Unity & Vision or Separation & Perception?

Unity & Its MatrixTo See, or Not to See – That is Our Decision

“The master observes the world but trusts his inner Vision.” ~ Lao Tzu

Every time we label something and imagine it a “thing,” give it a distinct name, and in our thoughts, make it separate from other things, the rest of Unity, now less this thing, we establish as incomplete, labeling it as “something else.”

In this way, using the power of Mind (or one could say misusing it), we attempt to break apart Unity into a million pieces by separating and fragmenting what is one in actuality – a unified quantum field – the indivisible energetic foundation or screen upon which all light, sound & physical form is projected and perceived. Thus, we are continuously teaching our minds and reinforcing the idea that the nature of our existence, perceived as limited to a physical plane, is based on separation rather than Unity. This is a very limited view of both Life and Reality, and yet it’s the foundation of perception and our human experience.

There Are Two Very Different Ways to Look at This

The mind observing and perceiving the world will see and experience it through one of two very different perspectives: seeing duality (opposites), polarities (extremes) and multiplicity (complexity, variation) – or – it will see Unity, Oneness and sameness. Which it sees ultimately is based on our desire to really see or not; based on our decision either to perceive the world through the filter of the body’s five physical senses or to see beyond the senses with spiritual Vision (as in “seer”).

“We believe it this way and so we perceive it this way.”

These two perspectives produce completely different experiences: one offers the observer a fixed, limited point of view (specific or particle view), the other, a view of the entire field of limitless potential (abstract or wave view). Seems like a no-brainer… who would choose to have limited sight?

Our desire and our decision essentially to see or not to see is based on how we identify ourselves to ourselves – identifying either as physical beings in the world, or as spiritual beings “in it, but not of it.” The 3-D physical universe – perceived either as a vast, diversified multiplicity or envisioned as a unified whole – is a mirror reflecting the mind of the observer; it’s showing you a world based solely on who you think you are.

What we have taught our minds, both about ourselves and about the 3-D physical universe we appear to be in, is flawed and limiting. For the most part, we’ve chosen to perceive the world as a multitude of disparate, disconnected and unequal things, all having to compete for our attention and recognition; a vast array of things separated by orders of difficulty, magnitude and complexity, shades of grey, variations in size, in light and shadow, decibel levels, etc.; all evaluated in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, desirable or not. We believe it this way and so we perceive it this way. All things, including ourselves, competing for attention and recognition.

Most people it would seem, regardless of the degrees and titles they may accumulate in life, just let this be, having become one with a couch in Plato’s Cave; “That’s just the way it is.” But our dualistic, multiplistic view of the universe is just the default program we’ve conjured up for ourselves. We accept it, adopt it, propagate it and thereby indoctrinate ourselves, our children and all our generations into it, each quite literally make-believing it into being our “truth” and “reality.” The real reason why, however, is because it serves us to let it be this way.

Each Having Very Different Results…

Perception deceives the mind. By our own willful desire and decision to view the world its way, perception enables us to fool ourselves in order to be more fully immersed into its 3-D virtual reality; into the Matrix, so to speak. First, it sees and convinces us of multiplicity and duality where, looking closer, there is only a divine Unity. Next, seeing everything as separate and disjointed, perception demands that we imagine space – /   gaps   / –  in-between what is, in Reality, one continuous unified field.

The mind made to perceive in this way is then made to use these imagined, arbitrary gaps to polarize our experience of things in the physical universe, further dividing all the “things” it has separated out into extremes: dark or light, black or white, cold or hot, painful or pleasurable; compelling us to evaluate, value and thus  judge everything in terms of wrong and right, sad and happy, evil and good – with spectrums, degrees of gradation, variations, or levels of complexity filling in all the gaps.

Our full and present Awareness1, on the other hand, naturally tuned to the experience of Unity, offers spiritual Vision – a.k.a. unified perception, true perception or holy perception. Vision is the alternative to life lived in constant judgment. The desire and decision for Vision has enormous healing potential in unwinding and reunifying minds that have been taught and conditioned (over generations) to perceive the world as separate, disconnected and disordered. Vision restores the field to Awareness.

