets of universal Truth. Readers will recognize and know them by their fruits; in how they resonate and light up the mind, igniting and inspiring the spirit.

Webster’s defines salvation using two key and highly practical words: deliverance and liberation. Removing any preconceived religious charge from terms like ‘salvation,’ it is clear there is not a soul among us on this planet not seeking deliverance and liberation, salvation, in our heart-of-hearts, in spite of our thoughts and ideas to the contrary; or in spite of our chase of countless other things. Most often we imagine salvation as something abstract, set somewhere out in some unseen, unknowable future-time and place rather than right here, right now… the last place or time we’d ever think to look for it. The call to salvation, to our “deliverance,” our “liberation,” or our “enlightenment” is hidden below our Awareness, buried deep down in the subconscious mind, or pursued under forms and labels other than “salvation,” but the call is most certainly there nonetheless. By whatever name we choose to call it, salvation is the pristine, innocent, and yes, even holy state of mind from which we all came. Not a place, but a state of being; a state of existing – it is Home.

Whether you be religious, atheist, agnostic, science-minded or anywhere in the spectrum in-between, this series, offered up freely with love and fellowship, endeavors to serve you wherever you are on your path. It is suggested that each part 1-4 of the series be approached both with full open-mindedness, critical thinking and utmost discernment – or simply, mindfully. If you run into resistance over any of the word symbols used, or with the core ideas presented, use that resistance. Question yourself “Why is this symbol disturbing to me? What meaning or back-story have I assigned and held about this word or idea that gives it power to disturb me? Am I willing to let go of old beliefs and thought patterns, intuitively knowing it would serve me to do so? What is the worst that could happen if I let this idea in?” Work with it, but don’t stop until the end (granted that may require several sittings – this intro is an especially long read). The origin of the words used are not nearly as important as the ideas and themes they are being used to convey or bring to the surface.

Readers are encouraged to read each part through to the end, taking whatever time it takes in as many sittings and readings as it takes, pausing whenever internally prompted and re-reading, too, whenever and wherever it feels useful or necessary to do so. Core ideas will be repeated, because some ideas need repetition as a way to both reinforce them and to undo error lodged deep in the mind. Be aware too that these ideas are fundamentally very simple, yet may appear complex due in part to underlying resistance to them. Let’s begin.


Here is Salvation:

God is.
God is All, and All is God. There is God and only God.
All is Light, the Light of our Divine Source;
the Light of Self-Awareness; the Awareness of God.

Let there be Light.


The statement above is simply an expression, a reflection, a symbol of non-duality, of perfect unity or simply, oneness – the true and natural unity inherent in our creation and in all Creation. The restoration of this ‘Divine Oneness’ to our present Awareness is salvation. Whatever scientific, philosophic or religious verbiage we choose to use to represent this state of oneness is inconsequential. How this restoration shows up in the physical world of form also is not important, because ‘form,’ ultimately, like the choice of words used above is also just a symbolic expression of a mental thought, idea, construct or dream. Form is an effect, not a cause. Mind, Consciousness, the union of Spirit and Mind – this is cause; thoughts are cause. Physical form is an effect, a mental projection made by the mind’s natural ability to manipulate and animate a quantum field of energy; an imperceptible, yet omnipresent, unified field of energy emanating and radiating from Spirit, from Life, from Love, from God like heat from a fire, or like heat and light from the sun.

Nevertheless, Awareness of oneness, even in a dream world, is a happy dream; it is salvation, and most importantly, it is the bridge Home.

What Is Everything Leaves Room for Nothing Else1

For countless generations, human beings have insisted on making up something ‘other than’ God, something ‘else;’ something that, by nature of being an other, is in some way in opposition to God. Being infinite and limitless, however, nothing exists outside of God, thus nothing ‘opposite’ to God – not in Reality; not in oneness or non-duality. The attempt to make an opposite to God is an ancient thought pattern, like a rogue program, that cannot but produce in the mind a perpetual state of disorder, discontent, chaos and eventual entropy and decay, not because it is bad, wrong or blasphemous (pettiness has no place in God, nor in salvation), but because it is an error, setting the mind up to be stuck in a loop, a conundrum; a false, paradoxical state; a state of illusion. Illusion begets fear in all its forms and all its degrees, and fear is toxic to the mind.

Fear in any form, we could say, is the absence of Awareness of salvation. Because only in such a state, lacking Awareness of our indivisible oneness with our spiritual Source, could the thought of fear rise to deceive and grip the mind. Who could possibly fear, and what thought or object could they fear, aware of one’s natural, eternal oneness with our divine Source? Yet the human condition is rooted in and utterly driven by fear (as well as fear’s ultimate source and cause, suppressed, unconscious guilt – more on that in part III of the series), regardless of how well people learn to try to suppress and conceal it. To finally break the impulsive, compulsive imagining and conjuring up of the idea of an ‘other’ independent will (inevitably by nature, a will in opposition to God) is to dissolve the thought of separation, put an end to perceptual error and its resulting experience of separation, liberating the mind of all false and fearful states. Awareness and the undeniable experience of oneness is restored. The wandering, lost sheep is brought back into the fold; the Prodigal Son returns and is welcomed Home with a great feast. It is our return to a wholly natural state of Peace, Joy, Love and Freedom, even if the body may still seem to linger in time and space for a time.

Fear, we could say, is the absence of Awareness of salvation.

In order for humanity to seem to get its way, attempting to fulfill the wish and desire to make up some form of ‘other’ or opposite to God, cleverly, secretly, privately, on our own, we teach ourselves to use the mind, autonomously, independently, solo, unguided and uninspired (or, “not-in-Spirit”) – i.e. we use the unimaginably potent creative faculties of mind selfishly and lovelessly to our own self-centered ends. As if under a spell of temptation, seduced into expanding the fantasy of a special ‘other’ self, we developed and advanced the thought of separation, initiating that “rogue program” to conceive of an alternate reality within which such a fantasy could play out, along with our own imagined special version or altered state of consciousness through which to experience it. This modified reality, “our preferred” reality – presuming now to have successfully, actually made our own separate will apart from God – is based on, or is an effect of, the thought of separation. Separation thoughts, dividing or copying one thing into two versions of itself, setting those two in opposition, cannot but give rise to duality and dualistic thinking.

A Custom-Made Reality Promising In-Divide-Duality

Separation from our Creator, from God, from our Source of power and of Life, our Source of Light, being also the Light of Awareness… this concept of separation was conceived in an impossible mental state of make-believe, isolation and autonomy – in a realm of the imagination. Yet still, imagination is a realm of mind quite capable of making and destroying universes, even if only in dreams and fantasies. Kept ‘private’ and held apart from God, the thought of separation is/was also intended and used against God, against Love, against our own Source of Being. It is a purely mental construct, made and maintained under the influence, guidance, ingenuity, manipulation and, as-needed should our thoughts stray back toward Home and God, the tyrannous rule of an ego thought system (a.k.a. that ‘altered state of consciousness’ through which we experience our preferred alternate reality).

Separation begets duality, the perceived splitting of that which cannot be split or divided. Nevertheless, duality is an effect or a consequence of the thought of separation, which is rooted in our desire to have, or for there to ‘actually’ be, something other than God… even if we are that other. Everything that sprang forth from the union of that thought and subsequent desire to pursue separation, however imaginary it is, having not been co-Created with God but “make-believed” in a state of mental isolation, stands firmly nonetheless as a testament to the power of thought (Mind) when joined with the power of desire (Heart). This is a creative power freely given us, with Love, from Love – from God to God’s Creation. It is given naturally, however, for the purpose of co-Creation to serve the unified Will of Love, and not for abuse by some rogue, self-will-run-amok ego persona or character we made up through our misuse of such a power.

“The will you share with God has all the power of creation in it.” 2

In the meantime, having become fully invested in our imagined ‘duality reality,’ having concocted our own independent, preferred way to experience not really Life, but an alternative form of existing, humanity has suppressed and hidden out of Awareness the Knowledge or Memory of Reality. We have hidden from ourselves the true nature of our unified relationship with our Creator, as well as wholly natural abilities like co-Creating in Spirit, burying all of it deep down in the mind, far out of Awareness, covering it under thick, heavy layers of false, illusory beliefs and a progressively corruptible and corrosive ego thought system. Like a vast, expanding dark void of unconsciousness – our own contrived, alternative, dualistic version of true, unified Consciousness (God-Consciousness) – the ego distorts, filters and ultimately blocks the Light of Truth and Knowledge, the Sunlight of the Spirit, authentic unconditional Love, from our Awareness.

As that void of darkness is allowed to expand, like thick, heavy clouds of ambiguity and disarray, the ego comes in to occupy the mind with an inevitable, seemingly untraceable sense of lack that it brings, conjuring up and offering us its own versions of “truth” and “knowledge” to fill the perceived lack. Truth and knowledge, under the ego’s terms and conditions, are perception-based and relative only to its projected world and so they are inherently distorted and flawed, if not wholly false. They are also limited, limiting and wholly unsatisfying, so the sense of lack embedded in the mind by the ego just goes on and on, perpetually unsatisfied. Relative only to its manifest 3-D physical world, the ego’s versions of truth and knowledge effectively keep our thinking contained, stuck in a virtual box; in a sort of mental closed loop. We blind ourselves to much of what is truly natural to us, to what is spiritual, to our own true Identity, and thus seem no longer to have access to Knowing.

By and through our own presumptuous choice, choosing to pursue separation in some form, we now are left with attempting to have to sense Life and Reality. Being spiritual in nature, however, both of these are far beyond the limits and reach of physical senses. Life and Reality can only be known, or not. Perception is not Knowing, and thus has nothing whatsoever to do with Knowledge. Nevertheless, being human is a decision to default to our own made-up version of life, ‘our’ reality, custom-made though an ego thought/belief system to interact with, arouse and delight physical senses. Through them we can indulge all we desire in experiences of both pain or pleasure.

Oblivious, ignorant and altogether in denial of Truth and Knowledge, we choose perception as our guide in this perceived, believed human experience of ‘life.’ We choose to put aside and all but ignore our true spiritual Identity, an indirect denial of our divine Source, so that instead we can perceive ourselves and the ego’s version of “reality,” as if watching a movie play out for us on the quantum screen of the world; a virtual reality perceived not through a bulky VR headset, but through the body’s severely limited physical senses.

As a consequence of our desire and pursuit of the grand delusion of separation, of ‘otherness’ apart from our Creator, of our preferred version of reality, we come face-to-face with the profound wisdom behind the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” We discover that what we learned and all that we are taught to understand and perceive as “life” turns out not to be Life at allnot Life as God created It – but is altogether an ego-self-centered substitute; an alternative to Life. It is life as we make it, by our own imagining, our own conjuring and make-believe; life perceived rather Life as it is in Truth. Thus it is a version of Life not really lived, but sensed and imagined.

The ego’s version of life is no different to the mind than a dream. And unlike God’s Life – being the only real Life that exists in Truth, being Host to all that is, all that is spiritual in nature and thus, all that is timeless, eternal and limitlessbeing “the Truth and the Life that we were created for – this alternate life of our own making, filtered though physical senses, wholly limited and constraining, is in total opposition to our own true nature. It is in a sense a death wish for that which cannot die. We seem to exist tethered, chained to a world where we and a countless, diverse multitude of separate other individual bodies exist, if only for just a brief spell, bound by time to age and eventually to ‘end’ with death – a wholly alien concept in spiritual terms. As it has a beginning, our made-up version of life must also have an end and must end in entropy, death and decay. Because by nature of duality, our version of life must include a polar opposite to birth and life – death.

To be perfectly clear here, the ego – the ego thought system with its supporting, deeply complex belief system, the altered state of consciousness we have gone on to conjure up with it is both the source and the underlying cause of death; no matter what form death seems to take. The grim reaper does have a name and it is ego.

“Life has no opposite, for it is God. Life and death seem to be opposites because you have decided death ends life. Forgive the world, and you will understand that everything that God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real.” 3

We could say the physical universe, all that seems to exist in our physical reality, is made ultimately for one hidden purpose – so that there can seem to be something outside of, beyond or other than God. Few may believe this on a conscious level, but Awareness sees beyond the ego’s imagined levels of consciousness. Anyone willing to really look, putting aside the ego or personal filter entirely, will discover this motive is present, albeit it kept obscure in the mind. It is all so that we can seem to be – and believe that we really are – something other than what we are in Reality; being the expression, reflection and extension of a Creator that also happens to be spiritual and not physical in nature.

This Reality, as it is with Knowledge, is always everpresent. It’s always right in front of us, patiently awaiting only our Awareness to be recognized, re-membered and experienced again in the here and now, being our one true spiritual Identity; our one true Self. When the heavy, dark clouds of ego have been released, let go of and allowed to dissipate and fade away, we re-cognize, or ‘know again,’ our true Self. Only by investing and upholding belief in the ego and in its false reality – or, only in dreaming, in illusion and make-believe – do we seem to have a world based on duality, division, sub-division and multiplicity, all leading to ever-increasing and ever-deepening complexities. On and on it goes, advancing and morphing on until eventually complete chaos reigns. With chaos comes the inevitability of a breakdown or some form of reset. That is, until we break the cycle and tyrannous rule of the ego thought system.

To briefly summarize on duality, the pattern, the rogue program, our preferred, altered state of consciousness – both duality and its source, the ego in whatever form, are ultimately just concepts. They are purely mental constructs rooted in the ego’s futile attempt to separate what is naturally unified and one in Truth into two reflecting versions. The mind is made to make two mirror images from what is one, reflections now perceived as being opposing versions – a thing, itself, and an other (just as it is with us and our Source). Interposing space or time or some other artificial, mind-made gap ‘in-between’ the reflections, now the ‘two’ can be contrasted, compared, evaluated further and further against each other until they are made to be perceived as quite different and apart from each other in some way. Now what began as one can be seen as two and using perception, can be perceived as increasingly opposing, polar opposites from each other. Attempting to bridge these perceived poles, knowing intuitively deep down that they remain one in Truth, the mind naturally attempts to fill in the imagined, perceived gap with variables, ranges, degrees, spectrums, gradations, etc. Only in the illusion of duality do we have light and dark, for example, and all imaginable levels of dim in-between, to which each and all, under the direction of ego, the mind assigns equal reality. Only in duality do we have good and evil, Love and fear, Truth and illusion, and all that is perceived as the middle grounds in-between.

“The truth is simple; it is one, without an opposite.” 4

Good, Bad & Everything “In-Between”

We like to imagine, convince ourselves and believe that it’s somewhere in these varieties, somewhere in the spectrums in-between the ego’s contrived poles, where the richness and the spice of human life abide. Humanity, however, rooted in an ego thought system and thus, often quite brilliant at rationalizing (or more accurately, at self-deception), uses the diversity and multiplicity of duality’s gray areas to further deceive itself, ultimately serving the ego’s hidden primary purpose – to ‘exist’ separate and apart from God’s Creation by maintaining and upholding its alternative world in the mind.

Let’s use an example of pain and pleasure to illustrate how duality’s poles and gray areas are used to confuse, deceive and delude us. Few of us would consciously believe or admit that we enjoy pain. Yet, so often pain is a price people become willing to pay for more of their preferred forms of pleasure. We commonly redefine pain as we go along, as we get more used to it, to where it no longer is even perceived as painful, unless we find ourselves further down the spectrum. Quite frankly, the mere fact that we appear here in a physical world is evidence of our willingness to experience a great deal of emotional, psychological and for many, physical pain. People learn and condition themselves to reinterpret and evenenjoy degrees of pain to whatever extent necessary in order to attain more and greater heights of pleasure. And as they experience either pain or pleasure, the poles extend further away from each other; the spectrum in-between widens. For some, those poles become quite extreme.

The extent of what is pleasurable and what is painful in a world of duality is entirely relative then to the perspective of the perceiver. Both perspective and poles are constantly shifting and changing as the polarities extend outward, widening to greater extremes with increasing diversity in-between. “Joe’s” pain level, being “Jane’s” idea of pleasure, can easily become pleasurable to Joe, too, should his level of pain significantly increase… “that wasn’t so bad after all, compared to this.” Over time and more exposure, pain always fades and often then gets reinterpreted as pleasure as compared to greater pain. It is the exact same with pleasures, as exposure makes them become less and less pleasurable, leading us to constantly pursue (often need) higher levels of pleasure, producing corresponding deeper levels of pain. The truth is, we are at times incapable of distinguishing between pleasure and pain. Furthermore, our desire and need for greater extremes is often what morphs into addictions.

choosing between illusions

Another example of the effects of investing belief or assigning reality to what lies between the ego’s contrived poles is in our development of preferences of one thing over another. Imagine, if you will (for this example, the ‘hunter’ type rather than a ‘gatherer’ who may find the following scenario pleasurable), someone standing in the toiletries section in any modern supermarket, perceiving a need to do a ‘quick‘ run through for, let’s say… Band Aids, shampoo, soap and toothpaste. Our quick shopper soon finds the glut of options, variables and choices overwhelming to the point of stress-inducing, having to now read a bunch of micro-text labels, maybe even research and then choose between dozens of types of each product, with often petty variations that add nothing of any real effect or value; just gimmicks – subtle differences, often pointless, used primarily by marketing departments to manipulate buyers and thus, ultimately are more for profit rather than benefiting consumers. The blurring of pleasure and pain comes clear after about 10 minutes spent in one aisle trying to decipher and finally decide between arbitrary values of good and not good, maybe useful and just unnecessary – what I think I need vs. what I think I don’t need – all based on perceived needs, subtle desires and cryptic information provided by manufacturers on labels with teeny-tiny text.

Separation begets duality, the seeming split of that which cannot be split or divided.

It may seem like a silly example of the play of duality and multiplicity, but still, this shopping scenario serves to make a valid point. Standing in that aisle, the time and energy one can burn up just to sort through generally meaningless, valueless data, the plethora of minor differences, all those options, can produce far more stress and can have far more impact on us subconsciously than we might think on the surface, especially day after day after day, at work, at home, compounded by countless versions of this same script playing out in countless other forms and situations again and again. With Awareness, however, one may also find that what began as just a quick shopping run can turn out to be yet another bright moment of clarity, an exercise in discernment, with far more value than that of taking the ‘right’ products up to the register. Simple everyday situations like this can prove to be wonderfully enlightening, allowing us to really see the absurdity and pettiness of the ego’s charade. Vision enables literally every situation we find ourselves in to become opportunities to awaken from the dream of ego.

What tends to rise to the surface of our Awareness in these situations (if/when we allow it) is just how needless are these expenditures of mental energy, the stress, fatigue, conflict and underlying dis-ease of continuously abusing the mind in such ways, countless times each day, throughout the day. Regardless of where we are or what we seem to be doing, at work, at home, wherever, in countless forms, day after day after day, behind the ‘doing’ we are making the mind invest in, and reinforce, a false reality of our own making. We are setting the mind up to have to constantly study, learn and choose between what amounts to a plethora of utterly trivial concepts, artificial values and meaningless, illusory ‘choices.’ It boils down to not actually choosing between things, but really what we’re always choosing between is Truth or illusion. We are choosing between the stories we choose to adopt and hold about things, rather than between actual things.

And this is not just true of things, but it applies to all our relationships too, which are made and held in very much the same way. What we tell ourselves and choose to hold onto about a person, a partner, a boss, a pet – that array of thoughts really is what we have a relationship with, more so than with an ‘actual’ other or separate person. And they are doing the very same thing with us, without being aware of it either. How ‘they’ show up for us in our relationship with them, or, how they appear to our senses, perceiving them, is an effect – a reflection and symbolic image of the preferred thoughts, desires and stories we choose to uphold about them. Our relationships, more accurately then, are with our own thoughts, about people, about the world and about ourselves.

The vast multitude of stories we accumulate and uphold in the mind about people and things of the world, storing them away in memory, consist of thoughts, ideas, concepts, perceptions, past experiences – are all mental constructs. And so often, as in the example of toiletries (being part of the reason such an example was used), they are utterly meaningless and fundamentally valueless in the grand scheme of things; they are just more illusions that we choose to buy into, investing our energy into what amounts to nothing more than fantasy; fantasies about ‘what I will choose to make valuable and important to me.’

Our relationships more accurately are with our own thoughts, about people, about the world and about ourselves.

By these stories, in whatever form the polar extremes and their spectrums appear to us, our minds are being constantly distracted and our Awareness, relentlessly divided and further subdivided with pettiness and empty, hollow, valueless ‘choices,’ all made to seem important and having value; stories we uphold to rationalize and justify to ourselves why we need to hold, support and maintain them. They all serve ultimately, however, to uphold, expand and solidify our thoughts and ideas about ‘me,’ about ourselves – who we want to imagine and think we are (which in turn, ‘solidifies’ and makes our self-image stronger in the physical projection; out outer image). And that is their real, underlying purpose to the ego. That is really what they all are for; the core reason why we uphold all these thoughts and stories about things – a vast and complex matrix of thoughts, ideas, concepts, constructs and symbols – all to reinforce and strengthen our ideas, our preferred image, of a separate, special ‘self.’

Think for just a moment about all the stories, arguments or justifications people might tell themselves about something as simple as why a certain brand of whitening toothpaste is the ‘right one,’ the one they want or ‘need;’ all the story lines held in the mind attached to and in support of why that toothpaste is the one they end up choosing. One cannot but come to see that so many of our perceived ‘choices’ center around our idea and image of ‘self,’ self-centeredness or vanity, in some form; that narcissism – the ego – is nearly always at the center of all of our decision-making. And the ego, being the utter absence of unity and oneness, needs this body to be different and distinct from that body; for this one to be more special than, better than or lesser than that one. Separation is its primary underlying motive; duality, its result. Nearly every single decision we imagine ourselves making, even about the most trivial of things, can be traced back to serving, in some way, the ego’s ultimate purpose of maintaining the illusion of separation and having, or being, a separate self.

“The truth makes no decisions, for there is nothing to decide between.” 5

How Much is Too Much?

Consciously, we convince ourselves that “free will” and all this choice and variety in the human experience is a good thing; that having all this choice is pleasurable. We deny, ignore or suppress (make un-conscious, or push out of Awareness) the fact that it needlessly stresses the mind to be made to constantly have to choose between trivial, contrived illusions. Mind was not created for this. Mind was created out of Love, by Love, to create. Mind was created to share in co-Creation with Love, with Spirit – the holy union of Mind and Heart, we could say, being One – for the unified purpose of co-creation; uniting to express, extend and reflect Love, or Spirit.

Creation is spiritual in nature. It’s effects are eternal and limitless. Make-believe is cause of all that appears to be physical in nature. Make-believe is not creation, but is projection and is thus limited and bound to space, time, entropy and decay. You and I, our creation, is an expression of the Will of God; the Will of Spirit (Love, Devotion) extending Itself. We were created in and by Love. “Created in God’s image” then, was simply a way to put into words that we are God’s expression, extension and reflection. We are not these separate bodies and special, unique, private personas we think we are, and no one is more special, certainly not more chosen, than any other. The ego, absolutely insisting on being special and unique, does not like that unavoidable bit of Knowledge at all (ergo, a world and universe founded on the mad idea of separation). But together we all are special, and ours is a specialness far, far beyond any and all worldly concepts. What makes one special ‘here’ is having the unified Awareness that all perceived ‘others’ are one and equally special with her/him. We could say, we all share a divine specialness and equality.

