Folly & Futility of Self-Authorship

Folly of Self-AuthorshipWhen we step back and let truth be what it is, unfiltered and unaltered to fit our wishes, it becomes clear that we are not victims at the effect of this world, but rather this world is an effect of us. It is a product of our thoughts. It is a quantum reflection, an animated, 3-D re-presentation and symbol reflecting our imaginings – the thoughts we value, uphold and invest attention and belief into; the thoughts we perceive as “my” thoughts. Each person’s world is skewed from another’s by this differentiation of ‘my’ thoughts; sometimes it’s a subtle difference and sometimes it is profound. Each individual ‘owns’ and upholds a distinct collection of preferred thoughts from a limitless flow of consciousness; a limitless field of thought potential.

Claiming ownership of thoughts is a habitual behavior we enact in a state of mind below or altogether absent of Awareness, because Awareness doesn’t naturally identify with, nor as, specific thought forms, being thought-less yet having limitless thought potential. Blind and/or ignorant to the effects and consequences, claiming ownership of thoughts is really a concealed (also quite clever) attempt to self-author ourselves; an attempt to make a separate, unique ‘self’ that is apart and “different from,” special, ‘better’ or ‘lesser’ than other personas. Vanity aside, the primary problem with this idea of self-authorship is that such a self is only a mental construct, a concept, an image of oneself, constructed and held in the mind.

Made ‘privately’ in the mind and therefore without Guidance – or, not co-Created with and inspired by Spirit – the self-image also is not part of the natural flow of Life; it is Lifeless. Having been made aspiritually (as in asexual, amoral), i.e. without Love, it is also then Loveless as well.

This self-authored self-image is the vague, ill-defined, often little or misunderstood ego explored in psychology. Ego is a facet of the human phenomenon, and the human phenomenon is a facet of ego. Look around in nature and you won’t find any other creatures displaying this parasitic entity attached to them. Ego can be difficult to pin down because much like the mind, we have no symbol or mental image for it; and we could say the ego, a chameleon, likes it that way. Like our identification as human, ego is an effect of our attempt to self-author who and what we are. Lifeless and Loveless, it is essentially something like our own personal, individuated “Frankenstein’s monster.” And we’ve let it in like a thief in the night to take complete control of the kingdom – i.e. the mind. The 21st century world we perceive is both a culmination and reflection of that choice.

Self-Authorship & You

Self-authorship is the attempt to create oneself better, despite the fact that one has already been created perfect. We are created by Spirit, by Love, by Divinity, established as the natural extension of our Creator, Spirit, Love. Like our Source and Creator then, we too are limitless, eternal and spiritual in nature. This remains a core truth of our being. Everything else ‘outside’ of the spiritual, we have added on through an ego-influenced (if not ego-hijacked) use and abuse of the mind; and not through extension, but by projection, or what is commonly referred to these days as manifestation in form.

In our creation, we too were given both the gift and the will to create – to express, extend and reflect the Love that we are. The ‘ego’ thought, as well as the thought system it spawns, however, is not a natural extension, but more like a paradox, a glitch, a virus in the mind; it produces a loophole or a mental hamster wheel, a thought of separation that, misguided, we imagine, manifest and exploit. It is ‘outside’ of Creation because it is the formation and foundation of illusion; anti-Truth. It is illusory because it was not co-created. Rather it was and is imagined and made up in a mental state of isolation, made and held private in the mind, away from our Creator.

“Self-authorship is the attempt to create oneself better, despite the fact that one has already been created perfect.

Here is the paradox laid bare, because even this ‘private’ mental state of isolation, itself, is imagined and illusory. For it to be true, one first must imagine and believe that mind, i.e. Universal or Divine Mind – the Mind of God – can be divided in order for such a private ‘area’ of mind to exist within it. Being not an extension of Love, the ego cannot extend itself. But ingenious in its use of the creative faculties of the mind, it has learned in time to project itself, replicating itself in countless forms. Conceived of as a thought of separation in an imagined mental state of ‘privacy’ and isolation – or, in a mind perceived now as split and divided from itself – the ego hijacks its own imaginary ‘piece’ of mind from Mind, essentially holding it hostage, apart and separate from the Mind of God. Now there is a foundation, albeit illusory, for the concept of “my” mind (naturally and yet wholly unnaturally followed by the concept of “my” thoughts), from which the perception of a private persona and a personal world can and does emerge.