“The 3-D physical universe – perceived either as a vast, diversified multiplicity or envisioned as a unified whole – is a mirror reflecting the mind of the observer; it’s showing you a world based solely on who you think you are.”

This is no trivial distinction. Perception has resulted in our manifesting nothing less than an altered state of consciousness adapted to its virtual reality, all based on separation. Vision restores our natural connection to true Consciousness – to the underlying Oneness connecting All That Is. What we as human beings consider to be “consciousness” – with its conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels – is fundamentally flawed. Ours is a distorted mind-made form of consciousness – with its ‘levels’ ingeniously designed to serve as the way to conceal Truth from ouselves. It is our own made-up, personified version of true Consciousness, a.k.a. God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Reality, Spirit, Love or simply Home.

Either View We Choose Reflects Who We Identify Ourselves as Being

What fragmented perception conceals through its inherently darkened and distorted lens – and what Vision and Awareness reveal – is that what perception looks upon is actually the reflection of a fragmented mind. It sees a world of things and pieces and parts separated by gaps of space because the mind observing it is fragmented, split and polarized. This deceived mind has been blinded to its own Unity and natural integrity, having been hijacked and misused in a form of ‘teen rebels against Mom & Dad’ so to speak – a demand for autonomy from Creation, from Creator; a mind made to imagine itself having the power to break apart what is created, eternally, as One and unified; a mind having been made to separate itself off from its own Source – Universal Mind, Divine Mind, the Mind of God.

We could say perception, all it perceives being the reflection of the ego-hijacked mind, is a device of its own making, a projection of itself, made ultimately to maintain a constant level of distraction, disorder, complexity and confusion in order to keep our Awareness occupied, blind to our abduction by it. The ego (a.k.a. persona, small or little self) is like a fragment of Mind that’s been kidnapped – by itself – aware of and concerned only for itself, having turned itself against Mind, against its Source. We could say ego is the power of mind directed against itself (i.e. that common insight, “I am my own worst enemy”).

Utilizing the mind’s powers of will, imagination and belief, the ego-hijacked mind manifests the concept of personhood, perceiving itself existing as something else, something unlike and very different from its Source; something not spiritual but, hmmm, perhaps flesh, in a body… for example; something separate and isolated from the rest of Universal Mind, from the rest of Creation, yet mimicking its Source, “playing God,” only doing so lovelessly, having cut itself off from its Source, Love.

Originally having arisen as a momentary, fleeting hypothetical “what if” thought, the flash of a daydream imagining being separate from Love – of being something else – the ego-mind (technically, more an erroneous thought-system) is limited to understanding and thus perceiving only the effects of the thought of separation that ‘birthed’ it. Being a thought in the mind and thus having access to Mind’s creative faculties, however, and through its desire to exist, it has ingeniously stretched that ‘fleeting momentary wish’ to be separate back and forward in two extremes – past and future – setting up its poles of duality to subsequently manifest what we all experience as linear time. The ego-hijacked mind did what it does best – split what is one into two and then interposed space in-between… filling this space with time, further fragmented, divided and subdivided into a vast complexity of seconds, minutes hours, etc. Perception, we could say, as the projection and reflection of the ego-hijacked mind, is the source and reason behind both time and space.

Having fully invested in the belief it is separate and autonomous from its Source, the ego-mind is utterly lost in its own imaginings, lost in its reflection (manifesting in people as narcissism) and lost in space and time. Being but a product of the power of imagination itself, it is only there it can seem to ‘live.’ As an effect of a thought, however, while upheld and still valued in the mind, it will continue to have effects as if it were real until it is no longer valued and upheld. The world of perception is its effects; the world of perception is its reflection. This is a testament to the potency and power of the mind directed by desire and decision. It serves us very well to have a full understanding this.