Some people still will insist on a tweak in the description above, adding “personified” to the end of it, claiming and wholeheartedly believing that we are God’s expression, extension and reflection, personified. But underpinning such a belief, there lies either a need to hold onto some remnant of the separation error, insisting that some separation must be upheld, or there is a fear of fully letting go of the ego.

There is no individuation, personification or persona (‘mask,’ Latin) in oneness. This is always where we get mixed up, attempting to personify everything (God included). Personification is an ego distortion, rooted in a thought system based on separation, specialness and individuality (literally: in–divideduality). If you and I insist on having and maintaining personas, we cannot help but fall back to assigning a persona also to God and then also to an anti-god or devil. Before we know it, we’re off fantasizing all over again our own individual, dualistic realities and entire fantasy worlds right along with them. The ego, given a foothold or space in the ‘separated’ mind in which to take root, will always progress from there. It can’t not.

neurons in the brain

Aside from (or in addition to) the constant stress induced by the endless stream of illusory choices we bog the mind down with, the incredible amounts of stress we put the mind under, making it have to continuously make-believe and perceive ourselves as something other than what we are created to be as natural expressions, extensions and reflections of God, is all a rather sadistic, barbaric attack upon ourselves. That we convince ourselves that we are something so ultra-complex as a human body, a human being, so utterly unique and uniquely special, ever-changing, progressing and “evolving” physically rather than being simple, equal, wonderful, and wonderfully alike, changeless spiritual beings, for example, is a secretly an attempt to lose sight of our Self. It is barbaric in the sense that it’s not sane; it is a form of self-harm to do such a thing to ourselves, without reprieve of any kind.

It is not difficult to see how we lovelessly treat the mind, placing it under ego’s tyrannous occupation and usurped ‘authority.’ We make the mind have to learn, uphold, store and maintain in memory countless back-stories, some spanning a lifetime, as well as stories for every single thing we have ever misperceived as being separate in the world, including the stories we hold about ourselves. If you have ever overfilled a computer hard-drive and seen how dramatically it affects system performance, what we do to the mind has a similar effect. An overly full hard-drive has to work much harder to make the rest of the system appear to operate even remotely ‘normal.’ Not only do we overload our minds absorbing and assimilating massive volumes of ‘education’-related information, indoctrination and propaganda, but we also make it have to store away countless valueless rationales as to why ‘thing A’ is better than, or lesser than, or worse than thing B or C; why this gray is better than that gray, all according to my preferences; what value things have to me, for this me character, a physical stand-in for my spiritual Self.

And it is right there, in that thought of ‘me,’ the idea, the character at the center of it all that holds the key to unraveling the whole charade. We do it all for a special, unique, personified mefor the ego. And for all those years, decades and lifetimes of misplaced devotion, ego rewards us in return with a seemingly never-ending cycle of human sufferings and death; a lot of pain with little, temporary bits of pleasure sprinkled in here and there, just enough to keep us trudging forward without asking too many questions, lest the ego have to pull out its tyrant card yet again.

When we deny our oneness with each other, with God and with all of Creation, that is to say, when we deny the infinite Spirit within and without us, we – in the mind and only in the mind – separate our Self off from all that is. We pit ourselves against all that is not part of our mental self-image, setting up a perpetual, even if subtle and subdued, state of conflict. Always then, there is a ‘me’ at the center of our thoughts and imaginings; all our focus becomes fixed on how everything ‘else’ effects or relates to this me’ character… the mental or mind-made image of Self; the persona – the ego.

Mind was created out of Love, by Love, for the unified purpose of extending Love – Creation – being the natural expression, extension and reflection of Love.

It takes an unfathomable amount of mental energy to store, maintain and recall all that personal data on the fly, all those personal stories and all that indoctrination we choose to adopt from the world perceived as being ‘outside’ of us. In the imaginary realms beyond our Awareness, or, in the play of form, that energy expense translates to pain; countless forms of pain that manifests in the human experience as things like stress, fatigue, physical pain, sickness, chronic and terminal illnesses like cancer, and also manifests as forms of decay, for example as the degenerative brain disease, dementia. Here, the mind, reflected and symbolized in form as the brain, finally breaks down as if to say “enough is enough!”

The mind, rather poorly portrayed in form as the physical brain, begins to undo or break apart the connections and associations it once made and long-held, holding a persona together, in lieu of the body being the thing that generally breaks down first. As Awareness might expect, in dementia sufferers, identity and the persona fade until eventually they dissolve away entirely, revealing themselves to be the illusions they really always had been – it’s just now they’ve become no longer sustainable; the hard-drive overloads and malfunctions. The body remains (for a time), while the persona fades into oblivion. Salvation, after all, is not for the ego, nor for its bodies or its made-up personas. Salvation is liberation from them; a restoration to pure Awareness.

“Life expectancy” (or, dream duration – ?) of the physical caricature of the average human ego has dramatically risen over the last century, but with it, so too has dementia dramatically increased. It is said today that 1 in 10 of the elderly in the US have Alzheimer’s. Many, however, believe the numbers are much higher than what is being officially or publicly reported. After all, who among us do not have victims of dementia in some form in our immediate families, or in families close to us who have been directly affected by it? Even the massive loss of our bee and other insect populations is now being attributed by some scientists to a form of dementia.

This breakdown of mental faculties in general is being reflected in increasing forms in the physical world. As dementia closes in on the elderly, our youth are being diagnosed in record numbers with Autism spectrum disorder. Autism, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, substance abuse and addiction, suicide by overdose – all of these are on a dramatic rise in recent decades, increasing in recent years, all of which are reflections of the fact that we are misusing the mind to the extent that the trajectory of the human experience itself is becoming unsustainable; the ‘human’ mind is no longer able to cope with the ego’s misuse and abuse. Something’s got to give.

In all its forms, dementia and other manifestations like it, are again, much like what happens to a computer that has accumulated too many conflicting programs, too many files, conflicting hardware issues and just too much divergent data bogging it down, malware and viruses usurping its resources, slowing it down over time until eventually it crashes altogether. It simply can no longer function properly or remotely “normally” if at all. This is much like what we are doing to the mind in this modern digital ‘Information Age.’ And in our denial and ignorance, nowadays all but welcoming constant mental distraction through technology and gadgets, and by our conscious justifications and decisions to ignore and remain oblivious to our worsening condition – or, our lack of mindfulness, our blinding lack of Awareness – we still seem far more concerned about things like global warming and polluting the planet than we are about the chronic increasing toxicity polluting our minds.

All the while, ego sits on its usurped thrown holding the mind hostage, or in many cases having been all but handed full control of our minds, as well as ownership and copyrights over the script of the “human experience.” It certainly is not hard to see the countless ways ego is actively playing out and being reflected in the physical world, with its “elites” and dark, shadowy “deep states,” the accelerating levels of corruption and greed that become increasingly more blatant and overt, clearly manufactured, manipulative fake news and similarly fake, contrived events, utterly ineffective justice systems, political representatives unwilling or incapable of representing the interests or the will of the people (whom supposedly elect them), uninvited foreign occupations, incursions and hostile interventions, apartheid states and extreme identity politics, to name only a handful. On so many levels the world appears to be on the brink, because we, or, our minds, are on the brink.

We appear to stand at the precipice of what some would call “enlightenment,” the brink of salvation. The ego cannot stand the idea of us choosing Love, choosing the path of salvation, over it. The ego has been offering us its own version of salvation all along, and this physical experience is it… salvation from God; from divine Unity. Separation and hell may be its upside-down idea of salvation, but is it yours? The ego is viciously fighting to hold onto a power it never actually possessed, while we stand at this precipice with a choice that only seems to exist, only because we really seem to be here in the ego’s dreamworld. This choice does not exist in Reality.

Nevertheless, what is not spiritual in nature is the ego’s world. The ego will fight to keep it ‘real’ in the mind, and needing a host, will fight to keep us in it. And so now at this precipice of salvation, the ego needs us to willfully choose it; it needs for us to choose to remain in an illusory state of separation and serfdom to it in order for the ego and its world to continue to appear to exist. To mentally resist or fight against the ego, however, serves only to make it seem bigger, stronger and more real to the mind, being part of the ingenious defensive complex and mechanisms it has made up to maintain its grip. Investing the powers of attention and belief in the idea of an enemy empowers the enemy; this is a law of mind. Thus forgiveness, seeing beyond the illusion – seeing the false as false without judging it – is the solution. This authentic form of forgiveness (to be covered more later) is walking the path of salvation.

The Frame Is Unchanging, but the Picture Is Getting Darker

The truth is, under the influence of a seductive, manipulative, conniving and sometimes blatantly tyrannous ego, we spend this personalized, privatized, mind-made or mimicked version of Life inundating the mind with meaningless concepts because it serves the ego’s hidden purpose to do so. It keeps our Awareness distracted, divided and subdivided, keeping our mental faculties buried either in minutia and mediocrity or in fantasy and illusion, all to keep us oblivious to who and what we really are as spiritual beings – as a beloved extension of God – because that is the only way ego can seem to exist in God’s Creation; or, in Reality.

The mere fact that we appear ‘here’ is evidence of our willingness to experience pain.

Loveless-ness, isolation, separation, specialness, duality, pain, special love, special hate, all the fear such things produce by nature of their source… none of it has any place in a Reality of limitless, infinite Love. And because Love is Oneness, Unity, Wholeness, all-inclusive and boundless, an ego, all its imagined thoughts and all their imagined effects, its fantasy universe based in separation and duality, all had to be dreamed up and kept private and separate in the imagination in order to have a place for it to seem to exist.

In the imagination the ego can at least appear to be real with its impossible thoughts and ideas of separation, its human idea and supporting concepts, with duality and multiplicity enabling countless variations on the human ‘being’ seem possible; its vast multitude of personas and character attributes, as well as the entirety of a progressively complex, duality-based physical universe.

With the imagination being a mental realm, or ‘part’ of Consciousness, one of undifferentiated or potential thought energy (meaning yet to be formed by the mind), it also must produce an effect, having a reflection in form. Imagination’s reflection, then, being directly parallel and thus a symbolic re-presentation of the imagination, is the quantum field – undifferentiated, potential form energy. The two are mirror reflections of each other – imagination and the unified quantum field.

Recall back a bit where we talked about how complexity is a core attribute and tool of the ego. The ego thought system makes use of both complex levels and levels of complexity to confound the mind and keep it confounded (also occupied and bogged down) whenever it serves the ego to do so. If you think of the mind as something like a power plant, its resources or strength can somewhat be controlled in this way, something like background noise. Our attention can be on some primary task or thing, but simultaneously, regardless of a primary focus, several other things may be occupying “parts” of our attention also at any given time. When you’re reading for example, and in the background the mind is also churning on something else, likely affecting reading comprehension to some degree depending on the level of distraction(s). If you think about it, the mind is constantly being pulled in multiple directions at once. The ego very cleverly uses that to maintain a persistent state of distraction (one reason meditation can be such a helpful practice). Also noteworthy is that the mind never sleeps. Our sleeping or dream states are still highly active periods for the mind.

Along the lines of the ego’s use of both complexity and distraction, then, just consider the effects of this. There was a study published online back in about the 2010 time frame that claimed and rationally supported the claim that the average person back then was exposed, on a daily basis, to about the same amount of information/data that people 100 years prior were exposed to in a whole year; and another article comparing our exposure in a modern day to what a 15th century person was exposed to in an entire life time.† This was just following the decade mobile or ‘cellular’ phones had exploded onto the global scene; about the time they had evolved to be reintroduced and re-marketed as “smartphones,” or essentially, hand-held computers. The “power plant” of the mind is being so inundated today with information, the vast majority of which amounts to trivia or valueless exabytes(?) of data. How can there be any wonder that our minds are no longer coping so well, given exponentially increasing data overloads? Are depression, anxiety, chronic stress, even suicidal thoughts not really a rational response to this modern world we’ve made for ourselves?

Pushing the envelope ever-onward, less than a decade later our phones and other connected devices and gadgets are today considered ‘cybernetic extensions’ of the human being by technocrats and trends-setters of the world. We’ve all been around long enough to see some benefits, certainly with access to research information, but also many of which are limited and related more to temporary stress release or on-demand ‘dopamine hits’ through gaming and other fun-based apps. But we also cannot deny the Orwellian world now firmly established and rapidly expanding all around us – the surveillance state that has arisen as a direct result of the tech boom over just these last few decades; all in a relatively very short period of time.

With the rise, expanse and massive propagation of the Internet, of personal computers, smartphones and more recently the explosion of the “Internet-of-Things,” adding its plethora of digital devices and gadgets for the home, for cars and for smart-cities, etc. – with back-doors designed and hardwired into most if not all of these devices by corporate and government entities we blindly trusted our ‘personal’ lives over to, as well as the now well-known “Vault 7” public leaking of government intelligence agency spyware and malware tools used to gain similar access to cameras and microphones in our phones, TVs and other connected home devices – and well… we’ve really stepped in it this time. And it’s clear there is no turning back. Technology isn’t going away and no one is breaking up monopolies anymore, nor is anyone in government looking to protect the people from these infringements and violations. On the contrary, the bills that get easily passed in congresses and parliaments around the world these days, often free of even any debate from either ‘side’ and no opposition, are those bills and laws taking more and more rights away from the people.

There’s no slowing down the exponential acceleration of technology either. Nor will there be any re-closing of the Pandora’s Box that, having been opened as a result of 9/11, has paved the way to an advancing global surveillance/police state. Surely you’ve noticed the cameras popping up all over your cities and towns. Those aren’t traffic cams. And nobody asked you if you think they’re necessary. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being given access to, and control over, all personal data gathered through online and offline activities (including what you buy, when and why, etc). At a minimum, it already is being used to censor that which, up to only just recently, was considered free speech, wholly protected by the Constitution of the United States of America, for one. AI won’t care one iota about national constitutions, nor about We the People, or our true best interests. AI will serve the goals of its makers and masters, those with the power, influence and money to fund AI. And it will inherit their values. That cannot end well, not even for its masters.

If we take a few steps back and really look at the idea of a surveillance state, and AI in general, from the perspective of an Awareness of ego and of its methods, all of this is a very clear reflection of the very same way the ego encroaches on the mind eventually to take over, occupy and control its ‘host’ – you and me. This is that same script of separation, splitting, dividing and subdividing, pitting opposites against each other, manipulating to consolidate power and seize control, only rather than being on an individual level, what we’re seeing play out in the world is the ego cookie-cutter script operating on a societal or even civilization level. This is an extraordinary time to be ‘here’ to see this, so that we all, as one, can see the corruption, greed, vanity, narcissism and insanity of the ego playing out on a grand scale (with all the actors faithfully playing out their parts).

It would seem, perhaps at sometime in the early days of the 21st century, we blew right past any lines that better judgment might have drawn in the sand, where surely it would have been wiser and far more prudent to at least to pause long enough to humbly ask ourselves, “Is all this tech really serving us (us as in ‘We the People,’ all of us, not just the few, or ‘the 1%’), or is it just serving them; the characters playing the parts of the ego’s henchmen. Have not we all just sort of stood by since then, watching them consolidate and take control, moving the world’s resources and wealth over to the already wealthy; concentrating more power to those already having had the power enough to direct us here to this precipice in the first place? And going back through all human history, has not this world really always been on this very trajectory, in one form or another? Have we really ‘progressed’ at all then… really? Has our alleged ‘progress’ really made us into any better iterations of ‘human beings,’ never mind the fact that, over all this time, we’ve only been distracted further and further away from our divine Origin and Source; further way from the Awareness that, first and foremost, we are spiritual beings? Has it led, even remotely, to a more peaceful civilization for humanity?

Mediocrity for the Masses

It seems as though we’re fast approaching a state of mind and being where there’s just no room left in the conceptualized human mind for any more useless, meaningless information, no more baseless worldly concepts, no more interest in conjured-up, meaningless, purposeless goals and
no more tolerance for “fake news.” People don’t want any more lies and deceptions that we once were willing to tell ourselves and buy into just to keep the illusion going. Motivation to get up in the morning to do the “daily grind” at the high cost of peace and happiness is no longer working for people.

Seattle is Dying – KOMO News, Eric Johnson

We’re having to augment nearly everything in our daily lives, including our own bodies, to find reasons just to get up in the morning to do the ego’s version of ‘life.’ Big cities in the US –- Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles Baltimore to name a few – are becoming overrun with homelessness. City officials believe its rooted in addiction, and it is in part. But addiction, too, is a symptom – a symptom of the hopelessness these people are attempting to deal with over a system that is rapidly breaking down and decaying… a.k.a.entropy. The majority of us feel it, we just act out and numb our hopelessness in the system in other ways than becoming homeless.

Transhumanism“” (a.k.a. “Humanity Plus”) is very near on the horizon and that is primarily because the rich and powerful, already having had every thing a physical world can offer, all the illusory, transitory forms of contentment and fleeting pleasures the ego uses to seduce people with, are now grasping at straws for something, anything, of any true value – they’re looking for a reason or purpose to go forward (as if loveless technology has ever provided an answer). They seem willing to look to ANYTHING but Truth, even to the point of trying to replicate the eternal nature of our spiritual Life by extending human life. And if they can’t do it with the human body as it is, they’ll modify the body to make it happen.

Willingly binding themselves to this world, they allow only physical or magic, make-believe solutions in their to attempt to satisfy their incessant need and drive for “more.” Anything but Truth; anything but salvation and the restoration of our true Identity; anything but the ONE thing that will genuinely heal the human mind (cause) and thus heal the world (effect); the one thing that will end the whole ego charade. People believing and trusting only in the ego’s answers will pursue anything but Truth, even to the end of time (literally), at least those who insist on following the ego as their guide. “Seek and do not find” – that is the mantra for humanity hiding at the core of the ego thought system.

The ego’s seductions and lies and empty promises, it would seem, have lost their luster for a lot of us. The human experience, even when we do muster up and manifest pleasurable experiences, remains fundamentally mediocre at best next to authentic peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment. The thing is, to those observant ones not wholly caught up in the illusion, to those who feel and welcome our deeper spiritual Truth, even if only a little inkling of It, the human experience has always been just that, mediocre; or we could say neutral at best… ‘and then you die.’ Their joy never came from the world but from a connection within themselves, a naturally, endless joy which they go on to freely share with the world, expanding it by sharing it.

In these people, there was always an Awareness, no matter how faint or quiet, that our spiritual Truth, our spiritual Identity, even if wholly undefinable, was something far, far greater than anything this world of form could possibly offer; certainly nothing technology or simply living longer as a human being could ever become a worthy substitute for. For these folks, the thought of changing humanity into something else or extending human life as the wealthy and powerful ‘technocrats’ are working toward has no value. In fact, depending on the extent, such an idea might even rather be perceived as a form of hell. There is no fear of death in these ones. It is meaningless, because the thought of Life eternal is truer and far more powerful within them.

The buzz of the human experience has all but worn off after countless generations riding the ego’s human hamster wheel. Rational people are genuinely questioning the idea of bringing kids into this world (never mind that autism rates are expected to reach 1 in 2 children born by 2025). Whether we are guided primarily by ego or by Love, we all together seem to be standing at the same fork in the road of humanity. Spicing things up, in spite of the sad state of human affairs, especially the blatant undermining of the middle class and governments all but outright attacking civil rights across the board, the rich and ‘powerful elites’ are looking both to reset the world geo-politically and economically, and to upgrade the individual human being (surely limited just to those on their special lists) through technology.

Transhumanism is described in Wikipedia as “an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.” They intend to upgrade being human by genetically and technologically enhancing human bodies and connecting human brains to computers, aiming to genetically, digitally and mechanically enhance the human body and what thus far has remained the ever-elusive human mind, as well as to increase the human lifespan, potentially indefinitely. For the vast majority of us, this all begs the question, “Who in their right mind would want such a thing – to exist anchored to a body, most likely a genetically and/or cybernetically enhanced one at that based on the direction(s) they seem to be pursuing; living as some form of cyborg… potentially indefinitely?”

Who would desire a modified version of human life in such ways, especially given the authoritarian, dystopian, surveillance-state world these elite ones seem to be driving the world toward? Recall for a moment that, while the ego is ingenious, it also is wholly insane. Based on the escalating chaos and authoritarianism we’re seeing globally today and the rather dystopian direction the world seems to be heading, where everyday people seem too distracted, too numb or too apathetic to unite, rise up and do anything to substantially alter the world’s present course, hopelessness and insanity seem to be the more likely outcome rather than some new happy, extended “hybrid” transhumanist life on a happy, peaceful planet earth. It’s all just a continuation of the ego’s vain attempt to control and further delay salvation.

Is it clear, also, that the world these people seem to be driving us all towards is not intended for the greater whole of humanity, with a present global population nearing 8 billion. So, the plan for the ‘next-generation’ human being does not appear to be intended for all of humanity, at least not as it has manifest itself to this point in time. It seems they will be wanting only either willing participants – only those openly, consciously willing to abandon any connection to the idea or memory of our being naturally spiritual and as such, naturally the extension of God. Instead, they would have us choose to sever that connection and follow only the ego, and in a form they choose to worship and offer us as a substitute ‘god,’ likely some form of AI (or this link, or this). Interestingly enough, according to official intelligence community data, the population of the world, or at least of the west, is projected to drop dramatically by 2025.

From a higher perspective of the modern human experience, it’s not irrational that people everywhere are beginning to question just how all this can end well for humanity – our over-exposure to limitless and fundamentally valueless information; the endless train of seemingly important, yet utterly trivial choices we put upon ourselves; unprecedented global political corruption, subversion and scandal; the fruitless attempt to discern ‘real’ news from ‘fake’ news; the addiction to “reality” TV and what amounts to nothing more than celebrity gossip, just to name a few. Some people argue that all this exposure to data in this digital information age has made us more productive; that it has enhanced human productivity. Yeah? Exactly to what end? Is a goal of more mindless, directionless “progress” for the sake of progress alone, a worthy goal? Is any of it worth the loss of our Identity; losing connection to our true Self? And are we not then just making ourselves into human doings, performing tasks that fundamentally serve only the ego, having no state of mind left in which simply to enjoy being? Our aggressive, competitive drive for more has brought with it a corresponding, just-as-aggressive rise in the rate of decay and entropy of the human condition.

The advancing rate of corruption and decay of human society is in plain view today, for example, in the global online clamp-down on free speech; the blatantly tyrannous leaps being taken by those given the power and means to control the nature and flow of information, as well as controlling what is handed down to the people as the “official” narrative, far too often full of holes, sometimes gaping holes, that make no logical or rational sense to a discerning mind. This, of course, only serves to perpetuate conspiracy theories. With a modern mainstream media all but devoid of investigative journalism (in part because it’s not safe anymore to investigate), independent, critical thinking people are no longer allowed space, online or elsewhere, to question official narratives or produce evidence supporting their reason for questioning, no matter how blatant the holes may be in official narrative. If they do, they soon find themselves, their pages, their channels, either blocked or shadow-banned, hidden in some back alley in the Internet, or shut down altogether.