What value can illusion, in any form, have to God or Creation? Egos illusions and Gods Reality are diametrically opposed – they have no meeting place. And yet, only One is Real; only Truth is true. God knows nothing of illusion. But illusion, unreality, is highly advantageous to the ego, born of division and deception to divide and deceive. By illusion, and only by illusion, the ego can seem to exist.

Made in the mind, the ego is ingenious in its use of mind and its concept of time, using it to become a master of deception, distortion and distraction to sew disorder in the mind in order to survive. And having been given a pseudo-form of existence or ‘life’ in the mind by us, by our desire and will to keep and uphold it – illusory or not – the ego is not about to give that up or go away voluntarily. No. It will apply every bit of its ingenuity and employ its ‘3-Ds,’ quite viciously if necessary, to maintain its pseudo-existence, all the while convincing you ‘it is you, and you are it.’ One of its crowning achievements is crafting the unique, separate, autonomous, ‘individual’ persona… Latin for mask.

This shines a whole new light on concepts like personal development and character-building, doesn’t it? If we’re not mindful we can spend entire lifetimes – or dream times – developing, building, refining personas without ever having any Awareness of who We are behind the masks. What a self-authored ‘life’ amounts to is being literally and utterly lost in the imagination.

There are many well-intentioned ‘spiritual’ people out there today who will tell you things like, “you are the architect of your reality;” that the power of imagination is everything, encouraging you to go out and “create your dream life,” and manifest away to your heart’s content. And the powers of creation are all that. BUT, and it is huge but, when we use them in isolation, independently, personally, selfishly, without Self-Awareness – that is without having mind tethered to our Self, to our Source, to Truth – we lose our Self in the illusion; we lose Awareness of our Self (our Self is never really lost). We make-believe, or indulge in magic, instead of create. We lose ourselves because the ‘individual’ using these creative faculties to serve itself is the ego and not our Self.

Unless what is being created is shared, serving all Creation without exception and without reserve, we can be 100% certain that we are indulging in make-believe – that is a good barometer of truth over illusion. The only outcome or effect of intentional, conscious manifesting is to further solidify and strengthen the false self-concept; the ego. That right there is the real “secret” of The Secret. It’s just another disguised form of self-authorship.

Our true heart’s desire is to our Source – co-creation, extending Love, communing and communicating with our Source. That is what brings authentic peace, joy and love. It is spiritual in nature as are we, and it has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with things and forms or outcomes in a world of illusion. We can be certain that our Self is not contemplating wanting material wealth, worldly ‘power,’ fame, prestige or sparkly trinkets, nor in our heart-of-hearts do we desire a more cushy-comfy experience of life as a physical body located in space and time.

Rather, our Self is aware this is all an illusion of smoke and mirrors, like a dream. Our Self knows that Life – Reality – is spiritual and eternal. Uncomfortable experiences ‘here’ can help raise our Awareness and desire to awaken from the dream. Contrast leads us to want Truth instead of our illusions. Thus, what the ego may perceive, evaluate and judge as undesirable or uncomfortable experiences are neither undesirable nor uncomfortable to our Self. After all, who wants to wake up from a good, soft, cushy-comfy dream? No one. And that is precisely why, in these times, as humanity starts really waking up, ego comes up with concepts like those in The Secret to seduce people back to sleep, so to speak; back to dreaming. It’s willing to toss a bone now and then, knowing, in time, it will again extract its price of suffering in other ways. Delaying enlightenment to one’s Self is a form of suffering.

