Re-become Your Self

It is not what you like or dislike, but what you value that determines what you see in this human experience. This is because what you value, regardless of whether you consciously love or fear it, is what you subconsciously invest the power of mind into; the virtually limitless creative power of thoughts; the investment of your belief. What you believe, you will perceive in some form, simply because of who You are as the extension and expression of our infinite, limitless Creator.

Perception is consistent. What you see, what you perceive, reflects your thinking; your thought system. Your world is a reflection of your (ultimately chosen) state of consciousness, projected onto a quantum mirror that together we perceive as the 3-D physical universe. You believe what you see is really there – a belief that serves to maintain its consistency over all other dreams of lesser value.

Accepting yourself as the source of the world you see, rather than its source being either a random result of nature or a god with mysterious, often apparently sadistic motives – or, rather than seeing yourself as its victim – you can learn to use the knowledge that you are its source to great advantage. Not implying here that you should use it for material gain, being fundamentally illusory and pointless, but use it for unshakable peace, authentic joy and complete freedom from the seeming effects of a material world. Our Home is spiritual. Chasing after happiness or security or wealth or power in a material world will only exacerbate the problem, maintaining – literally through make-believe – that what is valueless can have value.

How to change the world? You’ll discover that that’s really no longer even necessary when your perception of the world changes. What is necessary is that you allow the errors in your mind to be corrected; that first and foremost you remember who You are as an extension and expression of a loving Creator, a loving God Who is not responsible for the world you are experiencing. Loosen and then let go of the chains you’ve put both on the world and on yourself. Like your Creator, you are not limited by the little laws you’ve allowed to be imposed on you. You are not limited by the beliefs others would seem to impose on you about sickness, or the loss of liberties, or the promise of magic cures, either.

Free yourself of the belief you are under any such ideas. The cure is in the mind; it’s not out in the world. And its not in some vile of liquid (or any other form) injected into the body. Claim your natural heritage as a spiritual being – re-become your Self wholly… holy… as God created you.

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