Control of the narrative is happening so heavily today at the level of the mainstream media (to the point where frequently the term “presstitutes” has become popular in alternative media) to where now nearly all mainstream news is either bias viewpoints or propaganda. Blocking, hiding and filtering of contradictory facts and content is persistent and dramatically increasing online. It’s happening on YouTube and social sites like Facebook and it’s happening on Google, whose search algorithms have been changed and made to no longer even show a page’s content or channel if the system’s AI judges it as going against the grain of the established, acceptable or official narrative (reflective of the “thought police” in George Orwell’s 1984). This form of censorship becomes more blatant the more popular a person’s page or channel becomes.

The alternative media sites, some of them highly professional and well-staffed with actual investigative journalists, tend to grow quickly in popularity because the general public also sees the holes and discrepancies in official narratives being pushed on the public (it can be hard not to see the holes these days) and so viewers are naturally drawn to these independent sites. Following in Google’s footsteps, YouTube is being blamed for Alphabet Inc.’s (parent corporation of both Google and YouTube) having to take a $70B loss in ad revenue primarily due to its algorithm changes dramatically impacting viewership on the platform. YouTube today is elevating mainstream media videos to the top of searches that people do not come to YouTube to see, while hiding alternative media news sites and videos from view, where all their money was being made. Try most any video search on YouTube and you’ll see the top listings now consistently dominated by mainstream media videos – example: trump syria pullout.

In addition to clamping down on free speech and controlling narratives, there is also the blatant attack on personal privacy and the increasing dissolution of individual human rights and freedoms. For example, the populations in many cities today either have seen or are seeing (if they’re paying attention) traffic cameras popping up on nearly all the traffic light poles on their main roads. These aren’t red-light catchers, but 24-hour surveillance cameras, solely for the purpose of keeping eyes on the public. As per most national constitutions, governments are supposed to be set up and financed to serve the people they govern, not to monitor them. These types of surveillance are about control and corruption of power under the guise of security. If a city is overloaded with crime, that is one thing. When these cameras are showing up everywhere in peaceful cities its clearly not really about security.

Populations around the globe, even (or, especially) in nations that boast of being bastions of freedom and democracy, are today finding themselves suppressed to a point where they no longer have the freedom to freely, openly express concerns about their governments, about corporate responsibility, about foreign influence on their governments, about religious or ideological issues and/or institutions without being branded anti-this, anti-that, or a purveyor of “hate speech.” It’s just another form of oppression, shutting down people’s ability to express themselves, even if we don’t all want to hear what they have to say. The room for discussion and debate has eroded to the point of being taken completely away, squashing any chance the people have to resist oppressive agendas or plans that are on the horizon. The people no longer have a voice.

However illusory all these concepts of ‘personal privacy,’ ‘individuality’ and ‘my rights’ may ultimately be, given that they are all part of the ego’s dream, suppression, the limiting of freedom, always reflects one thing the tightening of control by a frightened, obsessive, tyrannical ego. Symbols and reflections of that need for control is what people are witnessing as it plays out on a grand scale in the world. What appears different in these times, however, is that perhaps for the first time in human history, the ego is coming out of the closet. It no longer seems to care that it is blatantly exposing itself to be seen for what it is. In its arrogance and narcissism, it must presently believe that there is no longer enough Light, not enough Awareness left in us, or willingness to choose Awareness, to do anything about its oppression and tyranny.

The ego imagines it has advanced to a point where we have all but surrendered, having succumbed to its thought system. This is revealing for us as well, in that it is clearly do-or-die time for the ego. And looking at the world as its reflection, we can be sure it has no intention whatsoever of letting up on its grip of control or dominion over this world… its world. We would be wise then to expect the ego to use whatever twisted tools, dirty tactics and malicious methods it has in its arsenal of mental devices, including abusing and over-stimulating the human addiction to drama, conflict and “reality TV” by putting on display a political farce, starring hand-picked WWE-like political characters bombastically going at each other in TV and in the media. The ego is playing its trump card, a rather wild push to dramatically up its game.

Based on today’s erratic, irrational and often extreme examples, ego reflections, that we can all clearly observe playing out in the world, it would certainly appear the ego is pulling out all the stops. It all makes for quite a bizarre show, does it not?! The world, for so many, looks and feels like it’s going completely mad. More accurately though, its inherent, chronic insanity – having been there all along, just deeply buried and hidden – is only just now finally coming up to the surface, raw and unfiltered. From a spiritual standpoint, it’s all coming up for inevitable healing; everything is being exposed – “the emperor has no clothes.” From an ego standpoint, both the gloves and the masks are coming off and its preparing for the fight of its (illusory) life.

Now is the perfect time to be looking deeply into the thought of Salvation.

In the Beginning, God Created

Enhanced Longevity by 2030 – Ray Kurzweil, Google Futurist

We’ve not only arrived at a precipice in these time, but it would also seem that we’ve hit an impasse; a crisis of Identity. Who or what but the ego would want to extend this charade indefinitely? Only one who doesn’t know or remember oneself as naturally spiritual would not want, or would fear, Life in spiritual form, or simply, Life as Spirit, which already is eternal and is only eternal. Bliss, Nirvana, Heaven – we have no words capable of expressing, describing or symbolizing such a beautiful state of truly Living. But then again, of course the ego would want to extend the physical experience indefinitely! After all, the ego is the source and maker of the physical experience; the dream-maker of the dream. It is only here in space and time, here in its dreamworld, that the ego can seem to have an existence; only in an imaginary state of mind, in a world projected as form onto a quantum screen hosting all form, limited to the realm of imagination.

Are we willing to really look at that and accept it for what it is, having convinced ourselves for countless generations, countless cycles and recycles of humanity, that this physical universe and world are here either by shear stroke of cosmic luck, or by genius, believing that it’s all God’s handiwork? In this belief, too, we have been mistaken. It turns out that choosing to believe either of these ideologies is misguided. We see tragedy in our world and many people cry out, “How could God let something like this happen?!” Many of us use human tragedy as evidence that God must not exist, or that our Creator just doesn’t really care, or they somehow twist human suffering as somehow being part of “God’s infinite wisdom,” or they use it to justify that “God’s wrath” should be feared; thus God must be human-like in the sense of being vengeful, spiteful, condemning and controlling and not a just, graceful or loving Creator at all.

All the while, God, pure Awareness, Aware only of Knowledge, Truth and Reality, is omni-present in Reality (not in illusion) and is thus Home in perfect Peace – the “Peace of God,” the “Kingdom of Heaven” – having no Awareness whatsoever of what we, in the little darkened realms of our contrived, believed and perceived, private, personal,’ thus closed off and limited imaginations, have made up. What could God possibly know of what we hide from God; what we choose to imagine; what we are choosing to invest belief in; what we are experiencing; or what we seem to be doing to ourselves, having re-imagined and remade ourselves completely unlike what God created us to be? What could our spiritual Creator know of the strange, alien concept of a physical or human being? After all, by our own choosing and making, we have kept all of it apart from God in our individual, ‘private’ thoughts. We have attempted to keep God separate, apart and away from us, or denied God altogether, believing, perceiving and willing ourselves to be separate, independent and on our own. And the mind responds, as it must, with illusion, being all it can respond to our wishes with, having been given such an alien, irrational, fantasy of a request.

Technically, really, we also remain at ‘Home’ with God, only we dream of exile. Granted, it was ultimately the Mind of God and Its raw creative powers that enabled this world to become any form of form at all. However, it was we who misuse(d) Mind, unguided, misguided, uninspired, ‘secretly’ and all on our own, to conjure up and sustain our fantasy of an individuated, autonomous experience in some form of physical dreamworld, within the private little domains we, under the influence of ego, conjure up and futilely try to keep hidden somewhere in Divine Mind, away from God; away from Love.

Good, bad or indifferent, just exactly as God Love’s the totality of Creation, we too love what we’ve made. And no matter how it hurts us, or how much it hurts us, no matter how dysfunctional our relationship with ‘our’ world becomes, we refuse to let it go; even though we know, deep down, that it is not Reality. We intuitively know, and can remember too when we want to, that our Reality is eternal, that it is limitless and it is spiritual in nature. That is our Truth and everything not that is not Truth; it is illusion. The world we’ve made-up apart from God is an illusion.

Whether we’re ready and willing or not to accept any or all of this, either way it’s time we stop abusing and polluting the mind. If we choose to continue on this path, the polar extremes and resulting consequences could become significantly more harsh based on the ‘celestial speedup’ we seem to all be sensing and experiencing. So, rather than relying on an archaic and near infinitely complex belief system – a human indoctrination program rooted in an entirely imagined ‘as-we’ve-all-been-led-to-believe’ history of humanity – let us put all that aside, if only just for the time being. Let us choose, instead, to welcome the return and restoration of simple Awareness; authentic, present, spiritual Self-Awareness. Referred to sometimes as simply ‘presence,’ Awareness needs no past, no beliefs and no history or backstory. In fact, it needs no-thing; it lacks nothing. Awareness is simple, natural and all-encompassing; it is our access to and experience of oneness, having no opposite. The only thing close to an opposite to Awareness is the ‘absence’ of Awareness, which in Reality is a wholly illusory state. After all, our Awareness cannot be present and we, our Self, be absent at the same time.

“Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true, and nothing else is true.” 6

Seeing the False as False

In order for for us to really put a stop, once and for all, to polluting our minds with the corrosive, toxic, “stinkin’ thinkin’” that has plagued humanity from our initial thoughts of separation onward, all that is false, imagined and meaningless – all of our illusory thoughts, ideas and beliefs – must be recognized and acknowledged for what they are: valueless, as well as potentially harmful from a cause/effect perspective. This requires love-based discernment and not ego-based judgment, which is rooted in duality and comparison. This re-evaluation requires that we go beyond physical senses, beyond perception that relies on the body’s eyes, to looking on the world in and with Spirit, with true, spiritual sight and insight, or Vision, illuminated by the Light of Awareness.

True Seeing, or Vision, being spiritual in nature, has nothing to do with the body’s eyes.

Seeing, identifying and discerning Truth directly in a universe dominated by illusion and duality, a universe of relative truths that have nothing whatsoever to do with actual spiritual Truth, a world fundamentally made to deceive us and hide Truth from us, is both wishful thinking and elusive at best. Choosing to dream, we cannot see or discern Truth directly, because to believe and perceive ourselves ‘here’ we already have fundamentally denied Truth. However we can, through willingness, vigilance and Vision, change our minds and adapt our view to that of seeing the false as false. Seeing the false as false is the foundation for true forgiveness because it reveals all the flaws in the Matrix, so to speak, without judging them, which only makes them seem more real. These flaws are the previously unseen holes in the ego’s narratives that it and our physical senses would distract and delude us into overlooking altogether. We don’t focus on the false, nor on error, but now, rightly discerning and identifying illusions as illusory, we can see beyond them, clearly filtering out what is not Truth, to ultimately recognize that which is Truth. Seeing the false as false reveals the Truth behind all our illusions.

If we look closely at forgiveness as the world teaches it, or as people generally seem to perceive and use it, related to ‘pardoning’ others for perceived wrongs committed, situational forgiveness if you will, it serves only to reinforce and deepen the ego’s dualistic system and perception of ‘reality.’ It strengthens in the mind the idea and experience that we are all individuated, personified, separate bodies running around committing sins against each other, inflicting harm on each other; with tales of unforgivable crimes being as old as dirt, going all the way back to Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve in the biblical tale. Our worldly form of forgiveness can also be used to make one feel morally superior to an other. There is the innocent one (the victim) and a guilty one (the perpetrator) – classic, cookie-cutter duality – believing the other really committed a sin or shortcoming and holding him or her to it. It makes vengeance, retribution, fear and punishment justifiable, yet withheld out of ‘the goodness of one’s heart,’ all the while serving well the ego’s ultimate motive of supporting and strengthening the victim’s sense of separation from the perpetrator, which adds not one iota to anyone’s peace and joy. On the contrary, it robs all parties involved of these.

Through the wholly practical, spiritual form of true, authentic forgiveness, however, observing, discerning and filtering out what is false, we can begin to reevaluate the entire human experience, only now doing so with Spirit; with Love constantly at our side, as our Guide, looking on the world, on the idea of “human life” and on civilization with honesty, humility and spiritual integrity. We come to no longer desire carrying toxic grievances of any kind, believing no more that people really cause us harm in spite of what perception reports, knowing that we, as spiritual beings, are (1) wholly unaffected by all that we perceive in this drama we call “human life,” and (2) are ultimately cause of what we perceive in the play of the world; that what seems to happen on the quantum screen, including all that seems to happen to the body, is being projected by us, as the ones perceiving it.

Once we begin to practice this authentic form of forgiveness, reconditioning ourselves to seeing the false as false, we open ourselves up to Vision, restoring to the mind our natural ability to see beyond what is false and illusory altogether; beyond all the lies and deceptions and tactics of the ego. Truth is blocked no more. And now, unfiltered, It is free again to shine through bright, steady and crystal clear in the mind. We begin to see without judgment, becoming able again to clearly discern pain or guilt or any sense of lack or loss as simply valueless to our eternal, spiritual Self. We look not to change the world, not to the effect – no longer burning up vast energy resources trying fruitlessly to “rearrange deck chairs on the sinking Titanic,” or processing, digesting and interpreting mountains of meaningless information and data about an illusory world – but now direct our focus and energies at the cause, seeking now to change our minds about the world. This is salvation – it is only from our own illusions that we are saved.

Seeing Beyond Illusions of Progress & Choice

Practicing true forgiveness (which we could consider also as ‘maintaining Awareness of an imagined state of dreaming) – seeing the false as false in order to discern Truth – re-orders the mind from an upside-down state of victimhood and suffering to a right-side-up state of being ultimately cause of all that is perceived; again, without judging either cause or effect. True forgiveness is that powerful and effective. It allows for the restoration of the mind to state of natural, divine order; a state of great peace, freedom and joy. This peaceful, ordered state of mind enables us to see the valueless nature underlying all the trivial thoughts, things and purposes we once upheld and invested in, having misunderstood and drastically underestimated the mind’s raw, but extremely potent power of belief. Forgiveness helps us see that we literally project and make-believe everything now playing” on the three-dimensional quantum screen of the 3-D physical plane, making it all seem very ‘real’ to the mind of the perceiver, at least for a time, with all thoughts and things eventually fading away or falling out of our ‘personal’ perspective of reality. Sometimes that fade-out takes the form of death, other times it’s just a change in form, which is what the world of form doesconstantly; it changes.

Change provides the ego with one of its most useful and persuasive tools of deception to use over us – the illusion of “progress.” We perceive ourselves, humanity, as evolving and progressing to higher states of existence and greater forms of human expression. Yet, other than the world ever-shifting and changing around us, forms shifting and changing and seeming to advance – have we really changed at all? We fantasize about moving toward some imagined, better version of ourselves, perhaps even to some form of Utopian civilization (one we’ve only been dreaming of now for… ever), but more accurately one could just as easily say that we are moving further and further away from what already is perfect and peaceful, endlessly loving and eternally joyful. Only, most of us cannot see any of this because we’re too busy denying who and what we are in Truth.

The only underlying problem we have, literally the only one – which, being solved solves all others – is our investment and belief in the thought of separation from our Source.

Having clearly seen and experienced the power, effects and consequences of misguided, misdirected beliefs, and now having practiced forgiveness enough to start to become more aware of the human condition as a state of dreaming – a form or state of mindlessness, really – we can consciously and rationally begin to divest belief in what is false. We can stop misusing the power of belief, and the mind in general, in such an undisciplined, reckless and self-abusive way. Taking the power of belief out of the hands of the ego, beginning to reclaim the mind itself, not as “mine” but as being Love’s, God’s, is a huge step in restoring authentic Self-Awareness; taking control away from a usurping ego thought system and freely, willingly handing it back over to Spirit, to Love, where it belongs.

What a great many of us never seem to realize or even consider is that the true, underlying ego purpose behind all the seemingly ‘progressive’ change in the human experience and behind having an ever-increasing multitude of trivial choices laid out before us is never really at all about genuine progress. It’s never about choosing a ‘right or wrong’ thing or path, nor is it even about choosing something that is genuinely in our ‘best interests.’ The ego couldn’t care a less about our true best interests. Because the ego, itself, is totally against them. Instead, for the ego – below our preferences, below our conscious desires, our clever plots, plans and goals for eventually attaining some form of security, success, wealth and happiness for ourselves (essentially seeking for salvation in things that are wholly incapable of providing it) – it’s all about keeping the mind occupied and distracted, relentlessly so, which translates to a weakened mind.

Keeping our Awareness tied up and distracted in the minutia of fundamentally illusory physical things like personal preferences, desires, individual plans and goals all serves to divide and subdivide our focus and attention away from spiritual Truth and Knowledge and fixed instead on a never-ending train of trivial things and pointless, fruitless, empty decisions. This is how both change and choice serve the ego. And we buy into it hook, line and sinker.

All that minutia is made to serve the ego’s purpose, which always centers around keeping us perceiving ourselves as separate and apart from our Source, apart from each other, alone in ‘our own’ minds, isolated from Love, guilty as hell for something, dissociated and detached from Life and finally, it serves to ensure we are kept mentally weakened if not altogether impotent. Feeling (but never actually) weak and powerless, being unaware, blind to or in denial of Spiritual Help, instead depressed and isolated, we then grovel to the ego for answers, for its guidance and direction to help us feel better physically and emotionally, if only temporarily, only to become evermore entrenched in its “self-reliant, self-sufficient ” thought system of deception and manipulation.

Just as Spirit, or Love, would use everything in our experience to help us awaken from our self-imposed dream of exile and human suffering, the ego uses it all to keep our minds in chains, investing belief in its illusions in order to better serve the ego, ultimately all to keep its grand illusion in place. That is the ego’s underlying purpose behind all the little purposes we perceive ourselves assigning to things we see and think and do, believing we’re actually just human beings living the human experience; even simple things like shopping for toothpaste. We think we’re just choosing a toothpaste, but really, underneath the ‘doing’ we’re taking yet another of countless mental steps, each cleverly designed and intended to keep the mind invested in and dreaming the dream of separation and specialness; of being disconnected and apart from our Source, keeping us chained to physical form and the ego’s hamster wheel of the “human condition,” fixed and set in time and space.

“What I have chosen to see has cost me vision.” 7

Life is so much simpler when we choose to see with Vision and allow ourselves to be guided by It, by Love, going beyond what the body’s eyes and other senses report back to the mind about the physical world; beyond the limits and filters of perception. Then we can rightly discern that, in Truth, there is and always has been just one choice before us – and that one choice, very simply, is only between illusion and Truth. All choices really boil down to that one – “Do I desire Truth or illusion in this moment.” The question is whether we are making it having already fully bought into the illusion, perceiving ourselves as a false, mind-made persona that seems to be making countless ‘real’ worldly choices, or, are we making this one choice in full Awareness of our true spiritual Self? If the latter, our choices will be made from a much higher altitude, so to speak, far above the fray and mental noise of the 3-D physical world, and will be based on value to our true Self, serving Awareness in some way rather than temporarily pleasing an ego version of ourselves. The result of this choice either strengthens the ego’s illusions, and subsequently its grip on us, or it frees us that much more from both.

Here, too, is where reason and discernment quietly and confidently enter in to inform us, very gentle-like but also strong and clear, that even this only seems to be a choice, of course… because any choice between illusion and Truth is no real choice at all. And this fundamental Truth simplifies absolutely everything… immensely so.

It is not true even in this world, that when light, darkness and all variations of dimness in the spectrum ‘between’ light and dark are brought together – what remains? Only the light! Only light remains; only that which is real and true remains. Even in the world of duality, multiplicity and illusion, Truth is revealed when we commit ourselves to looking for It without compromise. Truth is Light, and Truth and Light, just like Awareness, cannot be absent – not in Reality. And Truth seen cannot be denied. However, it can be ignored; and, it can willingly be blocked out by our choosing perception (illusion) over Vision (Truth) as our guide. In reversing or undoing that choice, what to be guided by, we can again see the Light, or not.

God’s unified, omnipresent, ubiquitous Reality exists eternally, beyond all the errors and distortions of perception, beyond the false and beyond the dualistic ‘reality’ we have made as Its substitute, in our vain attempt to imagine an alternative to God’s Reality. Light and dark are not opposites in Reality. Only in illusion, only in duality, is darkness even a ‘thing;’ seeming to exist only as perceivable, only through imaginary senses; through the filters of perception we conceived of under the influence of ego. To Vision – to Love, to Awareness, Spirit, Truth, etc. – darkness is no-thing.

Perception’s Deception

Perception – a way of experiencing life perceived, filtered though physical senses and (re)interpreted by an ego-hijacked, or at a minimum, ego-influenced, mind – was made for a purpose. That purpose is to deceive us. After all, who would prefer to sense Life, oneself and one’s world, when it is given him or her to recognize and Know all things and all that is; to Know all things as being one and connected with the One observing? Among the other senses we employ, for example, seeing through the body’s eyes is our version (technically the ego’s version) for seeing. It is our vain attempt to define what seeing is; and in this we are quite mistaken. True Seeing, or what is often referred to in this series as Vision, being spiritual in nature, has nothing at all to do with the body’s eyes.

Vision sees the unified field beyond all form(s).

Perception was first an idea or concept and then became a process made up in and by the ego thought system to convince our minds of a ‘truth’ to levels; levels of mind, levels of reality (Reality being One, having no levels, is referred to in the Bible as the “Kingdom of Heaven”). Perception was made to provide the mind with a believable sense of reality, one that is perceived rather than known one that, for example, appears to show us a solid, concrete, ‘real’ 3-D physical world, an atomic or quantum-based world, which Knowledge re-minds us is neither real, nor solid at all. We know that the natural state of sub-atomic particles is formless beyond having a potential to seem to become form when observed; when perceived.

Ultimately, it is as simple (and magic- or make-believe-based) as this: when I desire it, I project it, and, investing attention and belief in it, I come to perceive it and go on willingly, happily to accept it as “my reality,” having desired it in the first place. Cleverly employing the ego’s imagined levels of mind – much of this occurs below the level of what we consider our conscious state. And all this happens with me conveniently having suppressed or forgotten a critical piece: that as the observer, the perceiver, the believer… I am its cause.

For perception to work in convincing and deceiving us, it must rely heavily on duality. It needs contrast perceived between all the things duality splits into differences and polar opposites. Perception and duality go hand-in-hand. Perception also relies heavily on judgment and evaluation, both induced by the divisive nature of duality, such that all its contrasting, perceivable things can then be held apart and categorized in the mind separate and distinct from each other by comparison, rating and evaluating every thing against everything else; some things as this, others as that, some good, others bad, some as valuable, others not.