Everything We Experience in Life Will Always Circle Back to Who We Think We Are

This brings us back full-circle to identity – to why the world we see is based on who and what we think we are. The world, experienced either as unified or disjointed, reflects the mind of the observer. I will see based on my desire and decision: “Am I a spiritual being – eternal, limitless, unified and one with All That Is; am I as God created me? Or am I this personified-version of myself that I made – separate, limited to a body, special, unique and different from the rest of Creation; separate from you, different than them, alone in this world having myself, my intellect and the resources I manifest or attain to depend on for my survival?”

One of these two identities sees Unity and is ever Aware of the limitless nature and limitless potential, even beyond imagining, of the unified field connecting all that is, experienced through Vision; the other sees, desires and experiences duality, multiplicity, separation, specialness, fragmentation and distorted ‘levels’ of consciousness, experienced through perception. Ultimately, one of these identities is True and the other is false, illusion.

Vision – being natural to our true, spiritual or ‘highest’ Self – transcends the body’s physical senses entirely.  It neither uses nor depends on the body’s eyes at all, although the eyes can see its effects. Vision is intuitive. It is an inner seeing. It frees us from dualistic thinking and from all its polarizing effects, liberating us from the incessant impulse to evaluate, rate, judge and label what the eyes see.

UnityVision neutralizes the polarities that the ego-hijacked mind fabricates, seeing only one, unified state – Truth – and its absence (i.e. darkness not as opposite but as the absence of light; light being the true state). Thus it collapses gaps. Collapsing the gap “time” for example, it sees and experiences only the eternal, the perpetual present moment, now.

Experiencing Life through Vision, we no longer bind the meaning of things to our brief, limited, past experience with them, arrogantly telling everything what it is. Instead we set the world free of all our preconceived ideas and preferences, freeing us to see all things differently; observing things in a perpetual state of new-ness in our Awareness – “What is this for, now?”

We become teachable, ever-expansive. To all that we see, we ask what it is, open to what it is for now; what would this show us or teach us, how can it serve us, or how can we serve it, here in the present, rather than telling it what it is based on our egoic, judgment-based perspective and limited past experience. We trade in our limited, arrogant human point of view for a humble spiritual Vision of the entire field. Vision enlightens us to an underlying ever-present fellowship with all that is, even with things perception deems inanimate. It offers an entirely new, ever-deepening experience of the idea of “relationship,” within which we are able to be intimate with people, places and things on a far deeper and richer, potentially limitless level.

“Your decision to see is all that vision requires. In your determination to see is vision given you.” A Course in Miracles

So Accept Nothing Less Than Truth –  Choose to Be Your Self

A flower, a grain of sand on a fingertip, a bird’s song, through Vision, can reveal to the observer all the mysteries of the universe. It’s like looking in a mirror, only instead of a flat reflection set inside a frame, we see, hear and feel 3-D imagery and symbols appearing and fading in a field of Life extending as far as the mind can see in all ‘directions,’ knowing – feeling – that it’s all connected; that it’s all One. Because it is – it’s all one Mind. “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.“2 As within, so without, As above, so below.3 This is unified perception – the bridge to Knowing, ours but for the desire and the decision to be blind no more.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I learn to see with this “Vision,” start by recognizing it’s the most natural way to see, only we have so conditioned ourselves to see another way that it seems alien. It is not… not at all. It all starts with your desire and decision to really see – your desire for Truth. From there, it is inevitable. It becomes an unlearning of all the untruth that has been learned, driven by your desire to be what and who You really are; identifying with your timeless Self and gently, effortlessly letting go of attachment to the temporary and time-bound. One who has restored Vision can and obviously will still see and use perception and the body’s eyes and senses to perceive the world, but this one no longer invests belief in what is seen as being ‘reality,’ being in touch with a far deeper Realty. However without Vision, one is limited only to perception. And that is essentially nothing less than a form of prison. Choose freedom!