True creation is co-creative – creating with Spirit; with Love. Everything having to do with self-authorship, including manifesting a more successful, more well-adjusted persona, is about independence and autonomy, and is in defiance of the spirit of co-creation. It boils down to an ego-hijacked attempt to break away from Creation and make our own version of Creation. It is the attempt to be God; to usurp God. That’s what this whole 3-D physical human experience is ultimately an effect of – the thought, desire and attempt to play God. Left unchecked, left to itself, unwatched, the ego doesn’t only usurp God, but also our Self.

Self-Authorship & Your World

Here’s a brief recap – the creative powers of the mind are unfathomable and limitless. The powers of attention, will, belief and imagination directed toward valuing and upholding a misguided thought of separation from our Source leads to a desire to self-author, a fantasy that results in manifesting an ego version of our Self. That ‘self’ goes on to hijack and further abuse the mind that made it to go on to imagine and project a place in which it can seem to exist; to be apart from, and essentially hide out from… God (and our Self, lest it be outed for the thief it is).

Where can one go to hide from Omnipresence, but in an illusion where the Light of Truth is not present? That place, that illusion, is the three-dimensional physical universe. It is the stage for what we all perceive as the 21st century world, conjured up and projected onto a unified quantum field – a pervasive, multidimensional, subatomic ‘screen’ of energy; a natural byproduct or energetic effect of Spirit… of Love. As a limitless field of form potential, the quantum field has a direct correlation to, and is a reflection of consciousness, the limitless field of thought potential mentioned in the intro paragraph. These fields, the formlessness behind all form, are what we commonly symbolize as the heart and mind. They are inseparable and naturally reflect each other.

The quantum field – as we are all taught by the 7th or 8th grade – is formless, made up of atoms consisting of empty space. The body’s senses, however, have been made to perceive it solid, all to convince the mind of its false “reality.” What but the ego would use the mind to carry out such a bold, recognizable deception? What but the ego could keep us from contemplating the blatant unreality of our “reality” upon learning all this in our early teens? What but the ego convinces us that it’s just not a big deal that we, and everyone else, go on pretending that our solid physical world is not entirely a self-deception and a charade; that the body we identify with is no more solid or ‘real’ than any other physical form? The body is a host-device the ego uses the mind to project/manifest in its scheming to keep us deceived so that it can seem to exist.

This all may sound far-fetched, but if you start really looking honestly within yourself, you will begin to see that all that’s stated above is exactly what is playing out for you in your world. It is the matrix pulled over your eyes by an ego you have allowed in to corrupt, manipulate, tyrannize and define you. That corruption and tyranny is being clearly reflected in and by the corrupt ‘powers that be’ in the contemporary world today. The persona you exhaust yourself trying to maintain day-in and day-out in this world is not You, and this world is not your home – somewhere inside, you know this. It’s why all your life you’ve never quite felt “comfortable in your own skin.”

You – the true You – are an eternal, beloved, limitless spiritual being like your Creator before you. “I and my Father are One.”

Now for the big one – neither you nor I are not responsible, not in any way, for any of this! It is an error and only an error; and an illusory one at that. However, you and I are responsible for accepting the correction to this error. And most fortunately that correction is already within us, and we are within it. It is the same Love and Spirit that we are and that we were created in. It is the holy instant in which we see all that has been expressed here in the full light of Awareness. We see and can now accept the false as false. We see and know that we have a Guide within, ever-present, Who will lead us Home and to freedom from the ego thought system we made, if we allow this Guide to do so. We are no longer lost, and we can see that the world is, in fact, an effect of our thoughts. We become more aware of the thoughts we choose to uphold and we see the error in identifying with any thoughts as “my own.” Seeing all this now, we can address the world’s cause in our minds and allow for healing; for the split to be undone.

“All the world is a stage, all the men and women merely players.” Ego has been the director, and your persona is the actor it would have you play in its narrative. The way we break free of the ego’s direction and its play of chaos, suffering, disorder and dysfunction is to choose to let it go as our guide and reconnect to our one true Guide and Director – the One who created us spiritual and only spiritual. In a sense it is to return the mind to God and to use it with God from now on rather than solo, alone, privately on your own. Let your ideas of yourself dissolve back into ‘the flow’ and you are certain to become aware of your Self again, taking the very small step to return to eternity.





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