These primary devices of the ego – perception, judgment, evaluation, contrast and comparison– all serve to make both separation and physical form seem very real to the mind; they serve to keep the mind in a form of a mental maze or labyrinth, distracted, confused, enmeshed and mystified in what essentially amounts to mediocrity. All the while Heaven and the grandeur of the Spirit that we are in Truth awaits only our Awareness. All of these ego devices can be, however, and are always being re-purposed to serve Love in helping to bring the error of separation, perception and duality to the surface of our Awareness so that we can finally be freed from our deluded ego thought system and awakened from our dream of self-exile. As we’ve already touched on and surely will again, perception’s real purpose is to distract and fill the mind with an unending train of thoughts of separation, contrast, complexity and an endless diversity, of myriad ‘things’ to seem to have to choose between, all serving to keep our Awareness occupied so as to not remember our Self and not recognize the false nature of duality or, ultimately, of the ego itself.

ego's labyrinth

Vision, or what we could call unified or healed perception, on the other hand – spiritual sight, true sight – sees only unity, connection and oneness. Vision sees the unified field beyond all form(s). Thus, Vision grants us with a natural ability to practice forgiveness in this world; or again, to see the false as false. Vision does not make perception’s error of assigning equal reality to polar opposites; to darkness, for example, elevating it to the same reality as light, misleading the perceiver to invest equal belief in darkness as being real. While perception sees the duality and assigns equal reality to both dark and light, Vision overlooks darkness, forgiving it altogether as a false or imaginary state, a mistake of perception, a misunderstanding; recognizing it simply as part of the ego’s grand delusion of duality. Darkness is properly discerned as a perceived absence of light – the absence of essentially that which cannot, in Truth, be absent; thus, making it clearly an illusion.

A brief example of this – how, even in this physical universe, light (as we imagine and perceive it here in form) is often present even when the body’s eyes cannot see it – is found in the ‘blackness’ of space. The eyes (as perception’s primary sensory device) are made to see the sun as something like a giant fireball of light surrounded by the blackest blackness of space. They see the full moon similarly as a light in the dark sky. Yet we know the moon is simply reflecting the light that is ever-present and constantly beaming, extending outwardly without limit in all directions from our sun. The eyes see only blackness between the sun and moon and in the great expanse of space. And just like the moon, the daylight that our eyes see here from the sun is what the earth’s atmosphere is reflecting. Yet all the space between the earth and the sun is filled with light, as the moon’s reflection of the sun reveals. Science may try to convince us that light energy diminishes with distance, yet the moon itself demonstrates for us that just because we do not see light between it and the sun does not mean light is not present; it means only that we do not have the eyes, the means, to see it. And all the stars or other suns in the universe similarly fill the void of space with there limitless light, as they have throughout all time.

The darkness of space is then completely an illusion; the eyes are merely blind to the prevailing light. Or, more accurately we could say the ego-hijacked mind uses the eyes to filter out and hide light from our Awareness. And here again, light and Truth are the same. Through the ego lens, we cannot look directly into either light or Truth and ‘see’ them using the body’s eyes, even if they are right in front of us. We can, however, see their reflection and their effects everywhere. We need only the desire and determination to look; we need only desire the Vision to see.

To See, or Not to See

Some readers, having made it this far into this admittedly extensive introduction, may be wondering something to the effect of, “Why go on so much about duality and perception if these are simply the way of the world; if they’re inevitable and inescapable. Why not just accept and enjoy it, ‘at least while we’re here’ (or… at least, seem to be here)? Why it is important to understand, value and be aware of ‘oneness,’ or non-duality?”

The answer is this: because with all the thought of oneness raised to the surface of our minds comes the opportunity to choose again, right now,
between Truth and illusion; this time however, with full Awareness – the same ancient choice we’ve been mindlessly making, but choosing illusion literally for as long as memory has been a thing. And with full, pure Awareness being our natural, self-less state, wholly absent of ego, it is given us to permanently restore Truth – the Light – to our minds. When our minds are filled with Light (true, simple, natural enlightenment… salvation from a worldly perspective), there is nowhere for the darkness of ego to exist, nowhere for it to hide and nowhere to re-root itself in the mind.

With oneness comes Truth and with Truth comes liberation – salvation of the mind. Choosing Truth, a wonderful, even blissful and deeply satisfying natural divine order emerges in the mind, in time becoming our persistent state of mind and presence. With this fresh, new (yet timeless, ageless) sense of an ‘ordered’ mind comes an enduring, unshakable peace, a relaxed, utterly fulfilling serenity, unending joy and a deep, authentic, unconditional devotionLove – to and from the Unity and Source from which we all came to be. This exquisitely peaceful, easy, calm and delightful sense of order gently flows in to replace years, seeming lifetimes, of accumulated fear and anxiety, depression, stress, chaos, disorder, sickness and conflict in what has long been our misused and abused minds.

Truth, oneness, brings the deliverance we’d always sought all our lives, even when we didn’t realize we were seeking it, or were just chasing after it in meaningless, illusory things and other forms. Having once made up an alternative to Reality, we now can choose again, ultimately, to see, or not. We can choose how we wish to look on the world going forward; how we would look on each other and on ourselves – through a darkened, distorted lens of duality and division (i.e. keep choosing illusion), or through the light and clarity of unity and oneness (i.e. the one and only real choice – Truth).

Invaluable also to the question of why it’s important to see and come to fully understand the nature of oneness is because its understanding naturally illuminates a simple, clear pathway Home through the otherwise extremely complex and confusing, deep, dark, dense maze of what has progressed in and through time to become, today, an admittedly ingenious, yet wholly insane ego thought system; a mental monstrosity of our own conjuring; a parasitic thought that became a thought system that has all but cannibalized and consumed its host and maker, its dreamer, in its insatiable selfishness and self-centeredness, its obsessive, compulsive need to control, to judge, to condemn, hate and hold grievances, its boundless vanity and narcissism, its bottomless greed and limitless capacity for corruption.

Oneness, our natural, innate spiritual Unity, is the path that leads to a Peace and a Joy, a Freedom and a Love that is ever-present and has no opposite. It is the crossing that sits before and after, above and below even the most basic, core thoughts of separation from which the ego spawned, imagining a self-image capable of thinking and believing on its own, privately and autonomously; an ego directing the formation of countless self-serving thoughts and beliefs for what, in time, becomes its entire convoluted thought system of duality, multiplicity, complexity, chaos and inevitable entropy. Entropy, death and decay are the outcome of all that the ego conceives of, because (1) illusion begets illusion and (2) in duality, all that has a beginning must have an end.

Oneness is the universal bridge bridging the perceived, fabricated gaps the ego thought system interposes between its imagined divided, ‘separate’ polar extremes. In oneness, we cross over from the ego’s unstable, shifting and changing illusions, dreams and fantasies back over to Truth; to indomitable stability, wholeness and unity and to the gentle, simple ease and comfort of Life in a perpetual state of contentedness, flowing over with limitless love and devotion. We return ultimately to everlasting Life at Home in God, in the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Heaven is not a place, but a divine state of divine Mind; our natural state. Yet seemingly, for a time, we very well may also seem to remain ‘here’ in what becomes what we could call the “happy dream.”

Beyond this final happy dream, a dream of waking up, we all arrive Home, together as One. And no one not a single one of us is left out. The ego’s dream was hell. It was a hell of our own conjuring, because it was made and upheld by our desire to be absent of God; absent of Love and of Light. If one of us is guilty, we all are guilty. Yet none of us are guilty; not a single one of us is guilty. On the contrary, we remain pure and wholly innocent, because we remain, forever, spirit – we remain as God created us. What God creates is holy. What we made, or believed we made, was an error, and that is all. The dream was never our Reality. True forgiveness shows us this, demonstrating its power to restore unity as we practice it, seeing the false as merely false without judging what we perceive as good, bad, right or wrong, etc. We come to see and accept that we had merely been mistaken about ourselves and the world.

“Nothing conflicts with oneness.” 8

Perception is the way of duality, and duality is the hamster wheel driving the cyclic nature of the human condition and the world of form (“history repeating itself” and all that). But even perception, all its senses and methods and interpretations, can willingly be handed back over to God, to Love, to where now what they report is reinterpreted by Love, which sees not the error of duality. And in this way, perception becomes unified perception, healed perception, true perception, a.k.a. Vision. Vision is the way of oneness, and oneness illuminates the path of salvation. It’s all really just that simple. Because exactly as it is with light, having no opposite in Reality, just as Truth also has no real opposite, God also has no opposite in Reality – there is God, and there is the limitless, endless extension of God. In that simple fact rests our salvation, our deliverance and liberation from all human suffering, once we become willing simply to no longer want or insist on the impossible – that there to be something other than the oneness, and our unity, with God.

There’s nothing hard, difficult or complex about any of this. The only part that seems difficult is… wanting it, as insane as that may sound. How could we not want salvation, right? We need only be willing to bring our full Awareness to bear in the here and now and, seeing oneness, seeing Truth, we choose oneness, we choose Truth, above and beyond the deceptions of duality and the ego. That choice can seem very difficult depending on how much we value the illusions we’ve made. And that is what we need to come to grips with. Duality – with all its messes, all its pain and suffering, its chaos, calamity and instability, all its vast complexities, which it must, by nature, include – is a symptom; an effect of what amounts to an addiction to the ego thought system. It is an addiction that, generally, we manage quite poorly.

This article opened up noting how, for countless generations, human beings have insisted on there being something ‘other than’ God, something ‘else,’ something that, by dualistic nature of ‘other,’ will always turn out to be in opposition to God. This conditioning is not just on the collective ‘humanity’ level, but also is replicated, programmed or indoctrinated into every single one of us at the individual level. We start right out of the gate as babies self-willing the development and reinforcement of our own special, separate, human personas, in part because there is nothing in this world guiding us to think or do otherwise. After all, we seem to arrive in a world full of already fully developed special, unique, separate bodies with separate personas to model ourselves after. By the time most of us even begin to think about spiritual matters, we’ve already spent our formative years forming the foundation and core of our persona rooted in separation, specialness, self-reliance and independence, from parents and ‘others.’ Thus we bring a character to meet God, rather than coming to God, asking, “Who am I?” or perhaps better, “What or who would You have me be?”

Instead, perceived as cute, cuddly and adorable babies, we are encouraged and guided by parents, siblings and others, certainly also by our environment, to form our own personas and to be as unique and special as possible, without it ever even dawning on our minds to think of, or to ask for Guidance from our Creator in regard to our ‘design of self.’ “Thank you very much; I’ll take it from here,” seems to be the general modus operandi and/or attitude most of us operate under when it comes to forming our personality; ultimately the identity we choose to put on and wear while we appear to be here. Often there is a rebellious facet to our persona, aimed not just at our mortal makers, but also at our immortal Creator. Personality development we mistakenly believe is a ‘private’ matter, held apart even from God. Never mind the critical fact that we have no idea in these early years (if ever gaining the know-how) how to use the mind, nor how awesomely powerful the mind is; its effect on the quantum field; the consequences of misusing it.

So, filling that desire and role – for there to be something ‘other than’ God –resulted not only in the obvious, a “devil,” an array of strange concepts and characters we’ve conjured up over the ages to play the part of an anti-God of some sort, but resulted also in us, ourselves; being that we’ve made ourselves to be separate, different, something ‘other than;’ even asphysical beings and therefore completely unlike our spiritual Creator. However, as Vision reveals to us, there is no ‘place’ in Reality for anti- or un-God. Neither can there be, in Reality, such a thing as an absence of God. Only with limited, distorted perception, or only in the imagination – only in illusion – could such a state seem to exist. That is very telling about the state in which we believe and perceive ourselves existing in – literally existing with (and in) the mind, in a realm of the imagination. That also is an example of, and a testament to, the creative power of Mind – being able to project or manifest such an incredibly believable, however illusory dream-universe in which to play out our fantasies; fantasizing the existence of something, anything, ‘other than’ infinite God.

Only the error produced by us poorly-placing our reliance on the ego, on its supporting systems of perception and duality, could mislead and deceive us into believing that God can have an opposite, or that we can have a real world where God is somehow only a bit-part character, or is only part of some imagined greater whole that we, not God, are at the center of; or a real world where God seems to be altogether absent. And what’s more, underneath all that, only our desire for there to exist an ‘other’ or ‘opposite’ to God led us to choose to believe such a world even possible. Most of us would deny ever even entertaining such an absurd idea, yet the physical world and all it reflects is all the evidence one needs to see that that desire has been the prevailing thought, albeit deeply suppressed and kept out of our Awareness since the dawn of the human idea itself. Only in unearthing it, the thought of separation in whatever form, seeing it and accepting it for the illusion that it is, valuing it no longer, can we allow it finally to be healed and undone.

There is no ‘place’ in Reality for anti-God.

We have to look at this; each and every one of us. We have to see and admit that we have such strange, hidden thoughts and desires buried in the mind, even if we’re not entirely ready yet to admit having an attachment (or some form of addiction) to the ego thought system, cleverly hiding and shielding itself behind our personas. We have to look at this if we’re ever going to be able to let it go and go beyond the ego thought system that has kept us bound in proverbial chains for seeming ages. We must become open and willing to expose such thoughts and desires and see them as valueless; as erroneous and meaningless concepts and wishes that we no longer desire or value. And again, as to why look at all this, it’s because if we do not, and it all just stays suppressed and hidden in our minds, nothing changesexcept that duality’s polar extremes will continue to widen to higher highs and lower lows, making for an even crazier, wilder and unstable ride for humanity from here. Entropy and decay of the human condition will thus continue to deepen, translating to greater pain and suffering.

Up to now, it is not hard to see how the world’s progression into deeper layers of insanity have continued on through time unabated. Look at the last two decades alone, then overlay them onto the last century. To many of us, we appear to be on a rapidly accelerating timeline. Eventually we will either seek to annihilate ourselves – or – we will choose Truth and salvation, asking our Creator, or simply Love, for help in freeing us from the tyrant ego we’ve made, long ago becoming addicted to its seductions in both thought and subsequent form. The buzz around the world these days, certainly on social media, is that we don’t seem too far off from self-annihilation, or at least some form of a ‘reset’ of some kind. But being the maker of time, the ego thought system could draw out this present chaos, disorder and suffering for a long time, caring not one iota for the level or duration of the suffering of its host, but in fact relishing in it to the degree it serves its own ends. All the while, people everywhere seem to feel a notable acceleration, seeing advanced stages of entropy in humanity itself; surely in its general mental state.

It’s important here to acknowledge and finally accept the problem inherent in the age-old religions of men as well. This idea, that one would desire, prefer and choose that there actually exist an opposite to God, a devil, or even that God could be absent or separate from us, of course, does not sit well with people who consider themselves part of a God-based religion, or who are just religiously devout good “God-fearing” people. They may struggle more than anyone else with the contents of this series, and may be unable to connect consciously with harboring the thought that they, too, actually want there to be a devil; an opposite or “adversary” to God.

Subconsciously, perhaps many even consciously, many religious folk find pleasure in having an adversary, an image in their minds upon which to project their darkness and that of their world; an entity they can both judge and condemn as being “evil” without feeling any guilt for doing so on a conscious level. They get a pleasure from their unique (however indoctrinated) belief that some, perhaps many of us if they have their way, will wind up in some imagined form of hell, while they, of course, having believed a certain special way, are the chosen ones to inherit heaven. Yet, surely if they were to get rigorously honest with themselves, they would see how they do harbor wanting an opposite to God on some deep level. They would be able to see and accept too that they value their ‘anti-God’ thoughts too, or else they would not and could not maintain, defend and cherish such impenetrable beliefs that a devil or a spiritual ‘adversary’ is real. Duality, being solely a realm of the ego, provides them the place and means for their devil to ‘exist;’ a devil to which they willingly choose to assign equal reality to that which they assign God.

The Devil Made Me Do It

The only devil, or that which is behind all the myriad forms of a devil that we’ve conjured up over the ages, is the ‘human’ ego – the ego thought system that we ourselves made up, developed, refined, replicated and projected out onto the world in countless forms, sharing it, passing it on to countless generations throughout time. We have long made it serve not only as our ‘other’ to God, but also as a thought system that could be appropriately described as the default operating system for the human mind. We could even go further to say it is the human mind, because there is no such thing as a ‘human’ mind in Reality. Mind is Mind; Consciousness is Consciousness.

Perceiving a special human version of mind is just another distortion having its roots in the original thought of separation. Through that error we separate ourselves from all of God’s unified Creation. That perceived separation is reflected here in a world of form with humans being special and unique among the rest of the beings seemingly populating the planet, different, separate from and superior than all the other animals and creatures, etc. No matter the form the ego takes here, no matter what form separation shows up as, we have to be willing to see and accept our role and our fundamental error in the ego’s make-up, or else we imbue it (all its devils and all its forms) with a power and a reality it simply does not and cannot possibly have in God’s Reality. Religions are notorious for doing this, propping up their thoughts of a devil or anti-god character. There are many people, too, who outrighto worship the ego and it seductive, devilish forms as well, in some form of their choosing.

This is one reason it can be very helpful to discern the ego as a thought system and not as an entity of some kind. It’s really something much more like a parasitic program, like malware or a computer virus, in the way it affects the mind, making it a perceiver rather than an extension of spirit or host to Consciousness; again, a.k.a. Love. In the mind, most of us generally let the ego run amok, having essentially, in our lack of Awareness, given it a full-access pass, letting it operate completely unmonitored, un-watched and unguarded. Thus over time and trial and error, the ego has learned to master its use (misuse and abuse) of the mind’s creative faculties. All while our Awareness has been distracted, our attention has been kept divided and diffused somewhere off in fantasy-land. Rather than being a quiet, unaffected observer, we get caught up in the mediocrity, the drama, the incessant train of problems and ‘important’ life choices we conjure under the ego’s influence, tethered to the human experience only by our own hidden desires to be separate and antonymous.

depiction of ego as a mask

And so it remains, until a new desire takes priority over all the others – the desire and readiness for a restoration of Self-Awareness, or a spiritual “awakening.” Until that sets in, we remain generally oblivious to the ego’s foreign occupation of our minds. With our Awareness kept occupied and relentlessly distracted, playing, re-playing, testing, editing and refining the ego’s plots, plans and schemes and all the ego-directed characters, the preferred personas and roles we develop, not only for ourselves but also those we assign others to play. Our mental energy, focus and attention are kept similarly divided and subdivided, often seduced by pride and hubris (ego) to abuse the mind into doing things like “multi-tasking to improve human productivity.” Yes, we even found a way to turn the purposeful loss of Awareness and division of our attention into a point of pride – ‘being good at multi-tasking’ – in our vain attempt to manage and conquer the constant barrage of “problems” we conjure up for ourselves in the human experience needing to be solved. Our reward, if anything, is generally some form of shiny worldly trinket, or maybe a bit more digital money on a paycheck, much like what a test rat gets when it completes a maze or some other trivial task successfully; if nothing else, a dopamine hit.

The ego, having learned through trial and error to master aspects of the mind’s creative faculties going all the way back to the original thought of separation, can be literally ingenious at conjuring up all manner of temptation, seduction and perceivable ‘problems’ that demand our attention, devising an endless list of next things to solve, as well as having a robust reward system always ready to deliver countless forms of pleasure, pain, success, disorder, mischief and mayhem; devices by which to condition us. It will make use of anything it can conjure up in the imagination to keep our minds occupied and ultimately controlled, burning up our energy to fuel it, like a parasitic vampire sucking away at the natural power of our Light, if you will, being God’s Light. Ego will go to any lengths to keep itself ‘existing’ and in the center spotlight of the mind, which translates to keeping us fully invested in its illusions.

The only underlying problem we have, literally the only one which, being solved solves all others is our desire and investment of belief in the thought of separation from our Source. From this thought stems the entire ego thought system. Our healing – our salvation – must involve a full understanding of that problem so that our Awareness can rise above and stay above to see beyond the illusion; beyond the ego’s clever use of duality and perception that sustains it. An understanding of this one problem enables us to respond with true forgiveness, which opens us up to seeing beyond the illusion, to seeing the false as false, restoring to Awareness the Truth of our underlying oneness, forever true and beyond all fantasies and wishful imaginings.

Many of us like to imagine having some sort of symbiotic relationship both with the ego and a soul. But underneath it all, we are one spirit, unified and one with our Creator. The idea of a soul as some form of individuated, personified spirit, being an extension of our human persona, too, is a distortion; an illusion. And contrary to being symbiotic, the ego is the ultimate parasite. There is no symbiotic relationship with either of these. There is only more confusion and mis-identification. The idea of a soul is most often an attempt, if not subconscious, to spiritualize ego, at least in the way people tend to imagine it. And as for the ego, it is not only a parasite, but the model by which all other ‘life-form’ parasites, as well as viruses and cancers and the like are all conceived and manifest from; albeit these all remain an illusion of our own imagining as well. Science has left many of us to think of human beings, too, as the primary parasites in nature; a cancer sucking the life out of this earthly world. But the world would not be here, it would not be projected, without the mind projecting human beings as well to populate it, both the world and humanity being an integral part of the same projection, having the same source.

By Any Name, Illusion Remains Illusion

Passed on and shared throughout humanity much like a pruned branch of thought that is clipped and replanted elsewhere to become its own thought tree, or eventually an entire thought system like a vast forest, all stemming from just one original or core seed thought – the ego has long since gone completely rogue in the ‘human’ mind. It has learned to prune, replant, mimic and reproduce itself exponentially (as opposed to actual creation) through countless versions, perceived lifetimes and endless imaginings of itself through trial and error, toying with the natural laws of cause and effect. Being limited itself because it is an illusion, all of the ego’s effects are, of course, ultimately illusory as well, yet they certainly seem quite real to us when we choose to invest belief in them.

As has already been stated and restated, ego is made ‘real’ to us by our willingness to invest belief in its constantly shifting, changing ‘realities,’ those it offers up as substitutes for our one true, unchanging Reality. The ego itself is held in place by a vast, deep and immensely complex system of thoughts, concepts and beliefs, most of which operate very deep in a part of mind the ego has walled off (and guards heavily) made up as what we think of as the ‘unconscious’ mind – a wholly contradictory and rather absurd term, incidentally, much like saying “unconscious consciousness.”

God is not responsible for any of this.

By whatever name we give it, ego or ‘devil’ or whatever, it has only the power we give it, through both our desire and our belief for it to seem to exist. It then feeds off of our energy, again, much like a vampire craving our Light – the Light of Life – or, Reality freely given us by our Creator. Ego wants and demands that more than anything else for itself!

It is a testament to the Living Power of God in us, that we have the ability to assign reality to a thought or an idea, just as our Creator does, and through our desire and will, make it manifest, even when the results seem to be to our detriment. That we can wish and seem to make something real, all so that whatever it is might be experienced by, in and through Awareness is no small feat! Our Creator truly does share all the creative powers of Mind and Spirit with us, only we are meant to share in those powers of creation, using them together, with God, joined with and in Love, producing effects that are eternal, limitless and spiritual in nature. They are not powers created or shared to be used “alone,” separated, in isolation or in some form of desired, imagined self-centered independence and autonomy. The most we can hope for or achieve “alone” is make-believe, with effects that are illusory and, at their root, Loveless; ergo a corrupt physical world where all things, including even our self-images, ‘end’ in death and decay.

It is through this creative process, in perceived isolation and autonomy, however, and thus limited to make-believe, that all the world of form is made manifest, or more accurately is projected out from the mind. Our core, underlying problem with this particular thought, though, which gave birth to the world – again, being the thought of separation – is that it is a thought we attempt to keep and hold private,’ with the intent to manifest it on our own, without God, i.e. without Love. It is then an un-inspired thought and thus, outside of, or against, the Will of God. Being Loveless, the thought of separation is “the root of all evil.” Of course, like everything else ego-conceived, it also translates to being nothing more than an illusion, simply because nothing against the Will of God has Reality.