I’ll leave you with this little gem from A Course in Miracles, a course I recommend highly to anyone wanting to collapse time and experience a speed up in their awakening:

What is by itself? And what does “in itself” mean? You see a lot of separate things about you, which really means you are not seeing at all. You either see or not. When you have seen one thing differently, you will see all things differently. The light you will see in any one of them is the same light you will see in them all.4

1  Capitalization used in various places is the author’s way of specifying the “Spiritual” or we could say “unified” version
2  A Course in Miracles, workbook lesson 30
3  Maxim of Hermetic philosophical tradition
2  A Course in Miracles, W-28.2.3-8

9 thoughts on “Unity & Vision or Separation & Perception?

  1. Lee and Steven Hager

    As usual, what you write could be mistaken for what we write and vice versa! Here’s a little excerpt from a talk we’re about to give that we believe lends itself to this wonderful article:
    Spirituality often frightens peoples because they believe they will lose themselves in the Oneness of God. Although the sages tell us everything is one thing and there is only One Mind, this lack of separation does not rule out differentiation. We can understand this by considering the compound eye of the fly, which is made up of thousands of individual receptors. Each of these receptors can function as an eye on its own, yet it can also operate in conjunction with the eye as a whole. Ancient Hindu sages used an illustration known as Indra’s net to explain this phenomenon. Indra, a Vedic deity, was said to have hung a net that connected all of infinity. Within each space in the net there was hung a jewel that glittered like the stars. If you could inspect one of the jewels, you would find that while that jewel was unique, it also reflected the magnificence of the whole. Simply put, Divine oneness is about relationship rather than separation.
    Your take on separation and unity are spot on. It should be required reading for anyone interested in spirituality since this is really the core issue at hand, not whether we are carrying out certain practices or eating in a certain way. Do we want to continue pursuing separation, or are we ready to remember that we are One, united with All That Is?

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Brilliant response! And your examples – both the eye of the fly and Indra’s net – perfect analogies.

      I find that as well, the interchangeability of our writings being of “one voice”… this in itself exemplifies the very idea of authentic unity that we’re sharing about here, of “One Mind,” or the “golden thread” which you’ve spoken about. Thank you always for your added wisdom.

    2. Brenda Hartley

      Upon reading this fabulous article and your comment, I got an insight that ego is merely a dark speck in a diamond, a tiny occlusion within the eternal whole of the jewel. That one tiny speck is then reflected in all the other jewels, so by our own inner healing through forgiving that speck in our sister/brothers, we shine divine light through our mind by realizing that speck was merely a lack of light. When the one tiny speck is healed from within one jewel, all the jewels will become pure again with no occlussions.

      As I go through my regular workday today, I can re envision all who are in my path as light bringers instead of shadow makers. As I see him/her, I will see myself. Any tiny moment of now that is not filled with Love is an opportunity to go within and strengthen the light within my mind to bring truth and clarity to myself and all who are before me.

      Thank you for helping me gain more insight towards navigating a seemingly insane and dark cavern!! The cave can no longer remain a cave if the mountain is removed.

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    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Thank you for reading & commenting. Yes, forgiveness is the ONE illusion that does not beget yet more illusions, and so it is answer to all the rest. Forgiveness sees beyond the illusion, rightly seeing the false as false. Forgiveness is the bridge, the “dream of awakening.”

  3. Dylan Love

    Always so elegantly written, pointing the way to Truth.

    The natural simplicity is the most sophisticated to the seeming ego lol– “If you’re asking yourself, “How can I learn to see with this “Vision,” start by recognizing it’s the most natural way to see, only we have so conditioned ourselves to see another way that it seems alien.”

    Thank you!

    <3 <3

    1. Patrick Darling Post author

      Ah, thank you Dylan, your insights always inspire. SO accurate, what you say about how what is so very simple is made by the ego to seem complex. Enlightenment is but a recognition… so true… the simplest of all, with no doing necessary. Let us be so fully unwound that there is no concept left, but only Love. Amen brother.

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