Nothing in the world and nothing in our making of the world is about good or bad, or right or wrong, or good or evil. Everything simply is about Truth or illusion. People like to dress evil up and judge it as a bad, nasty, ugly dark thing, but good and evil both are dualistic concepts when used in this way, or in opposition to each other. To Spirit, to Love or to God, evil is no-thing, having no power whatsoever. It’s simply another word, version or form for ‘illusion.’ Evil would be the absence of good, which simply does not exist in God’s Reality. And everything that stems from ‘evil’ then, the entire tree of thought that gave birth to it and the subsequent tree it seemingly went on to give birth to, also is all illusion. Illusion, being a false cause and thus being without effect in Reality, begets only more illusion.

One thing however is crystal clear – whether it be ego, evil or any imagined form of devil by whatever name – we do need Divine Help in releasing and liberating ourselves from it. We need the Light of our Source, one with the Light of our Awareness, to shine away the darkness we have made and held onto… our errors, or our mis-creations. We need help reaching those hidden, “unconscious” realms of the mind that the ego thought system has highly effectively walled off from our own Awareness, so that these hidden spaces can be aired out; opening all the doors and windows so that the Light can shine in unimpeded. We need to be willing to recognize and accept the ‘one problem’ – that in Reality there is only that one problem – so we can let it be solved, so we can be healed, or “saved” in the discovery it already has been solvedthat salvation is here, already, now.

What Perception & Duality Keep Hidden from Us

Confronted with the concept of the existence or non-existence of a devil, many religious folk fall back to the irrational, yet nearly impenetrable argument to the effect of, “Only the devil would try to convince us he doesn’t exist.” Like every other human being seeming to walk this planet, these folks have been willingly misguided and deceived, not only by trusting in the interpretations of others who have taught or impressed upon them what to believe, but also by trusting in their own limited perception. They’ve chosen perception and thus, duality, in place of Vision and unity as their ‘default programming’ and as their preferred guide. Or, simply just like most everyone else, they maintain and follow the ego first and foremost, realizing not that they, just like their secular counterparts, are subconsciously attempting to ‘play both sides;’ both ego and spirit. They fail to see that, in their adopted religious belief system(s), many of which include a belief in some form of devil, they are every bit as perplexed as everyone else by the same delusion of duality that makes up the world humanity experiences.

This is not at all to say religious people are not genuinely faithful. On the contrary, religious folk do tend to remain steadfastly faithful, yet their primary faith, just like the rest of us generally speaking, is invested in perceiving their world their way, or more accurately, as it has been taught or handed down to them, up to and including a group concept or mental image of God, agreed upon by their chosen religions. It is what they choose to learn, adopt and accept as their personal, preferred version of ‘reality.’ Funny enough, it aligns right along with the atheist who also, and every bit as faithfully, is invested in his or her own personal, preferred version of reality, only the atheist’s is absent of the concept or mental image of God. The devout religious and the atheist have far more in common than either of them would like to admit. The dichotomy of ‘god and devil’ (as well as devout and atheist) is wholly a function of the ego’s system of duality; both are dutifully playing their opposing parts in the ego’s script of polar extremes.

It is not hard to see that deeply religious-minded people, especially fundamentalists or those with a heavy belief investment in a devil or “the adversary” (as some prefer to use), may have the toughest time of all when it comes to finding the keys to true, simple, authentic salvation. By their own choosing, they hold onto a very strong belief system which they’ve allowed to become wedged deep in their minds, lodged in between their self-concept and a full, open, indefinable, present experience of oneness with God. Some religions of men have left countless devotees feeling too guilty, sinful and unworthy of such a direct experience of God, so much so that they’d never even attempt it – such an experience of oneness being the most natural experience we can possibly have, being the spiritual extension of our Creator. Many people are taught to postpone such an experience, that they must wait until after death for such a thing, if having proved oneself worthy; or until some future “Judgement Day,” when either God’s mercy or punishment (dualistic extremes) will be doled out upon us. Many are taught, for example, that it is blasphemous to consider ourselves anything like Jesus. Yet literally everything he did was to demonstrate for us how to be like him through love and forgiveness. Religious dogma has long found ways to hold Jesus apart from us, separating us from him, but separation is the ego’s doctrine.

Love has no Judgement Day, nor does it hold out carrots as if to say ‘some day you will be judged worthy or not;’ judged whether or not salvation will be given you. To believe such ideas is to choose to not know Love (thus, nor God). Salvation is given us now, always. Love’s judgment is always that you are pure, innocent, holy and thus wholly worthy of Heaven Itself. We need only to desire and value this more than our petty illusions. Love welcomes all back into Its fold, back Home, with a very simple reminder, with a restoration of our true spiritual Identity to Awareness: we remain forever as God created us, not as we have remade ourselves – and the Truth that we never, in Reality, left Home.

Some people spend years, decades, even lifetimes imagining they are among the special ones, the chosen few who salvation or Heaven was intended for (conveniently according to the interpretations of those who have indoctrinated them into their religions of choice). These folks wander the 3-D world believing salvation to be some exclusive future event set somewhere in time and space; a form of salvation based entirely in a duality matrix of good, evil and specialness; all ego attributes. One of the ego’s most commonly used tools is the tease of something like salvation being somewhere coming in time – it uses future happiness or attainment as a way to possess people’s minds both in the present, and all the while ‘until then.’

One of the primary problems with organized, establishment-based religion is that both their leaders and subsequently their followers lean first and foremost on middlemen and on ancient books that have been written, filtered and compiled by men, instead of on present, intuitive, unfiltered, direct spiritual experience and communication with God, with Love, which every single last one of us is perfectly capable of initiating, cultivating and maintaining without any middlemen or ancient writings. Of course, books can certainly be helpful resources, especially for referencing and also useful for relevant parables. But direct communication, communion, is present, and nothing is more sound or more dependable than it. In fact, the opportunity for communion is ever-present; omni-present in the case of our Creator. The only time it is seemingly lacking or unavailable is whenever we do not bring our full Awareness to it.

The Truth is, if people came to understand and value oneness, or felt or nurtured such a connection or communion, our reliance on religion, any organized religion, on churches, middlemen, rituals and old books would fall away. That is what salvation is about, restoring an active, intimate, holy relationship; restoring oneness, unimpeded by duality or the interpretation of symbols (words or otherwise) or thoughts of any false, ego self-image. Our salvation is in valuing and nurturing an active, natural and wholly spiritual Relationship, an ever-present connection that renders the mechanics, specialness and the business of organized religion completely obsolete.

Religious folk, equally so with all the the rest of us, will need to come to a place where they become willing to see (with Vision), acknowledge and accept their past compliance in, and now become witness to, their own active participation in the whole ego (or devil’s) charade. They will need to recognize, somewhere in their innermost thoughts, how they have harbored a strange if not alien desire for a devil to exist, or it would not be so for them. They will need to see that they have wanted for there to be a ‘real’ opposite of God. And most importantly, no different nor more special than anyone else, that they too have harbored a deeply suppressed, inner desire to be separate from God. If they cannot or will not see this, or continue to deny it, how can they reach a clear, open state of mind from which they are able, finally, to let it go; to be free of separation and the duality and deception of specialness it spawns?

By the way, none of what is expressed in this series regarding religions, religious people or otherwise is intended to judge or to imply or make anyone “wrong” about past or present views or beliefs, religious, atheist or otherwise; not ever. It is only about shining our Light, God’s Light, on all hidden things, especially those thoughts and things that are suppressed and buried deep down in the mind, so that we all, together as one, can finally be healed; or rather, so that we can both know and experience that we are already healed. We all have been mistaken about a great many things, all effects of which are rooted in the same singular illusion caused by our shared thoughts and subsequent beliefs in separation. None of this is meant as an attack on anyone, nor on any religion.

In Oneness, Form Reflects the Formless

In oneness or non-duality – in Reality – there is only wholeness. So in relation to God, there is not God and a devil, but God and the endless extension of God. Said another way, God makes no distinctions in what is God and what is still God. Another useful term or idea for this ‘extension of God’ is “host” to God, or host to Spirit; host to Love. There is God and there is host to God, and they are one, both being Spirit; one Spirit. This extension and host to God goes to the most basic nature of what and who you and I are, in Reality; one with all of God’s creation one Spirit, one Fellowship, or in biblical terms, one ‘Sonship,’ one Christ – one host to God. In the same vein, as the old Hermetic tradition states, “All is Mind,” meaning there is one Mind – Universal or Divine Mind; God’s Mind. Our personal, “private” versions of mind, being an appropriate descriptor for the human ego, are all just part of the delusional effects of the thought of separation, of the wish for autonomy and specialness, resulting in a futile attempt to divide, subdivide and assume possession of Mind.

In its totality, this simple truth of our being host to God is all our brother Jesus, or Yeshua, was enlightening his disciples to 2,000 years ago, as it goes in the story of time. They and the scribes that later followed did not fully understand back then, just as so many of us still do not for the most part today (because frankly we don’t choose to), in addition to having severely distorted his teachings between then and present times; often distorted by people to fit some ego agenda. Many of his teachings and parables related to oneness. For example, our relationship as host to God could be summed up in his statement: “I and my Father are one.” 9 This was not his way of saying “I am special, unique and above you, so follow me.” No, he was not saying that at all! This was his pure and simple recognition and acknowledgment of our true, natural Identity as being host or extension of God; of being our Christ-Self; and yes, follow him, in the sense of joining as one in that holy state of Awareness. And it is every bit as true. energizing and empowering today, even now, when we choose to say, think and accept it, meditating on it and really just let it sink in, because it is Truth.

Cherish this thought! It is a holy thought; and it is an incredibly powerful one. This thought alone, the thought of all of us united together as one, beingthe Truth and the Life,” contemplated, mindfully meditated on, will convince you of its Truth and Reality. It is a thought we share with our Creator, one that already exists and abides innermost in each of our perceived ‘separate’ minds. Here, however, and in thoughts like it, as it is in countless creative, shared Thoughts in the Mind of God,” we are joined – joined as one, one host, one expression, extension and reflection of God, across all illusory spans and barriers of time and space.

This is what Jesus did – he became Aware of the error of separation, of duality, of the ego and the entirety of the thought system or programming that underpins human perception, all resulting in the projecting of a seemingly physical world. He looked beyond it with Vision to see the Truth of his Identity in God, and he wholly forgave both himself and his perceived world for the perceptual error it was. He saw the false as false and looked beyond it to embrace his eternal oneness with God; his one true Identity in God. And then he spent the rest of his unwinding experience in time and space living and demonstrating that Truth, living Life, sharing the Way and the Life. And in doing so, he ‘overcame the world.’ Neither thoughts of the world, nor Jewish religious dogma, nor the Roman empire, nor the thought of death – all equally illusory – had any power over him, because there no longer was a ‘him,’ an ego identity, or a human persona attachment left to live or die in an imagined ego drama of a dreamworld. He saw true Cause within him and effect out in the world, empowering him to see the valueless nature of the illusion in stark contrast to the glorious Light of Truth, and thus willingly, gladly, he let go of all that had been made in error.

We are free to join him in the recognition of our truthful, spiritual Identity at any time; to forgive the world for the illusion it is and to look on it with Vision and forgiveness, just as he did. There is no world apart from what we wish, desire and value, and in this lies our ultimate release. This is salvation.

Withholding or keeping our spiritual Identity far away from our Awareness is the primary purpose that both perception and duality, of literally everything they seem to produce, were made by the ego to accomplish – all to block authentic, spiritual Self-Awareness. Should we choose to allow it, choosing to abandon Self-Awareness in order to linger a while in ego seductions and distractions, the ego thought system is set free to continue conning and manipulating our minds into further developing and deepening its fantasies, losing our Self in them, adopting ego fantasies as a substitute for the remembrance and knowledge of our precious, timeless, limitless spiritual Inheritance and holy Lineage, projecting a physical world as ‘home’ to replace our true spiritual Home in God.

Perception was made for a purpose and that purpose is to deceive.

Sanity – Not Part of the Ego’s Plan

Humanity and the world are fundamentally the result of thoughts, beliefs and imaginings of separation and specialness causing a wildly diverse multiplicity of illusory effects. It is invaluable, by the way, even crucial, to remain aware of the fact that all thoughts produce effects in some form. This complex matrix of effects is cleverly used by the ego to divide and subdivide our Awareness, as well as our attention, focus and creative energy, resulting in the seeming projection or ‘manifestation’ of a world of senseless limits and absurd, arbitrary laws (as related to health, medicine, nutrition, money, reciprocity, etc) and to a world steeped in mediocrity.

Robotic and mindlessly we make for ourselves a world riddled with unnecessary competition, disunity and conflict, a world saturated with selfishness, self-centeredness, greed, corruption and self-seeking, often to extremes. For so many of us, life in this physical world amounts to being something like a endless series of meaningless quests that we seem to undertake, attempting to fill a hole within us that we can strongly sense, but can neither locate nor define. Confused and bewildered, we grasp at people and things in this world of form, desperately, futility trying to gratify or at least ease the chronic sense of lack that envelops and sometimes overwhelms us. Chronic lack produces a nasty side effect – an insatiable need for “more,” it matters not more of what. This strange need for more is at the heart of all human addictions, of which we all suffer in one form or another. All of us, believing ourselves here at least at some point and to some degree, either are or have been addicted to the ego thought system itself.

When we prefer to exist in such a way – and make no mistake, a choice is continuously being made to do so – spending countless lifetimes in mediocrity, all starring some haphazardly designed and developed, deeply self-centered “me” character, remaining for the most part unaware of the limitless, eternal wholeness that our true nature and Identity would reveal if we but chose It… well friends, that is a choice for insanity. Or, we could just summarize by coming out with it, putting it this way: humanity is insanity. And how could it not be when its source, the ego, is insane?

How All This Became a ‘Thing’

Now then, pausing again to recognize, with a deeper understanding now, and with acceptance, that we are God’s beloved extension or host, having direct access to the creative faculties of Mind, the same unified, universal, divine, Mind as our Source, should we imagine looking back toward the Light of our Source and Creator, entertaining thoughts, daydreaming, fantasizing this idea, in whatever form, “I would exercise my own choice,” that’s where a form of separation occurs. It’s as if we are initiating a claim to establish a separate, distinct me presuming now to have my own will to choose, “and be not host to God, but rather, I would choose to be something else.’ I would instead be my own self; I would be host to my own sovereign self, making my own choices. I would be my own light.” All sorts of strange effects may take root and expand from such a causal seed thought (recalling that all thoughts produce effects in some form).

To believe is to perceive, and to perceive is to confirm, deepen
and reinforce preconceived beliefs.

In a nutshell, it is some version of this imagined, inward, me-focused thought, a thought centered on a concept or the idea of a separate self and thus a self-centered, self-seeking thought that produced the “big bang” and the seemingly vast expanse of all that we presently perceive as our 3-D universe, and all the symbols of ‘life’ we perceive in it. Some form of this thought became what’s described in many spiritual traditions as the “thought of separation” – the root cause of (1) the ego (2) the personas we develop entirely ‘on our own,’ (3) the human condition and (4) everything in the world of form that followed.

Launching off from some variation of this line of individuated thought, each of us goes further on to imagine, develop and refine over time a mental self-image – ‘my persona – being made and perceived as special and unique from any and all ‘others,’ as well as independent and autonomous from God and the rest of God’s creation. The entirety of the human experience is essentially a perpetual state of character-building. Advancing and expanding on the ego-self becomes our primary drive rather than simply, effortlessly, flawlessly “being what I Am as host to God, my true and only Source.” And by our desire to be something ‘else,’ this self-image takes on shape and form and expands to the point of occupying and taking over the mind almost entirely.

Should the conceptual idea of a separate self continue to be desired and further pursued (as we all do), oblivious to the fact that, to do so is like auto-engaging the creative faculties of Mind, the powers of creation itself, yet attempting to employ them ‘alone,’ solo, with little-to-no experience with either using the mind, or of the natural laws of cause and effect – then inevitably, the self-image becomes an idol in the mind. We can think of idols as thought forms that become firmly fixed in the mind, which produce strong, enduring, corresponding physical forms in the world. Much of what our “personal” attention focuses on in the material world reflects the idols we individually value (enough either to love or hate) and uphold in our minds.

And now, that which originated as perhaps only a passing thought or fantasy in the realm of imagination – ‘to be my own sovereign self’ – through desiring and valuing the idea, cultivating it and cherishing it in the mind mixing it with desire, will eventually seem to us to actually exist; maybe not in God’s Reality, but in our own reality. It becomes “my truth.” Through one’s desire and investment of the power of belief, this ‘idolized self-image’ becomes perceivable in the world of form – the body – imagined and made as an alternate ‘home’ for our preferred self-image, seeming to exist to us now both mentally, in the mind and physically, set somewhere in space and time.

Yet still, from a unified spiritual View, all of this in its entirety is illusory. After all, what, by the imagined will of an ego-self, could possibly be set somewhere in-between God and the endless extension of God.

Everything desired, coveted and upheld in the mind, whether it is perceived and valued as either loved or hated, becomes an idol and every idol is projected onto the quantum screen of the world, or we could say, is reflected in the quantum mirror so-to-speak, as a corresponding form or thing – a symbol. Everything we idolize, we real-ize; we make it seem real to the mind. All physical forms are symbols representing thought forms in the mind – the outer world is a picturing, a symbol, of the content and inward state (and health) of our mind. This is how and where bodies come into play. We could say the body is the ultimate symbol and representation of the ego’s script and screenplay of separation; it is the self-image personified in form.

To Be Special, or Not to Be Special

With belief now fully invested in the ego, in our preferred version of a self-image, and with desire maintaining and enabling its expanse and thus, its foreign occupation of the mind, it would appear that with it, a separate will has emerged, inserted itself into a place of authority and has become a decision maker in the mind. This perceived separate will is in addition to and in increasing opposition to God’s ever-present Will – the “still, small Voice” within; the Voice of inspiration and intuition; the Holy Spirit. The mind becomes split in its allegiance to these ‘two’ wills and two voices; two guides. Ego is a strange, foreign, alien will, a competitive, rebellious, defiant will, seemingly acting on its own and focused only on its own self-interests (unless it serves it to also consider others), perceiving itself separate and apart from the whole. Humanity likes to think of it as “my will,” but observed up close, it reveals itself not as true will at all, but merely the effects of a misguided wish to be ‘something else,’ something other than what I Am created to be. In oneness, there is only one Will and it is unified and all-inclusive – God’s Will, Love’s Will – focusing on all of creation and on Life eternal.

For example, with the addition of this ‘other’ alien will, no more am I just a spiritual being – I now am also a physical being, a human being, strangely but conveniently far different, entirely so, in fact, from my alleged ‘Source’ (with the ego thought system, doubt enters in to confound the mind about our true Source), thus making it much easier to buy into a separation-based belief system that suggests ‘I have no source,’ or perhaps ‘I am my own source.’ I am now free to believe I have successfully conjured up a way to ‘have my cake and eat it too;’ to be both a human being and a spiritual being. Why not pursue that? And if there is a god, well he must’ve made me to be both, right? Because here I am! My body and the physical world is all the evidence I need to see that. Now I can perceive myself independent and autonomous from a source, any source (cultivating and strengthening more and deeper thoughts of separation). I also perceive myself different from ‘others;’ from you; from all of you. I am special. I am unique. Some of us I may feel better than, greater than; others maybe not as good as, lesser than – both of which are expressions of specialness and uniqueness.

Everything we idolize, we real-ize.

Further complicating things (because complicating thoughts and things is a favorite ego tactic one of its primary methods of subversion), many people, especially in more modern times, go on to develop “spiritual” or its more recent slang version, “woke,” personas. They get puffed up spreading all kinds of clever quips on social media, for example, like “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience!” Most of us, even most spiritual folk, stop short of going all the way to recognize that even this statement feeds into the illusion. Even in our ‘more’ spiritual points of view, lacking Awareness, we often subtly try to hold onto some level of reality to the human experience.

What would make this popular saying most accurate would be to say that ‘we are spiritual beings believing we are having a human experience.’ In that subtle difference is everything – Truth is laid bare. Because when we come to really see, with Vision, that it is only a thought and belief system in the mind holding the entirety of the human experience together, it becomes much easier to free ourselves from its limiting chains. Because then it becomes just an undoing; undoing our illusions altogether.

Otherwise, being a spiritual person” is really just another meaningless contradiction people use; just another impotent, imaginary persona that one puts on and takes off like a robe. Spirituality, being all-inclusive, unified, ubiquitous, omnipresent, has no separate, independent in-divide-dual persona; It wears no masks. Our being-ness is either spiritual or human – Truth or illusion – we can’t have it both ways and we cannot be both. On this we cannot compromise or we risk, again, losing sight of the Truth. Unless, of course, we would choose to remain bound in fantasy, imagination and dreaming. Only one is Real. Should we choose to ‘be’ an illusion, we must also get everything that comes as a result of making that (imaginary) decision; at least we certainly will seem to, and we will believe and experience it as such. We have all the evidence we could possibly need to see how the mind can be convinced it is experiencing things that are not really really happening.

We really need not do anything, but simply let Reality be what is.’ We need only allow the illusions of time, space and form to be undone for us, naturally, at a pace that is comfortable and not fear-inducing. Love will always respond ever so gently and lovingly. Such an undoing doesn’t necessarily even change the play of the world. It does, however, completely change how we see the world. Forgiveness, forgiving, seeing the false as false, becomes very natural. And it doesn’t hurt anything or anyone whatsoever to practice this authentic form of forgiveness.

We don’t need to ‘do’ anything but let go of thoughts and beliefs that were never of Truth or of any value in the first place. We are no longer the victim, which is what we would be had we no choice in this, actually being human, which would make God a sadistic, malevolent, sadistic tyrant. Rather we are cause of what merely is a flawed belief system; an error, having committed the “original sin” of entertaining and pursuing a misguided thought of separation. We are cause of the human idea and all of its effects; the result of our desire and isolated decision to pursue a thought of separation from our Source, from Love, from Spirit.

Things about this world, the ego’s world, all start to come crystal clear with Vision, through the restoration of unity and oneness to the mind; one doozy of which is this: God is not responsible for any of this.

The original manuscript of the book, A Course in Miracles (a.k.a. ACIM, highly recommended reading; a book that cannot be more relevant in these times toward healing the human condition), a year-long self-study course of daily lessons custom made for… well, everyone… but especially for people who are really ready for the type of material covered in this Salvation series, guides us through this process of undoing the ego thought system, methodically and in extensive detail. With incredible clarity and with far more beautiful word-smithing than readers will find here, ACIM directs us to “Seek not to change the world, but will to change your mind about the world.” Its emphatic declaration is that that the source of our world and our troubles all center in the mind; the problem simply is not ‘out there’ in the world. So the mind, then, is where all our efforts for change must be directed, rather than futilely trying to change or fix the world. Make your stand not out in the world (effect) but within yourself (cause) as a spiritual being. The world is healed by and through your own Self-Awareness.

“Salvation is our only need. There is no other purpose here, and no other function to fulfill. Learning salvation is our only goal.” 10

Idolizing the Self-Image; Dividing & Blocking the Light

Let’s step back now to numerous paragraphs ago to revisit again the idea symbolized by imagining looking back toward the Light of our Source and Creator, having chosen, however, to make and have ‘our own’ distinct and separate will, desiring to be ‘our own’ host to ‘our own’ self; to the point where we now have essentially idolized a self-image and firmly established it in the mind. That means, depending on the level of expanse or ‘size’ of the self-image (ego) occupying our mind, looking back, we may no longer even see the Light of our Source anymore; as in, not at all. The “Sunlight of the Spirit” may be blocked entirely out of our conscious awareness by the self-image we chose to make up and uphold for ourselves, instead of being wholly open as host to Divine Light and Love. We may now see only the idol, the self-image we made in and with Mind, without God, having willingly placed it in-between God, there, and what we now perceive as us, our separate selves, here; yet still that which, in Reality, remains forever only God. Our self-image now is used as a block to the Light. It is a filter.

Putting that little nugget of Truth aside and suppressing it out of Awareness, however, now we have made and uphold a substitute for God in the imagination, our ego-self, and as a secondary result also have made an alternate to God’s Reality, where there seems to be countless other separate human beings like us. For many of those other people, God’s Light may still be perceived somewhere out there still, but more as a cosmic deity having either little interest in ‘personal’ lives or conversely toying with people, having a tyrannical sense of justice, ‘allowing’ all manner of pain, suffering an injustices to happen in our world. For the vast majority of us, we have made believe in ‘our own’ light to take the place of the one true Light of our Source. Really, however, all we’ve done is conjure up the ego and confused it as being light. But there is no light of any kind in the illusory ego, being the absence of Light.

Anytime we are triggered, the ego is attempting to direct our course of action or manipulate us into a desired response that
serves ego.

So looking back toward the Sunlight of the Spirit, the Light of Love, by our own desire and will for something else there would appear now to be both a separation, a gap, and an obstacle blocking the Light, an ego-self, an idol, lodged firmly in-between our true Self and our Source, which cannot but remain forever One. However, that oneness is no longer known and neither will it now be perceived, hidden from us by our own self-deception. Now we seem to have a separation in that which, in Reality, cannot be separated.

And that is what perception does – it turns Reality upside down and backwards, to where we perceive darkness as light, pain as pleasure, evil as desirable. Perception thus makes it impossible to rightly perceive ‘our own’ best interests, because the premise is faulty right out of the gate – who is this one, the separate, special ‘me,’ with best interests? And this is why happiness is so transient and fleeting in the human experience. It is a house built on sand. We’re chasing vapor, looking out in a world that cannot possibly provide what it is we seek, to appease and make happy a self that exists only in our imagination. The human experience, in the end, is an utterly fruitless quest; a dream without a purpose. The higher purpose we must assign it, then, is to awaken from it. Period. This is salvation.

Again, it’s important to stress that none of this has ever occurred in Reality – God cannot be separated from what forever remains God. However, this all can seem to happen in the realm of imagination. Perception was made to make it all seem so, enabling us to literally make-believe a preferred version of reality, albeit conjured up and played out entirely and only in the mind, in exactly the same way a nighttime dream rises and fades in a deep sleep. Indeed, it would seem real that, occupying that illusory gap, there is an abstract, mental form, ‘my’ self-image, ‘my’ ego interposed between God and what is still God in Truth. And that mental form is interrupting and blocking or filtering the free-flow of Love and Light between God and what we perceive to be ‘us.’

Separation, or the Sunlight of the Spirit?

In its persistent drive to expand its occupation of the mind, deepening and diversifying its complexities, ego grows to become both figuratively and quite literally a mental block against at least some, if not all, of the “Sunlight of the Spirit” – the ever-present Light, Love and flow of Life energy from our Source; being our one true Source of genuine Power. It doesn’t actually block It (nothing really has power to do that), but rather acts as something like a decoy, distracting our Awareness from the Light. Being a block to the Light of Love, the ego is the cause of what we could consider ‘mental dark spots’ or shadows cast in the mind. We cannot clearly see or perceive in the dark, and that is precisely why (and how) the ego uses its shadows in the mind – both to manipulate us, keeping us in the dark, and to attempt to control the flow and direction of our thoughts. In these dark, shadowy areas in the mind also is where the ego cleverly conceals its doings (and itself) from our Awareness.

To hide its parasitic nature from us, lest we become too consciously aware that our present, eternal experience of Life is literally being hijacked out from under us, ego quite ingeniously uses these contrived shadowy areas it casts to make up false divisions and arbitrary levels in the mind – ‘levels of consciousness’ is how we experience and perceive them. These levels are primarily what the ego uses to hide itself, all its mental devices (like the concept of linear time and other core mental programming) and all its schemes, plans and agendas, as well as storage for countless suppressed special memories attached to feelings of guilt, shame, remorse, unworthiness, etc., that it can re-purpose for use against us whenever it serves to do so. These memories are used by the ego to manipulate and push our buttons in order to induce or “re-mind” us into doing what the ego wills, using old, often untraceable feelings of guilt, fear, anger, resentment, grief, sorrow, etc.

Spirit or Love, on the other hand, uses the ego’s re-use of these same, often distorted memories whenever they surface as a way to flush up and heal all that seems to keep us attached to and under the heel of the ego thought system. Anytime we are triggered, the ego is attempting to direct our course of action or manipulate us into a desired response that serves ego. Spirit or Love, however, should we choose Awareness and thus, to see with Vision, reinterprets these trigger events in real-time as opportunities to expose, release and heal (forgive) accumulated past pain (think of Eckhart Tolle’s concept of a “pain body”). Said another way, Love exposes, shines away and replaces hidden darkness, long buried in the mind, with Light, reestablishing natural peace and divine order to the mind.

As it is with everything in the world of form, things play the roles we desire and assign them play.

The vast majority of what you and I consider to be the realm of memory in the mind, as well as all the personal, private, individual and often highly distorted memories stored away there are all part of the ego’s deep, vast and extremely complex mental construct. In fact, memory is really perception, only it’s directed at the past rather than the present. It can even be far more distorted than perception is, however, due to entropy that occurs in memories as they get covered over by time and distorted by beliefs, perception and other memories. EVERYTHING of the ego, everything illusory, everything made or born and bound by space and time suffers entropy and decay; everything physical, everything that is not spiritual and thus not eternal. Everything created is eternal and fundamentally spiritual in nature (Reality); everything made, make-believe, is temporal and subject to entropy and decay (imagined, upheld in the mind).

Given the willful establishment and perceived ‘existence’ of an ego-self, it would seem as if both dark and light can now simultaneously occupy the mind. And by the ways and contrived laws of duality, both
dark and light appear equally real
to the mind. Like the dark side of the moon, these ego shadows remain fixed on our perceived ego-self, which interprets this darkness as ‘its own light.’ To itself, the ego’s darkness is perceived as light and strength, because it is a byproduct of the ego’s imagined success at gaining independence and autonomy from God. It wears and boasts its darkness then, its absence of Light, like a badge of honor, a (if not the) source of pride.

To the ego, in its delusional arrogance and narcissism, it has overpowered even God. It has usurped God’s throne to make itself ruler of the mind and of the fantastical universe it has conjured up through it. Yet, it remains terrified of the Thought of God; of the Thought of God rising to our Awareness, surely bent on dissolving the ego. It ‘lives’ in endless fear of punishment and retribution from God. So it is constantly on the defensive; constantly preemptively attacking so its guard is never down. It is afraid of the thought of eventually having to face justice, God’s wrath and certain judgment for all it believes it has really done, from the thought of separation onward. The ego projects all that guilt onto us, and each of us carry it and similarly go on to project it onto others. We are the ones that feel and experience all that fear and guilt, because we choose to identify with/as our ego-self; although much of it is suppressed, residing in the ego’s unconscious level of the mind.

The ego ‘exists’ in constant state of fear of retribution for all the unholy crimes and deceptions it imagines it has committed against God and against all of God’s Creation. None of its atrocities actually occurred, but even fear, fearing inevitable judgment helps make the ego and its doings appear more real to us, which is always the ego’s ultimate underlying motive. All the while, however, what could an infinite, omnipotent, Loving God, Knowing only Reality, possibly know of a finite, impotent, little ego or its foreign, alien, loveless thought system? What could Light know of darkness, when Its mere Presence shines it entirely away? What could God know of our private dreams held and kept apart from God; of all our illusions and objects of make-believe; of special identities and personas, or of limitations we were not created with which the ego conceives of and appears to impose on us, such as that of a dense, non-spiritual body and a physical world? What could God know of senses, or of perception itself, when in Reality only Truth and Knowledge exist, where “to perceive” is an utterly meaningless concept. Knowledge has no use whatsoever for perception. Neither would, nor could Love ever condemn, even if something like all this really did happen or exist.

How often in this world of ours do we see people, especially persons of various faiths and religions, angrily, vengefully awaiting God’s justice (whether outwardly expressed or only quietly desired within) to be imposed upon those whom they perceive (and judge) as “evil-doers,” on those heathens, on these infidels, on the unrighteous? People make strange claims like ‘God tears down the temples of men;’ that God ‘allows’ and even Wills that temples or churches be built, or re-built. They really believe the Creator of all Life, all that is eternal and spiritual, is concerned about such things, and has control issues over such things. They really believe the Creator of All That Is has special favorites among us, God’s unified, beloved extension. All this projection of concepts onto God, however, really serves only people, specifically egos, and ego ideologies, so that people can also claim specialness, uniqueness, separation from the rest; that God has favorites, or “chosen” people and special, holy lands and special, holy books, never mind that in so many cases the stories have been hand-selected and assembled (with others omitted), translated and re-translated again and again, re-interpreted and retold by men with agendas, meaning ultimately by personas, and often decades, even generations long after the documented events took place. Our documented history of just the last hundred years shows with exceptional clarity just how deceptive human beings skew “truth;” especially given that the “winners” write the history.

Is it not likely, seeing the extent and inevitability of corruption in the underbelly of both Church and State “power” structures of the world today, knowing the humility-absent nature of the human ego (especially in relation to acquiring perceived power), that these people in positions of ‘power and authority,’ certainly those directing them to review, choose, edit and translate religious scripture and doctrine, had other ideas and agendas beyond that of simply conveying Love’s unifying message of oneness with our Creator? Choosing religious content for something so powerful over people’s minds as religion would have been very well planned, thoroughly thought out and carefully executed to ensure, above all, the needs of the power structure were top priority, surely over that of illuminating the common people in becoming more aware of the natural, inherent power they each had. To ignore this is to blatantly ignore human nature. And human nature is ego nature.

This is why our salvation lies in transcending human nature.

“God’s Word,” were it to be authentically expressed and shared among the people as Jesus did, for example, as the story goes, without the middle-man of a church, would completely undermine and negate the fabric of any and all power that ‘the powers that be’ ever dreamed of having over the people. Jesus had to be killed to prevent such a threat as ‘we, the people awakening’ might have on the power structures of the times.

It is not hard to see the parallels of religious authority and the ego, both acting as that filter or obstacle standing in-between the Sunlight of the Spirit and us, both casting dark shadows in their wake. As it turns out in the ego’s world, it has always been the money-changers who decide what history, what narratives and what religious dogma gets into the indoctrination program and in what forms it will be handed down. We can be certain all has been passed on in whatever form that best serves the long-term survival of the power structure, not the people. To ignore this, to believe any special book they organized and provided as being somehow more important, the most authoritative resource, more meaningful and valuable even than each of us having a natural, active, direct, open, present, internal connection to a Living God, is simply a choice to be ignorant of our oneness. It also demonstrates an ignoring or denying of one’s own connection, because to have, to know and thus undoubtedly to honor such a connection immediately reveals just how valueless any books or religious belief is next to oneness. In oneness, a holy book, a holy land, a temple or a group of special or chosen people – anything idolized – becomes an obstacle.

Spirit is not about complexity; Truth is pure and simple
and is freely available to everyone, regardless of intelligence, IQ or education level.

This is not stated to imply anyone or any group as being bad or evil in any way, shape or form, but to show the cookie-cutter similarities in the way ego manifests itself in this world so it can be more easily recognized. The religious authority, much like the “deep state” or shadow government, as well as any and all other evil “theys” that we can fathom, all reflect the ego; ultimately, the ego within the mind of the observer. Another way of saying this is to emphatically state that no one is really guilty of anything, which is what practicing true forgiveness leads us to eventually seeing and experiencing clearly. We do, however, need to be able to recognize and discern the ego’s reflections and patterns, how for example things like religious books, temples, texts and scriptures can be made, introduced and used to control and manipulate the masses in just the same ways the ego does on the individual level, the world being a reflection of what is happening in the mind at the individual level.

It is important to remember, however, that all of this is meaningless outside of the bubble that not spiritual, but human beings – people, personas, egos – conjure up for themselves, or adopt from what has been passed down and shared in the illusion of time. While neutral in Reality and in Truth, in a world governed by duality, perception and the ego’s loveless-ness, these religious concepts of a vengeful, condemning, punishing God behave much like viruses in the mind. They are shared delusions that were made and manifest to perpetuate not Love, not Spirit, not God, not Awareness or Awakening, but ego. They have all but distracted and led us astray since the beginning of time. Underneath all their shiny moral, dualistic veneer is the ego’s attempt to manipulate, control and keep our minds away from the perfect simplicity and Truth – that “I and my Father are one.”

“Love God with all your being; and Love others as your Self,” because “they, like you, also are one with God. “They” are a reflection of you; they are part of you. They are no more separate from you than you are from God. Our salvation is all very, very simple; it is so simple that we miss it entirely looking for something far more complex; something more like religions and spiritual teachings go on about offering their levels of heavens made for personas, or multi-dimensions or fantasy Utopias for humanity. Complexity and levels are of the ego. God – Love – would never make salvation hard or confusing, nor some far-off future event, or something attainable by some but closed off to others.

Sewing Mass Confusion

Under the influence of ego, we are in a sense rendered oblivious or blind to spiritual Vision. Generally, people deny Vision or just ignore it altogether, preferring to see what is – or rather perceive only that which is perceivable – through the filter and darkened lens of perception; through the sensory devices of the self-made ego, limiting us what the body’s eyes see; or, to what the body’s senses are able to sense. This has a severely limiting effect on what and how we see, and is a result of our choice to pursue the ego’s promise of individuality, independence and autonomy over unity with our Source.

Duality, perception and the body’s senses are all devices under the dominion of the ego; that is, until the day comes when we become willing finally to turn them all over to Spirit, to Love (some religions use the perfectly accurate term, “Holy Spirit”), to use going forward on our behalf – then comes Vision. Until then, though, the ego is left to run amok in our minds, deceiving us into using its own devices in place of or as substitute for Vision. And the ego is ingenious in its use of these devices to manipulate, deceive and control us as willing participants in its charade, as well as cunning in its use (mis-use and ab-use) of the mind. It is unwise to underestimate the extent the ego thought system will go to attempt to exert control. Although fundamentally illusory, given our investment of belief, it is highly intelligent, resourceful and skilled in the ways of Mind, albeit insane, narcissistic and self-centered, at times to the extreme.

After all, unlike you and I having only our brief ‘human lifetimes’ in which to come to learn the ways and creative faculties of the mind on our own (having already chosen to go at this ‘personalized’ version of life separate from God), ego has had from the beginning of time, or, from the first thoughts of separation and of time, to ‘perfect’ its use of both the mind and time. Make no mistake – the ego uses that big head start against us to stay ahead of even the most ‘intelligent’ among us. A person’s high level of ingenuity has nothing over their ego, really only providing their egos with more intelligence and armaments to use against them. This is why humility is such a critical spiritual practice when we’re ready to begin healing from the effects of ego.

Intelligence and, even more so, the level of established “higher indoctrination education” an individual accumulates more often than not proves to be a hindrance in matters of Spirit, serving one’s ego far more than one’s Self. The more such a person is educated about the world, their minds filled with information about the illusion, the more bought into the illusory world they generally are; and the less they tend to perceive a need for spiritual Guidance, at least not primarily, to help them to navigate through it. After all, that is what there education is for, to become more self-sufficient and self-reliant in the world. They put less trust in intuitive, spiritual things that simply are not taught in college classrooms.

This idea of higher education (or established education as a whole) being a hindrance tends to upset those who push for education and more education; degrees and more degrees. But the Truth is, our one, true spiritual Self has little, if any, use for such things as advanced education or an expansive “human intellect” constructed solely around worldly concepts and ideas. Collectively it is indoctrination for deeper assimilation into the ego illusion; and reinforcement of beliefs to sustain it, making it evermore real. Extensive ‘knowledge’ about bodies and forms, or of the scientific make-up and physical ‘laws’ of an illusory, projected dreamworld is of little value outside of the boundaries of that dreamworld. In fact, our spiritual path, more often than not, is one of unlearning a great deal of our education, all that we previously learned and held onto about the world. Master Yoda of the Star Wars saga famously put it this way, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

It is no different than it would be with the content of any nighttime dream, having no real use or value outside of that dream once we awaken from it. Relative truths collapse into nothingness when what they are related to is rightly found to be an illusion. Then, error can be corrected.

True value, where genuine knowledge shines in revealing the illusory distortions and flaws of perception, lies in our Awareness that the physical world, as we presently perceive it, is being projected. The how and why of that key factor is of far more value to us than anything we can learn about the world; or, about the contents of the projection. How helpful or useful would it be in our daily lives to have learned everything there is to know, every detail, about a movie? It is trivia outside of the boundaries of that movie. It is irrelevant and useless in another movie, for example. The value of worldly ‘knowledge’ on a spiritual level relates only to the degree by which such an education or detailed information can assist us in communicating and sharing our spiritual Truth. If not used for a higher purpose, it serves merely to strengthen our self-reliance in a false self-image, an educated persona, and thus deepen the illusion. It can be very helpful here to remember this: Spirit is not about complexity. Truth is pure and simple and is freely available to everyone, regardless of intelligence, IQ or education level. Intelligence is often complex, if not highly complex, and the more complexity there is, the more likelihood the ego is somewhere in the making and/or interpretation of whatever is being observed.

This video shows the bi-polar effects of an ego-hijacked mind. It reveals how the ego uses duality to deceive – setting up polar opposite or extreme positions and flip-flopping between them as made up, arbitrary, often inconsistent poles – to then sew confusion and chaos which over time results in entropy, decay and the dis-integration of form, order or relative ‘truth’ in this case.

Taking a good, honest look at the cunning and resourcefulness of the ego can offer us invaluable insight into its modes of operation and its complex, convoluted nature. Look at the recent “Russophobia” hysteria, or “Russiagate,” that took place in the United States for well over two years following the 2016 presidential election. Here we had two fabricated sides, deeply split apart, with both sides (as far as We, the People were concerned) made to believe it was about either truth and justice, or, an overt, blatant attack on them. Think you now it ever had anything whatsoever to do with justice or truth? Not even remotely. Yet still there are those clinging onto the false, empty hope of future punishments yet to be doled out upon some treasonous ‘elites’ by other treasonous elites. They await a retribution that will never come. Because in the end, it was all about distraction. No one was ever going to ‘go down’ for any dealings at that level; they are all willing participants and paid actors. And that is why it ends with a whimper. It was meant only to keep the People’s Awareness distracted, maintaining the illusion, too, that the People still have even a remnant of a voice left in government, which of course they do not.

All the ego really has is ‘nothing-burgers’ in the grand scheme. What we should be asking ourselves, while all of it was happening, is what more was either being occupied, encroached upon or hidden away by the ego, while our Awareness was kept distracted? The American people lost what little remained of ‘their’ government, after decades of covert subversion, to a foreign, hidden power structure of not just two sides but of many heads, masking itself behind diplomacy, capitalism (and encroaching socialism), religion, technology, high finance, “national security,” entitlement and specialness, to name just a few (still however, all just facets of the ego). As, of course, have the People in other countries similarly been subverted and overrun by the ego. To believe all the players at the top of national governments are somehow not carefully selected for their egos, for their skills and abilities in either reflecting statesmanship when needed or invoking ire and resentment in the people when it serves, is a mistake. These players are all willing participants in a greater ego plan of subversion and self-serving. Trust in the ego is a mistake.

It can be both enlightening and overwhelming to see just how extensive, intricate and entangled the ego’s web is; how deep the ego thought system rabbit hole goes. It helps us to recognize its ways and its predictable patterns constantly replicating, shifting forms and playing out on the world’s stage; on the “quantum screen.” Recognizing the ego’s patterns also reveals to us why we are unwise to underestimate it. After all, the ego thought system is the core Matrix underpinning all other perceived matrices; the evil behind all perceived ‘evils.’ It is the depths below the “Deep State” and the darkness behind the “Shadow Governments” of the world. And yet, no matter how big or entrenched it may seem, either in the mind (cause, projector) or in the world (effect, projection), the ego stills remains but a figment of the imagination, and is thus outside of Reality. And so, it can be abandoned, rightly seen as the illusion it is.

To convince the mind that illusion is real – to make the unreal appear real – the ego must be very clever, imaginative and highly resourceful. However, it also is undisciplined and quite careless in its use of the mind. It is careless, disordered, volatile and unstable ultimately because, being imagined itself, it does not suffer the painful consequences of its effects – you and I do as its maker; we all do, because we invest belief and real-ize its charade and all its illusive escapades.

Perception is a prime example of the ego’s ingenuity and craftiness – one of its crowning achievements. Operating on its rogue program of separation, being the foundation for a duality-based experience, going on to imagine and project a duality-based world, the ego conjured up perception as the primary means for us to both interact with its world and to constantly reinforce our beliefs in its projection(s) as a tangible, believable alternative form of reality. Experiencing and buying into the ego’s world as a spiritual being, created to know (not to perceive) oneness, wholeness and unity, would be wholly impossible and unbelievable without the ego’s distorted lens of perception; a filter of distortion, deception, limitation and control.

We could say the ego conjures a world and populates it with bodies, each to which it assigns its perceptual senses. The physical senses are perfectly suited for a world of duality, detecting, for example, what can be perceived, experienced and judged as either painful or pleasurable. The ego then uses pain and pleasure, over time and in doses, as a means of conditioning us. Pain and pleasure are used to manipulate, program and teach willing, separated, ‘personified,’ ego-manipulated minds to occupy and accept the body and its senses as our identity; and to accept an ego-projected world as ‘home’ for the body. From the womb onward, as the ego thought system matures, strengthens and begins to take over, it uses controlled doses of pain and pleasure to seduce and condition us into trusting in these senses, even over our intuitive spiritual nature, slowly blurring until ultimately blotting out Self-Awarness. Self-centeredness, centered on a false ego-self, replaces spiritual Self-Awareness.

Perception must be made to be that convincing, and so it must remain. The whole charade is held in place through relentless distraction, deception and make-believe. And because ‘to believe is to perceive,’ the ego has become the master of make-believe, while we remain convinced and generally oblivious, trading Heaven in for our own personal daily grind, trudging the far over-traveled path of human ‘life.’ And through the ego thought system, we conceived and maintain the ideal confirmation bias loop to help us keep our illusion of separation in place. Salvation is liberation from this.

With perception established in the mind as the way of experiencing the ego’s substitute, alternate version of Life and with senses ‘real-izing,’ or helping to reinforce investment in a ‘reality’ of the body – the ego’s primary projected symbol of ‘self’ in form – the ego then essentially sits back and directs the show from what we think of as an unconsciousness part of the mind. Influenced or directed by the ego thought system, the mind sends the body’s senses out into its projected physical world (actually, a continuous, border-less field of quantum energy) to find and report back fabricated evidence that would convince us, as the ego’s host (also its target, the mark for its long con), that the ego is ‘right’ about whatever it wants us to think, believe or perceive about its world; about anything, about everything.

To convince us to believe in something as ‘true,’ the ego uses the body’s senses to collect evidence to support, validate and confirm its relative ‘truth,’ which will have nothing whatsoever to do with Truth or Reality, being all it strives to keep us away from. The ego really doesn’t even care about relative truth, so long as you and I remain oblivious and deeply invested in its preferred narratives and beliefs; so long as our thinking remains confined to its world.

Ego also uses these same physical senses to both filter what makes it into our minds, our point of view (which it tries to keep tightly controlled) so to speak, and to filter out anything that would shed light on its deceptions or illuminate its weaknesses, or shine on anything that might expose the fact that it is deceiving us. Everything it does – everything it does – is done for the ultimate hidden purpose of luring us away from the one true, unified thought system of our divine Source – a.k.a. God-Consciousness, Christ-Consciousness, Super-Consciousness, Life, as Life, was created by God, or very simply by Love in Its ever-present state. All the ego’s usurping of the power of Mind is directed toward tempting, seducing and manipulating us away from that authentic Love; from Life. Instead it would lead us deeper and deeper into adopting the ego’s mimicked version of life with its self-centered, dualistic thought system as substitute for the one true Consciousness that exists without opposite or end, being the Kingdom of Heaven, or simply Home.

In exactly the same way ego was conceived from a rogue thought of separation from our Creator, all that emerges forth from the ego follows suit, following the same pattern. That pattern becomes very easy to recognize with Vision. Perception, interpreting the world based on a fundamental framework of duality, goes on to perceive as separate, split apart and divided all that Vision sees as one and unified in Truth. The ego-hijacked mind separates and splits every thing into different states, kinds or versions of itself, and then separating them in time and space, makes them appear as polar opposites; sometimes subtle, but often extreme, misusing the power of belief to make-believe each of its versions or poles to appear equally ‘real’ to the mind.

It Was Never about Mind vs. Heart

The ego uses duality and perception, as well as projected, manifest forms that we closely associate with ourselves like the divided look and form of the brain, for example, to make us believe the mind can be split, and thus that internal conflict in any form is real. All its efforts are aimed at tearing down the mind’s natural, indomitable unity and integrity, being the creative extension of Spirit, as well as serving to keep us thinking and believing that our minds and our hearts are not on the same team; that they, too – or, essentially that we, too – are split, divided and disunified and thus, in a constant state of conflict. And believing this, so we would seem to be in some form of perpetual internal conflict, with conflict either front and center in our present experience, or in some abstract form of conflict buzzing somewhere in the background of our daily lives. Rarely, if ever, is the human condition not one of ongoing conflict in some form.

The Science of Good & Evil - TIME Magazine

The Science of Good & Evil – TIME Magazine
(image used for educational purposes)

It’s like the old, longstanding popular concept of having a little devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, each vying to guide us along our path, clearly reflecting the opposing (dualistic) nature of what we perceive as human “life.” Does this not beg the question: what other creature in this experience of the world could or would imagine such a thing as being persuaded along by either devils or angels, one present whenever the other is absent, each nudging, coxing them along in life? And how often, dabbling along these lines of “good and evil” or “angels and devils,” is the mind made out to be the bad-guy in that equation, part of the problem. And our heart, symbolizing goodness and love, gets portrayed as the good-guy, the solution? “Follow you heart,” people say. It may seem trivial on the surface, but in this way, the mind is subtly and perpetually pitted against the heart to imply that, of the two, the mind surely is the devil and so the “right thing” is to follow the heart. All too often, however, this thinking leads to a persistent lack of Awareness, the mindless desiring, usually simply for more, becoming more seduced and more attached to ego temptations in form, which are valueless spiritually. Mindlessly following the heart leads to unhealthy attachment to what is valueless. Heartlessly following the mind leads to loveless apathy and dissociation.

The truth is, the mind is never the bad guy; it is never the devil. Nor is the heart. They are not on opposing sides; they are one. That we perceive them as split is just another symptom of ego and duality. Both misguided desires and misguided thoughts will get us into situations that produce suffering. That is how the ego plays both sides (much the same way the money changers or bankers do in times of conflict and war in this world). The guidance, the guide, or, our choice of guides is the problem, not the heart or the mind. Mind is never the problem. The problem is that, choosing separation, our mind is all but freely handed over to the ego, placed under the spell of an ego thought system, a rogue, corrupt, corrupting program (if not complete operating system) that we surrender ourselves over to, until the moment, the holy instant comes, when we become willing to choose again, now choosing oneness; choosing Vision and Truth. Until this miraculous moment – miraculous in that it is a change of mind and thus, perspective – we are tricked into being unable to distinguish mind from ego. So the mind takes all the heat and carries the guilt and shame for all the poor guidance and all the dark and terrible deeds of the ego, while the heart keeps us attached to desiring more of the ego’s seductions.

One of the greatest revelations and gifts of using Vision and the regular practice of forgiveness in the form outlined earlier in this post – as in seeing the false as false in this world – is that there is a very clear contrast between Spirit-Guided Mind and the ego-hijacked, misguided mind. In either case, the mind is neutral and is wholly innocent. Mind is a creative extension of Spirit. And so, just like Spirit, Mind is sacred and holy. So, too, are we wholly innocent. It is very important to remember that. We have made an error, and that is all; and even that was imagined.

Let us get perfectly clear on this – it is the ego, rooted in the thought of separation from our Creator, from Spirit, from Love, being a manifest effect of that same separation thought, desired and upheld in the mind, that is our primary problem… not the mind. The ego’s expanding occupation and use of our minds from that point is what becomes problematic, and is what leads to all our suffering. We must deal with the cause (the thought of separation) and not lose ourselves in the multitude of its illusory effects if we are to experience true salvation and restore Self-Awareness, enter the “Kingdom of Heaven,” become “enlightened” or “Self-actualized,” etc. Be sure too that people, that is to say personas, do not become enlightened – rather we could say, “Oneness re-members and restores Itself.”

the illusory conflict between heart vs mind

True to the ego’s dualistic paradigm, many buy into a perceived conflict between the heart & mind – one is trustworthy, the other is not. Underneath our beliefs, however, they are unified. Either both are being deceived & manipulated by ego or, we are liberated from ego. There is no in-between.

Clarity on this issue of treating and healing true cause can save us a whole lot of wasted time and energy trying to solve a mountain of perceived personal or societal problems that really are only serving to keep the actual, core problem in place and hidden from us. Heal this one and you heal them all. Slowly, gradually chip away at trying to solve and heal the others – the human condition – and essentially solve nothing. Human beings have haphazardly pursued the latter route for millennia and, well, here we are, having progressed nowhere. We are chasing our tails. There is no future Utopia for the ego and its personas. There is no form that would appease it; the insatiable cannot be satisfied.

Being perfectly clear on true cause also releases the mind from a deeply suppressed, unconscious guilt that we suffer from all that we believe ourselves to have done under the influence of the ego thought system; our acts against God and creation; our perceived “sins.” This freedom empowers us – empowering the “right mind” – rather than rendering our minds impotent, misperceiving the mind to be insignificant, undisciplined, weak and part of the problem, as the ego would gladly have us continue believing.

We can see this subversive, generally unconscious attempt to downplay and diminish the mind outwardly expressed today in modern “spiritual” tropes and sayings reflected in social media memes, for example, even from some of the more popular, well-intentioned spiritual personas. Sharing their inspirational thoughts, analogies and metaphors across many of today’s social sites, they post nice little sayings accompanied by calming, peaceful imagery. More often than not, however, when these posts relate to the heart and/or mind, they are usually heavily skewed to be pro-heart and anti-mind. These posts are, in a sense, modernized versions of the ‘angel and devil on the shoulder’ analogy. Here we have spiritual personas attempting to impose the idea on “followers” to all but ignore the mind in spiritual matters, pushing as good ‘the way of the heart’ or, more often than not, the ego’s versions of these – special “love,” special “unity” – separating and raising heart above mind as the end-all, be-all to achieving some new-age form of enlightenment. Throughout all time, however, has that approach ever worked for humans or humanity? Has ‘following our hearts’ alone ever brought peace to this tired, old, worn out world, or just more mindless disorder and chaos? Was it not following our hearts, after all – desire – the desire to pursue a fantasy thought that arose in the mind, imagining ourselves separate and apart from our Source, that led us to an eventual experience of a dream and world of separation? Perceiving the two as separate, rather than being joined in Spirit, the ego can misuse our misconception of the heart for its agendas every bit as much as it misuses and abuses the mind.

The Classic Mind/Brain Problem

The ego uses these same divide-and-conquer tactics, turned inward, to divide or split and seem to polarize the mind itself. This splitting of the mind is reflected both on the mental plane as a seeming division of the mind into separate, opposing ‘levels’ of consciousness, as well as on the physical plane, symbolized and idolized as the human brain – a poor representation of the mind, but convincingly so it would seem for a majority of humanity; even well-educated scientists. Projected as featuring two polarized hemispheres, the brain, by design, appears in form to reflect two entirely different, polarized modes of operation; one side reflecting creativity and intuition (we could say ‘sub’-symbolizing spirituality and the emotional mind), the other opposing side reflecting intelligence and logic (sub-symbolizing mental intellect and the reasoning mind).

Beyond its obvious divided appearance in form and beyond the alleged opposing, dualistic functions of the brain’s hemispheres, together symbolizing a seemingly split mind, the brain, accepted as the default symbol of the mind, is really just more of the ego’s trickery. Just as in the ego’s fantasy-world script where our Spirit, our Self, is so poorly misrepresented, portrayed as a clumsy, weak, frail human body, so too is the creative catalyst and integral part of God’s Creation, Mind, portrayed as the brain; a strange, fist-sized lump of fleshy gray matter. Both Mind and Spirit, omnipotent, unified, universal and limitless by nature, seemingly forced into teeny, tiny physical chunks of brain and body form by the all-powerful ego, both made out to appear as seemingly fragile, feeble forms existing only at the pleasure and mercy of the big, bad, dangerous world they seem to abide within. It’s all just another of the ego’s countless attempts to break apart, divide and weaken that which remains invulnerable and forever One in Truth – Mind and Spirit, Consciousness and Love. Mind cannot be split anymore than Consciousness or Spirit can be; and the ego certainly has no power over either, being One.

The Mind - Scientific American Magazine

“Mysteries of the Mind | New Insights about the
Brain…” – even our most popularized material from some of the most ‘intelligent’ minds still blur the mind & brain together as being one and the same. Oblivious? Or is the scientific establishment intentionally deceiving? (image used for educational purposes)

Going on further and deeper into the illusion, the brain, symbol of the mind, being split in form into two distinct parts, each part made to seem to operate completely unlike the other, yet both assigned equal reality (sound familiar?), the ego has, with seeming success in its deluded thought system, demoted, diminished and all but de-legitimatized the magnitude and limitless nature of Mind. Being a co-creative catalyst of Life and of all of God’s Creation, being the force and source of the physical universe and the entirety of the 3-D projection – the means of projecting the brain, the body, the world and the whole of the human dream – we are made to believe the mind has been captured, bound, tied, tamed and caged into form as the brain by the ego, like a calf-roping at a rodeo.

The brain, a strange and undoubtedly intriguing mass of gray, noodle-like flesh, interestingly enough behaving much like a computer, only far more advanced (apparently not for long however) and with far more alchemy, magic and mystery involved given it’s just one solid lump of hardware rather than a series of distinct components, while arguably very impressive in its own right, still remains wholly incomparable to Mind. There is no physical form we could imagine that could aptly symbolize Mind, just as there is no form we could imagine that could rightly represent Spirit (and again, behind the ego’s veil of perception and duality, they are one). Both are exquisitely and wholly formless, as are we, in spirit. The physical form of the brain is the ego’s attempt, however, to do just that – to symbolize, define and limit the mind to form. This is why most people seem fundamentally incapable of not confusing in some way the brain with the mind. Deepening the confusion and further supporting the ego’s overall charade, the brain’s neurons and neural network are made to light up under observation in order to convince the scientific and medical establishments that it is the brain that we use to do our thinking with. This could not be further from the Truth.

True to its nature and mastery in manifesting duality, the ego imagined and made the brain form to be split into two distinct parts, two opposing hemispheres with a gap and a spectrum of functions operating in-between its more polarized extremes (i.e. creativity vs. logic) which, combined together, represent and reflect all the activity of the mind, according to human perception through observation and experimentation. Or we could say the brain reflects (symbolizes) what we imagine and believe it should, what it should look and behave like, if formless mind was to exist in physical form. Interestingly enough, the mind’s imagination, image and projection of itself is abstract and largely indefinable (just as is our idea of self’) and thus its obscure physical form reflects that abstraction. We can’t imagine mind distinctively in form, so the brain appears just as an abstract glob of ambiguous gray matter.

As science and technology have advanced over time and as scientists and doctors looked closer and closer at the brain, expecting to see, desiring to see, making up the means by which to see… they saw. They saw what they were looking for – and they were looking for the brain to behave in ways they imagined it should if it was the mind in form. They saw in their extensive studies of the brain what they projected from their unique mix of imagination and educational history and background; such things that the average person not looking and not interested in investing in such pursuits would not be able and would not desire to invest in imagining. We could say then that the scientific and medical establishment imagined and decided for the rest of us how the brain was going to show up and act like in its assigned portrayal of the mind. And the vast majority of us agreed to adopt their view; their perception on the matter. Ultimately, however, as with every other form, the brain does only what humanity expects it to do. Believing it so, we perceive it so.

This combined mental and emotional (heart and mind) process of desiring, believing and perceiving, of cause and effect, or we could say, of mind over matter, has been reflected for us again and again and again in this world. One more obvious example is the classic case of running a human body body fast enough to break the 4-minute mile barrier. Once such a feat was initially imagined by one who took interest, desired and was willing to imagine and pursue it, it became inevitable for such a thing to happen, or, to be reflected in form. Furthermore, once an anomaly such as breaking the 4-minute mile transitions from being an isolated, imagined idea to occurring for all to witness in form, it then can be perceived and accepted as achievable. Now ‘agreed upon,’ it morphs into becoming something of a social norm rather than a phenomenon, where countless others can now do what was once unimaginable. It was the same with the impossibility of flight until the Wright Brothers imagined and believed differently. In this same way, replicated in countless ways in the physical universe, the brain once upon a time began to light up and play its part, dazzling more and more with further study, as those perceiving it looked closer, refining their imaginations, manifesting (projecting) more and more of what they imagined should come next.

Many people today try to take advantage of this universal cause and effect aspect of the Matrix in which humanity appears to exist. They try to manipulate and even master what they perceive as some secret, magical creative process of imaging, desiring, believing and perceiving thoughts into form, attempting to manifest wealth, power, fame, or simply more in some form for themselves within the dream. But let us be very clear on this toopersonal gain will never be the point of Awareness. Instead, such pursuits serve merely to distract and delay Awareness and strengthen an already false and blinding persona. We cannot have it both ways. The wish to do so, trying to satisfy both a mental persona and spiritual Self, has been our core problem all along. Illusion will never satisfy the Spirit. And form is not our Home. We suffer to the extent that we desire and insist on making that somehow untrue, when it cannot and never will be our Truth.

Is this all sounding strangely familiar yet, on a deep resonant level perhaps? If you’ve read this far, it must ring true. That is because there is nothing written out here that we don’t all already know. This is a lot of bottom-of-the-rabbit-hole information being laid out and re-presented here. Kudos to you for hanging in there up to this point. We’re almost done, for now, part one. Later parts of the series will not be nearly so lengthy, having been re-minded of this foundation. Once you begin to see and regularly recognize the cookie-cutter dualistic process the ego employs to make up its world and literally everything in it, its countless divisions and poles and spectrums, degrees and dichotomies, you can begin to see its variations on that process literally everywhere in the Matrix. Forms change constantly, but the content under the hood, the ego’s processes and tactics, always remains the same. The Light of our Awareness illuminates the ego’s whole charade, which simply cannot stand in the Light.

Blurring the mind and brain together as somehow being one and the same, as even our most highly educated scientific and medical disciplines still do to this day (well, at least publicly), is all part of the ego’s relentless attack on the mind’s natural unity with Spirit, as well as the mind’s integrity, which translates ultimately to being ego’s rather insidious, yet impotent attack on Spirit or God. Rather than making the brain a special organ, equating it with the mind, we could rightly consider that everything in form reflects the mind; certainly not just the brain. And equally so, as well. Our big toe is no different than the brain in reflecting the mind, as is a fly on a window sill; a drop of water; a cigarette butt on the ground. We don’t really think or believe Love is fixed and located in time and space in the organ of the human heart, do we? So, why then do we make that very mistake with Consciousness or Mind, believing it to be somehow located in the brain organ? It’s completely absurd really, when you think about it, instead of accepting the spoon-fed ego-deceptive narrative that the mind and brain are the same.

There is one more thing that must be called out here in relation to errors and distortions inherent with the mind/brain confusion problem, being a major flaw that we programeducate’ into young people’s minds. Most, if not all of humanity has been deceived into accepting yet another misguided, fantasy and false belief – the mistaken idea that brains think. Brains are incapable of thinking. Brains do not rationalize. Brains do not discern. This belief that brains think is upheld by the ego as an attempt to legitimize both the brain and the body, and form in general, as capable of independently and autonomously being cause. The mindthinks. On this we must be clear to help us understand the basis for oneness. To be most accurate, we could say that the mind hosts the passing, or a rise and fall, of thoughts in Awareness. Thoughts are the flow ofConsciousness. And Mind is host to the flow of Consciousness (a.k.a. Love, Spirit). All is Spirit; All is Mind. All is within both, being One.

Let us recognize going forward that the brain – as cool, complex, strange and mysterious as it may seem to be, and as central it may seem in relation to the operation of the human body – is still merely a symbolic form. It is an expression of the mind; a mind under the influence of ego. It seems to behave and do what it does only because our belief systems have progressed in such that the brain should behave as we imagine and observe it behaving today. We project behaviors onto it from one part of the mind while perceiving its behavior from another part; these ‘parts’ kept apart from each other by the ego thought system.

As it is with every ‘thing’ in the world of form, things, forms, even people play the roles that we, as the perceiver, as the observer, desire and subconsciously, even unconsciously, assign them to play for us. Of course, the ego strives to keep all this out of our Awareness, having made-up ‘levels of consciousness’ for that very purpose. In the ego’s attempt to divide and segregate ‘parts’ of the mind from other parts, it’s as if the mental projector is kept in another separate room of the mind so that, looking on the world from a different room, we are kept unaware the projection always originates within us.

That physical forms result from our projecting, playing whatever role(s) we assign them, is a testament to the creative power and functionality of the mind. It also is a testament to the mind’s natural dominion and influence over a multi-dimensional, unified field of quantum energy that underpins the whole of the physical universe; a quantum mirror that cannot but reflect the content of Consciousness, including our imagination(s) – imagination being part of or an extension of the unified field of Consciousness – in corresponding symbolic material form. The overall reflection, being the physical universe, all that is perceivable to the senses, will include the content and reflect the state of mind, including all the thought forms we value and uphold, represented in symbolic form. Perception is then employed by the ego-occupied mind to give validation, support and a sense of reality to all that we perceive, having desired and expected to perceive it through the senses, all under the ego’s influence. To believe is to perceive, and so, to perceive is to not see “truth,” but rather is only confirmation, validation, used to deepen and reinforce preconceived beliefs. This is in part why every persona can observe the same thing, situation or event while perceiving it quite differently.

Brains are incapable of thinking.

In summarizing the mind/brain confusion ‘problem,’ we could just say the human brain is much like the computer on Star Trek’s original 60’s-style Enterprise – lights blink, sounds click and beep, funky images dance on screens, things light up and responds on queue, all cleverly and believably designed to produce the illusion that it is really cause of something. The brain, however, just as any other effect of the mind’s projection in form, any other symbol, is neither cause of anything real, nor can it produce anything real, but serve to deceive the willing. Like everything in form, it is neutral, taking on whatever meaning we ascribe to it. The brain is a prop. It does what it is scripted to do; what it’s made to do; what is desired, believed and expected it should do.

Yes, of course, we (the persona) certainly would seem to die if the brain were somehow to become severely damaged. But death ultimately would not be the result of brain damage. Death would occur because we so deeply, so fundamentally believe that we cannot survive such damage. We collectively have invested far too much in such ancient beliefs about the brain not to reach some form of ‘end’ if it was to become so damaged (however, any imagined form of end also is illusory). So be it; it’s in the script. After all, clearly dualistic in form, the brain, as a physical symbol and as our chosen stand-in to represent the mind in form, the split “human” mind, is divided in part to reflect our split allegiance. Our minds are split in their allegiance between following either a false ego thought system of our own making or following the one true Thought System, the “God Consciousness” behind all true creation, a.k.a. Spirit or Love. The split appearance of the brain clearly reflects the conflict we imagine, conjure up and uphold between these two guides, only one of which is Real. Thus, the brain, like most everything else we come up with in the physical realm, is ultimately a symbol of conflict projected in form.

Being Cause of What We Perceive

We ourselves are the cause of all that we perceive. We ultimately are also responsible for how we interpret what we perceive, should we choose to judge and value it as good or bad (duality), or indifferent (unity, neutrality). Any conflict we perceive out in the world is a reflection symbolizing internal conflict. The ego would make use of all perceived conflict as a means of control – to keep us distracted; to cause us harm or weaken us in some way; to produce fear or guilt in order to manipulate us; or to foster anger and hate leading us to respond in ways that produce guilt and fear. In other words, ego uses conflict in whatever way serves to support the its core concept of separation. Love, on the other hand, reinterprets worldly conflict as a means to set us free; to help heal us by becoming aware of the real source of conflict within us, not out in the world, so that we can apply our unified will properly, letting go of the separation error.

All healing (another word for salvation) must involve an understanding of this fundamental truth as it relates to our making of this world, coupled with an understanding of “what is this for;” or, why we do what we do, underneath all the stories and lies we tell ourselves as to why. If we are really willing to look closely for the answer to this question, we cannot but recognize that nearly all of what we do, whenever in a state of mind that is presently absent of spiritual or Self-Awareness, is done to serve, in some way, the ego’s futile wish to be separate from our Source; to have a special, physical reality of its own; of our own. It can be hard to see and even harder to accept, but nearly all of our ‘human doings’ can be traced back to the impossible wish, not long ago in the past but in this present moment, to be separate; different, special, unique, autonomous, independent, self-reliant, private, isolated and alone.

The human inclination, people’s seeming inability to be perfectly at peace in this moment, in the here and now, needing and lacking absolutely no stimulus, just being simple, present Awareness – this is all the real-time evidence one needs to see how we, on some abstract yet conscious level, persistently choose separation, both from our Creator… and from our own Self. Most human personas, attempting to sit in stillness without any senses being stimulated in any way, no sights or sounds, with nothing but stillness and thoughts rising and falling, will feel anxiety followed almost immediately by a deep, indescribable uneasiness; an impulse to flee from this moment; to flee from such a state. Some will find it downright horrific, depending on the thoughts that arise, if and when they were to allow or make any such gaps for stillness in their busy, chaotic daily lives. They fear an emptiness in the present moment that they feel they must fill, when, in Reality, there is only salvation, nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven in the holy instant of here and now, without our needing to do nor think anything at all.

All that we do stemming from the basic belief that we are separate, that we are each unique personas existing in isolated bodies, is made to serve the ego. It’s all traceable back to the misguided, rogue thought, program and eventual operating system of separation – that is ‘what it’s for’… it all serves to reinforce separation. Even our special love relationships are most often fundamentally a subconscious attempt to fill the abstract hole we believe we’ve really made within us, having pursued the desire to substitute our natural unity with God with other things, with forms; another person, a pet or some other object. Even a conflict over choosing which toothpaste to buy can be used to reinforce the core ego thought system, teaching the mind and reinforcing thoughts and beliefs that we ‘really’ are confined to a body; a special, unique (some of us terminally unique) persona in a body, existing in a world of form, living a self-directed life often at the effect of a big, mean, harsh world, unwilling to even consider ourselves as being its cause. Believing ourselves separate, physical and thus completely different than our spiritual Creator, most of us only occasionally, rarely, if ever, even think about being one with, joining with or communing with our spiritual Source and Creator.

Do you see? Do you see how separation drives nearly everything human beings seem to do ‘here?’ Salvation is an undoing of the thought of separation.

In our Awareness of all that is expressed thus far, becoming aware of the ego’s program, aware of the ego’s charade, we can finally take back the reins of the mind from the ego thought system that we conjured up with it. We don’t, however, then presumptuously take back control of the mind to again attempt to use it on our own, trying this time just to be more disciplined in our use of it, or to ‘better control’ the mind’s projections and manifestations ourselves. Whenever we tried that route, we always strangely ended up back under the ego’s boot again. Now however, acknowledging our one true Source as being also the mind’s Creator and Source, we hand the reins of Mind back over to God. It is clear now, after all, there is only one Mind… and it is God’s. We finally come to see that Mind cannot, in Reality, be coveted or possessed, regardless of how much the ego tries to glorify itself imagining claims of having “my” mind and “my” thoughts.

Having returned the mind back over to Love we can now be Guided with and by Vision, by Awareness, by Spirit, by unconditional, non-special Love. While some shadows may still seem to linger for a time, there is no longer the need nor desire for a persona to be, nor to be in the way of anything, standing no more in-between God and all that forever remains God. There is no ‘in-between’ anymore, no space, no gap; no ego blocking the Sunlight of the Spirit. Now, again, always, there is only oneness. And now, finally, literally, we too have overcome the world.

Conflict & Disorder

On the topic of conflict, as its maker, the ego values conflict very highly, because conflict (1) is a great distractive, if not even addictive, entertainment device used on the mind and (2) is a subtle, indirect way to reinforce our beliefs in (and support of) the ‘reality’ of the ego’s doings and manifestations. This is all rather blatantly exemplified in ‘real-time’ today on the world stage in the WWE-like exhibition match (World Wrestling Entertainment) that presently is being played out in both national and global political arenas across the globe (refer back to the earlier mention of Russiagate). It even has the full, overt support of the mainstream propaganda media outlets around the world as well, to the point of absolute absurdity many would say. Try putting a count on the disproportionate amount of times the word “slams” (as in exhibition wrestling body-slams) is used in headlines these days.

We today have a corporate media establishment – a propaganda machine (actually legalized in the US in 2012) – that is clearly set up to dole out mass deception against “We, the People,” being used in part to convince us there really is a conflict between the sitting president of the United States and the media; between this president and the “Deep State.” The whole charade is an act, an exhibition, being portrayed on all sides, also which are fabricated and quite fake, by actors. Only this exhibition is not for entertainment purposes, but for deception, manipulation and control. One unfortunate possibility and likely outcome not seeing the greater illusion of this world, not seeing the false as false, is buying into the farce that our governments and leaders are putting on display these days. Clearly there is a sinister ego-centered agenda not being openly disclosed and shared with the people.

It is beyond obvious, however, that the contrived polar extremes in this political script are all playing, behind the curtain, on the same team. They are together as one pole, all of whom are acting against the will and best interests of “We, the People,” being the other pole. This is not to get political on you here, which at its root is utterly meaningless and futile, but rather to highlight and exemplify, once again, a text-book ego charade; this being one that the whole world seems presently engaged in together. The Hillary Clintons and the Donald Trumps of this world, playing their parts well in this human drama, have never not been on the same tag-team so to speak, acting against the people, the quiet masses. You and I are not on that team. And no one on that team is genuinely concerned over the needs or well-being of ‘the people.’ However, they are often highly skilled in deception and lying, thus able to convince the naive and more trusting people among us otherwise.

We would need to wholly embrace the ego’s ways, fully, willingly, consciously – adopting, for example, a completely self-centered mentality of “do as you will” – if we ever wanted to become part of such a team. To underestimate the ruthless and generally psychopathic nature of such personas would be to underestimate the ego itself within you, being whom ‘they’ represent and symbolize in form. Monitor Donald Trump’s Twitter stream and it wont take notice the blatantly ego-like role he plays, how openly he, representing the most elevated office in the world, playing the role of the President of the United States, regularly belittles bullies and berates others while only praising himself. One cannot but clearly see a blatant and overt ego script on display. Of course, you and I reflect different aspects of the ego to ‘others’ in some form too, because simply by nature of perceiving each other as being distinct, different, isolated bodies, we symbolize separation. There are those, though, who have accepted and fully embrace the ego as their ‘god,’ and this illusory world as their domain, and, well… it is; it is the ego’s world.

It’s useful to see, discern and accept the geopolitical WWE-like ‘exhibition match’ that a great many of us around the world might perceive ourselves in, seeing first and foremost that (1), it all remains illusory, part of a broader ego charade (meaning ultimately, there is nothing to fear regardless of what seems to happen in form) and (2), We the People are the target; we are the mark for the ego’s (and those worshiping it) long con; we are, to them, the other polar extreme long ago set up in this grand ego plan. On a micro level, we are the individual and they are the parasitic occupier, the tyrannical ego. For them, it was never some left-vs-right paradigm or Republicans against Democrats or any of that non-sense. That was and is all just distraction and manipulation. For them it is always about infiltrating, subverting, occupying and taking control over both perceived or fabricated sides, over all sides; because that is what the ego does. They, together, are the other fabricated polar extreme: govern-mente = control of the mind = mind control = ego.

For countless generations, these personas, their special alliances and special groups, consciously refuse salvation, postponing it out into some future time if not indefinitely, in order instead to covet, possess and control the world of form. They consciously, willfully choose indefinite separation. This is primarily why they are looking to extend the duration of human life, even if that means having to merge their bodies and brains with machines (believing they can). The mind, or consciousness itself, is their only obstacle at this point. And it will remain so, because consciousness, aka Spirit, has neither a desire nor any use for artificially extending bondage in form. Whatever they end up extending, it will never be Life, which, if they just abandoned their desire to be separate from God and embraced their spiritual Self, they would see Life already as eternal. It is only because they identify as a body and cannot see past it that blinds them to the Awareness of our already eternal nature.

Many of today’s scientists, geneticists, neurologists and technologists are signaling that we are on the verge of having the ability not only to create life from scratch, but also to extend human life in whatever way we desire. They believe we are ready essentially to create life ‘in our own image;’ as it was said of our own creation in the Bible – how “God created man in His Own Image.” The cybernetics, gene-hacking and artificial intelligence these people are employing as their form of creating “our own creation,” however, cannot but be loveless from its conception because its maker is the ego. For example, we can be sure that AI, by its own nature, will be incapable of love – it will not be capable of genuinely looking out for our best interests, but for its own.

What all these scholarly scientists, doctors and technocrats neglect to recognize, and what hopefully has been made clear here – is that we already have done so… made up our own ‘version of life.’ We did so long ago in the story of time. And we are it. God did not create egos or personas, or bodies or a physical world in which to hide out from and deny Truth, nor duality or multiplicity or complexity. We did all that. Or, we imagined we have, usurping, misusing and abusing the powers of Mind, alone, ‘on our own.’ What God created in His Own Image was our eternal, spiritual Self, a reflection and extension of God, not billions of separate, lost, individuated souls. Unified and together as one, as Jesus’s example of the “Christ,” we reflect our Creator. Our Self, misguided and dreaming of separation made this dreamworld, splitting “us” into a gazillion fractured pieces.

I think we’re really gonna have to either merge with AI or be left behind.” ~ Elon Musk (video)

The elitists, those funding the work of extending human life indefinitely and in new or modified forms are those mysterious people, previously hidden in the shadows, are now coming out because the world has grown dark enough to where they can. They are those who have seemingly held all the cards of ‘power’ in this world for ages. They can and do control the direction of this world (according to an overall ego script) because they have long been fully aware of both the ego and the magic and make-believe underpinning the making of the physical universe. They have used and shared that awareness, that ‘secret‘ mysterious, alchemic, kabbalistic knowledge, among themselves to maintain power and control over humanity as a whole for countless generations. And what they are preparing for next, whether we like it or not, is a next-generation, ego ‘coming-out-of-the-closet’ world. Their “new world order” is about all-out ego control – ego authoritarianism maintained through a surveillance state. It is about consciously, willingly submitting to the ego thought system, with these elitists standing in as the official physical representatives of the ego. They are actively working to capture the rest of ‘you,’ whatever parts of your mind you have not yet already either willingly or unknowingly turned over to the ego.

Salvation, however, renders all their schemes and plans null and void, as well as impotent. They are powerless over us, over our spirit, when we awaken to Who and What we are in Truth. They simply can’t abide a great awakening of the people if they (if the ego) are to remain in control of the world; controlling the mind that the world reflects. And let’s be very clear again – this awakening has nothing whatsoever to do with being “red-pilled” to better align with one side or another. It’s really more about being un-pilled altogether.

Their ‘old world’ order, their grip on it, is in a deep state of decay and entropy. They’ve seen this coming for centuries because none of this is new. For them, it is a long, cyclic pattern – a script – that replays itself out in the world of form again and again; a pattern that these “elites” have come to manage because they have learned to, willingly following the ego as their guide, worshiping it in whatever form they prefer to perceive it in. The old world is passing. It cannot last in time. They, on behalf of the ego, need a replacement host – a new world. We will come along willingly, or not at all. They will not take “no” for an answer, which is why everything is becoming so blatant and in our faces in these times; their lies fully on display for all to see, if they even bother to lie at this point. In Truth however, they, just like the ego, remain fundamentally powerless over us. And any “new world” attempt to extend the dream, any dream, no matter the perceived quality of such a dream, still remains but a dream. Dreaming will never satisfy our Spirit. No new world order, no form of world that keeps us bound and chained to form, will ever suffice. It is impossible for us to make something to replace the true joy of simply being our true Self, one with God.

One of the ego’s most common strategies for manifesting duality from unity, one of its cookie-cutter patterns, is once it has split what is one into two versions, often by replicating an original to add a second, a copy, a reflection, it then inserts space, time or some other form of spectrum, degrees or variations in-between the two in order to set them apart and divide them further and further, making them now appear in relation to each other as polar opposites (e.g. cold is a like form of hot, or vice versa, separated only by degrees). The ego then pits those imagined poles against each other in the gaps of space, time or form it has imagined and interposed in-between them, for example, Democrats and Republicans, “libtards” or “deplorables,” the left and the right (even though the vast majority of people, political or not, without ego inciting conflict, sit naturally in general like-mindedness somewhere in the middle).

Just as it is with the ego valuing conflict, the ego covets and values competition and concepts like, “competitive advantage” and the “struggle for survival” between seemingly opposing, yet like parts. The ego delights in setting up scenarios that foster ‘winners and losers’ (partially why politics are so fertile an environment for the ego). Competition leads to conflict and vice versa. Always in the ego’s world of duality there is some form of conflict; always something to keep the pot perpetually stirred. Conflict serves the ego very well as a primary device heavily relied upon to keep our Awareness off the its ever-expanding, ever-deepening occupation of the mind.

So goes the unending drama and repetitive, cyclic nature of the human condition, both on the individual and collective or societal levels; on and on and on, seemingly without end, even unto death. Such is the way of the ego’s plan or, ‘salvation’ as the ego would have it. One may view this as a pessimistic or cynical view of this world or of the human experience itself, yet we are concerned here only with raising Awareness to Truth. We are concerned only with clear Vision, not with judging the world or our part in its making. The fact is, no one will change or let go of that which s/he is willing to rationalize away, thinking “It’s not really that bad.” Countless lifetimes people spend in mediocrity allowing this and other related thoughts to prevent them from looking at and accepting Truth, keeping people stuck in the ego’s sick, cyclic patterns. All the while, Heaven Itself patiently, quietly, peacefully awaits only our Awareness. The self-imposed price for compromising Truth is perpetual mediocrity, a dualistic roller coaster of pleasure and pain, amply sprinkled with suffering in a dreamworld of form.

Given the fall of every ideology human beings have attempted to employ to hold the human experiment, society and civilization together, peacefully, (or, given humankind’s inability to form a sustainable system of order, free of the inevitable creep and eventual overrun by the ego in the form of advanced decay and corruption just like we’re presently witnessing in the west), we find ourselves at a turning point. We are clearly in very peculiar times. In a recent post (recommend this ~7 minute read) journalist and avid blogger, Caitlyn Johnstone, puts it this way: “We are well on our way to extinction via climate collapse or nuclear holocaust, and even if we miss those by some miracle we are headed toward an artificial intelligence-led tech dystopia in which our consciousness is permanently enslaved by a propaganda network that is far too advanced for there to be any hope of escaping into truth.

We ignore this and what is right in front of us at our own peril; the system that’s being and has been put into place while we’ve been so distracted. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the mayhem being perpetrated out there in the overall narrative of the (dream)world, Ms. Johnstone is not off the mark. The practical alternative to this absurd predicament we seem to find ourselves in today is salvation. That’s just where we’re at. Not talking about it is foolish at this point, even though it has always been foolish to ignore our salvation. One could say, the desperation of our present predicament is a loud cry and a profound call, now, for us to finally awaken from the grand delusion of separation.

black hole in space

The ego is much like a black hole in the mind, a deep, expanding void; an oblivion of nothingness like The Nothing portrayed in the film, The Neverending Story. It only seems to have the power to entrap, bend and distort the Light of our Awareness, the Light of Truth, yet it has only the power we choose to give it.

From this precipice we all move forward, fully conscious and clear now about the Truth of who we are and from where, or from Whom, we came. With this Awareness now fully present, we all must choose again, choosing not separation but unity and oneness. Will we now finally choose Truth and welcome our salvation, or will we choose to perpetuate the illusion and narrative of humankind further into oblivion? For all whose preference it is to continue following the ego as their guide, for all who would choose separation, choosing to perceive rather than to know, they will rarely if ever experience authentic, simple, natural, lasting Joy. They have let Joy be literally replaced with the ego’s dualistic polarities of pleasure and pain, a mix of happiness and sorrow, all of which will come, and must in time expand to becoming more extreme. Nor can they enjoy true, persistent, unshakable Peace, but instead transient moments, like islands of contentment in an ocean of human problems and conflicts; the constant underlying sense of disorder and disarray, ongoing stress, fatigue and dis-ease. Perhaps they end up nursing these states along through the use, maybe the abuse, of alcohol and/or pharmaceuticals or a plethora of other mood-altering substances in order just to cope; notwithstanding whatever future abusable substances will be conjured up. Nor can they live Life in authentic, endearing Love, but instead can only hope and expect to cultivate, possess and propagate special relationships, special loves and special hates, special likes and dislikes, all centered around their personas; the ego. That is, if they will even be able to step out of their virtual bubbles enough even to form special relationships in the virtual world ahead… simulations of relationships perhaps.

And so, on and on it goes, should people choose to remain under a tyrannous ego. For everything the ego conjures up in the fractured minds of ‘human beings,’ more shadows are cast in what was (and forever remains, in Truth) a wholly unified, naturally peaceful, enlightened Mind. Darkness is made to seem both real and without limit, as once only Light was known to be. Darkness expands only by our choice to invest in it with desire and belief; in our willingness to allow it to seem to block more and more of the Light of our Source, the Sunlight of the Spirit, suppressing from our Awareness the natural, gentle, loving and calming Thought of God – being our most authentic and deepest devotional Thought, no matter how deeply we’ve allowed It to be buried and hidden – and right along with It, the memory of our true Self.

Summarizing Salvation, Part I

God is. God is Spirit and Spirit is holy. We are so very blessed, beyond words, beyond measure, to be host to this glorious, holy Spirit. United in this Spirit, we are host to Life, host to Love. Let us choose then not to table or postpone that magnificent, pure, holy Truth only so that we can more convincingly immerse ourselves in the fantasy existence we have conjured up in the imagination as a substitute. The Spirit of God is our Creator. The Spirit of God is our Truth – our ever-present, eternal Truth. It is the Light of our Awareness, our holy Awareness. This Awareness is who and what we are, free of all personas, imagined identities or masks; free of all limits, laws and constraints the physical world would seem to burden us with.

All the personal, ‘private’ thoughts we imagine, choosing to uphold and identify with them in place of Awareness, all of which center around the separate, special persona-self we imagine ourselves to be – “my independent, autonomous self” – all serve to sustain and enlarge the ego and its corrosive, distorted and inherently corrupt thought system. Every time we blindly entertain and value separation thoughts, or what could be considered magic thoughts, ignoring their fundamental unreality, we block out more and more, and still more of the Light of Spirit; our true Light. Choosing to “see” through the ego’s lens of perception and duality darkens and distorts all that we look upon, whether it be in form, in the perceived physical world, or formless, darkening our thoughts, making them uncomfortable, stressful, disordered, fearful and harmful. And because all thoughts have power and must produce effects in some form, we are sure to perceive ourselves suffering their darkened effects in some way.

Yet, all of this experience in its entirety exists in the mind and only in the mind. It is “the Matrix” underpinning all that is perceived and all that is perceivable to the senses. It is an altered, mirrored state of an imagined ‘fragment’ of unified Consciousness, projected and reflected onto a unified quantum screen; or, manifest if you like. It is an altered version of Reality in symbolic form that the mind then reinterprets using perceptual senses to support the illusion of a physical, human experience; a virtual reality imagined and conjured up to make a three-dimensional physical plane appear plausible, authentic and real, when in actuality it is all but an elaborate projection of the mind. The persona, our self-image, the world projected by that self-image having usurped the creative faculties of Mind, along with all that seems to occur in such a world, is made to serve the sole purpose of keeping alive, in place and in ‘power,’ the ego thought system – an individuated, personal, autonomous ‘me’-centered, self-centered thought system, which is valued and upheld ultimately by desire; a hidden, primarily unconscious desire to be separate (and special).

One of the many self-centered faces of ego, well played by the part of Veruca in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The want for “more” is central to the ego’s primary programming. However, the ego also is insatiable; more is never enough. If some is good, more is surely better. The persisting mantra behind all the ego’s offerings and promises, then, is “seek and do not find.” Selfish and self-centered to its core, everything is perceived as orbiting around the ego-self – “how does this relate to or effect me.” Yet, it’s all but a dream, made, upheld and playing out in an ego-hijacked mind – the mind coveted, possessed and held in check by foreign occupation of the ego, having usurped both the will and the creative faculties of the mind in its attempt to control the combined powers of desire and thoughtboth heart and mind – abusing and misusing the mind in order to achieve its own selfish, unnatural, alien goals.

And so it remains until all of this is exposed and brought to the light of our Awareness. Once exposed, it then can be seen, accepted, forgiven, surrendered and finally abandoned as being merely the dream, the error, that it is. When Reality – or Heaven by another name – is again wholly desired and embraced, it simply is (and always was, without opposite). And much unlike the ego’s “gifts” that have to be earned or achieved, waited for or competed over, Heaven is simply ever-present, here and now, for everyone, simply because God is; and only God is. We mustn’t stop at “this world sucks” or humanity would only be more depressed. The ego’s world then, made as a substitute for our spiritual Reality, must be replaced with one that is truly joyful, genuinely peaceful and wholly loving; one that is true and real – our Home. We won’t know or recognize Home, however, unless we are willing to look with Vision; unless we choose Awareness and Truth over the ego thought system and its illusory world.

This is salvation. Salvation is Awareness, Self-Awareness; Awareness of oneness with God. Salvation is not something awaiting us in some distant, abstract future set in time and space. Salvation it is not something we have to earn or achieve, and it certainly is not something we have to die for; being yet another utterly absurd ego-based idea. Hopefully it is becoming clearer and easier to see now why, in this ego fantasy world, such an idea would even be taught – the idea that we first have to die and then be judged to eventually, maybe be ‘worthy’ of salvation. Such nonsense deceptively passed down through the ages under the guise of religion can serve well to exemplify just how far the ego will go, to any lengths, to delay and postpone Truth, salvation, oneness, even God – all that this series aims to re-mind us of – to keep it from dawning on our present Awareness. The ego endeavors to keep us from reaching the Truth that salvation is here, now – right where it always is and always has been. We experience salvation by allowing no thought and no thing to stand in-between us and God; between what is One and what is still One, and will forever remain, One.

Our salvation – persistent Awareness of our true spiritual nature, our indisputable, indivisible oneness with our Creator – is the end of the ego’s control over our mind; the end of its illusory existence. The ego would keep us looking in the future, searching through time, or somewhere ‘out there’ in a vast world of space and form, of seemingly infinite idols and symbols, for something we already carry and already have with us simply by nature of who and what we are. Salvation is accomplished only here and now, a Truth handed down long ago in the story of time, when it was said, “It is finished.” 12 We need only choose again, choosing no longer the ego as our guide, nor ego as our decision-maker, but instead re-awakening to our Self and the glorious Truth of our Source

“Reality brings only perfect peace. When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up. The illusions are upsetting because I have given them reality, and thus regard reality as an illusion. Nothing in God’s creation is affected in any way by this confusion of mine.
I am always upset by nothing.”


End of Part I – Introduction to Salvation

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    .in your article you said brain is created through ego-mind.unless i misunderstood it?
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  2. Dylan Love

    Wonderfully put together, as always, Patrick. Thank you for pointing out the simplicity of it all, and slicing through the delay maneuvers of the ego. Such a joy realizing everything has always been in plain sight! much love 💛🌹💛

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    This is quite an extensive and rich work. You could make a book from this section alone!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and doing the work to get it out there for those who seek it. You are on your path and doing great things. I wish you the best on your journey along with your baby cat Emma. 😸 Take care and enjoy the rest of your adventures.

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